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2015  An Approach to Coastal Railway Line Evacuation under a Tsunami Warning

2015  Hurricane Irene Evacuation Traffic Patterns in New Jersey

2014  Application of Transit Signal Priority for No-Notice Urban Evacuation

2014  How to Evacuate: Model for Understanding the Routing Strategies during Hurricane Evacuation

2014  Regional Analysis of Social Characteristics for Evacuation Resource Planning: ARkStorm Scenario

2014  Risk Communication after Disaster: Return Entry Following the 2008 Cedar River Flood

2014  Safety Issues in Building Design to Cope with Extreme Events: Case Study of an Evacuation Process

2014  Statistical Analysis of the Number of Household Vehicles Used for Hurricane Ivan Evacuation

2013  Approximate Solution Procedure for Dynamic Traffic Assignment

2013  Assessing the Effectiveness of Flexible Response in Evacuations

2013  Communication’s Role and Technology Preferences during Hurricane Evacuations

2013  Computational Framework Incorporating Human Behaviors for Egress Simulations

2013  Critical Traffic Control Locations for Emergency Evacuation

2013  Development of a Time-Dependent Disaggregate Hurricane Evacuation Destination Choice Model

2013  Emergency Evacuation Bottleneck of Passengers in the Seaport Station

2013  Evaluation of Existing Models for Prediction of Hurricane Evacuation Response Curves

2013  Household-Level Model for Hurricane Evacuation Destination Type Choice Using Hurricane Ivan Data

2013  Interdisciplinary Approach to Evacuation Modeling

2013  A Modified Social Force Model under Different Psychological Conditions for Room Evacuation

2013  Multisensor Data Fusion for Determining Hallway Blockages in a Building during Evacuation

2013  Rail Tunnel Safety Analysis Using Crowd Evacuation Simulation Models: On a Review and Comparative Study of the Scientific Literature

2013  Role of Transit in Carless Evacuation Planning

2013  Selecting Emergency Evacuation Routes in Urban Dynamic Traffic Network

2013  Using a Guiding Network to Determine Efficient Evacuation Routes in a Public Building

2012  Active Traffic Control for Oversaturated Intersection Group in Emergency Evacuation

2012  Assessment of Public Shelter Users’ Satisfaction: Lessons Learned from South-Central Texas Flood

2012  A Bi-Level Model for Identifying Critical Emergency Evacuation Facilities in Transportation Networks

2012  Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Planning to Maximize Postearthquake Transportation Network Capacity

2012  Differences in Driving Characteristics between Normal and Emergency Situations and Model of Car-Following Behavior

2012  Effect of Authoritative Information and Message Characteristics on Evacuation and Shadow Evacuation in a Simulated Flood Event

2012  Emergency Evacuation Guidance Design for Complex Building Geometries

2012  Engineering-Based Hurricane Risk Estimates and Comparison to Perceived Risks in Storm-Prone Areas

2012  Fire Hazard Assessment on the Newsstands at Subway Stations

2012  Framework for Earthquake Evacuation Planning: Case Study for Montreal, Canada

2012  Household Evacuation Decision Making in Response to Hurricane Ike

2012  Hurricane Evacuation Decision Support Framework—A Risk Based Approach

2012  Integrated Risk Assessment for the Natomas Basin (California) Analysis of Loss of Life and Emergency Management for Floods

2012  Large-Scale Evacuation Using Subway and Bus Transit: Approach and Application in City of Toronto

2012  Model Development of Time-Dependent Evacuation Risk

2012  Modeling the Cooperation Network Formation Process for Evacuation Systems Design in Disaster Areas with a Focus on Japanese Megadisasters

2012  Performance of Traffic Networks during Multimodal Evacuations: Simulation-Based Assessment

2012  Providing Guidance for Evacuation during an Emergency Based on a Real-Time Damage and Vulnerability Assessment of Facilities

2012  Reliability Analysis of Highway Evacuation Network Post-Earthquake Disaster

2012  Reverse 911 as a Complementary Evacuation Warning System

2012  Study on Emergency Evacuation Routes of Urban Traffic Based on a Time-dependent Network

2012  Use of Flood, Loss, and Evacuation Models to Assess Exposure and Improve a Community Tsunami Response Plan: Vancouver Island

2011  Adaptive Guidance for Emergency Evacuation for Complex Building Geometries

2011  Behavioral Model to Understand Household-Level Hurricane Evacuation Decision Making

2011  Embodied Knowledge of Gesture Motion Acquired by Singular Spectrum Analysis

2011  Emergency Evacuation Optimization Research of Dynamic Road Network after Accident of Dangerous Goods Leakage Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

2011  Emergency Evacuation Simulation of Urban Railway Station Based on EXODUS Software

2011  Evacuation on Passenger Ship under Emergency Situation

2011  An Exploration of Choosing Shelters for Earthquake Emergency Evacuation

2011  Framework for Modeling Mass Disasters

2011  Heterogeneous Evacuation Responses to Storm Forecast Attributes

2011  Incorporating Social Behaviors in Egress Simulation

2011  Is It Time to Go Yet? Understanding Household Hurricane Evacuation Decisions from a Dynamic Perspective

2011  Issues of the Measure of Evacuation against a Storm Surge by Hitting a Huge Typhoon in Japan

2011  Issues of Tsunami Evacuation Behavior in Japan: Residents Response in Case of Chilean Earthquake in 2010

2011  Reliability Measurement and Evaluation of Pedestrian Facilities for Emergency Evacuation in Urban Rail Transit Terminal

2011  Route Choice for Emergency Evacuation

2011  Theory Model for Earthquake Emergency Shelter Choice Based on the Shortest Overall Evacuation Time

2011  Traffic Impacts and Dispersal Patterns on Secondary Roadways during Regional Evacuations

2010  A Corridor-Based Earthquake Evacuation Model

2010  Development of a Large-Scale Traffic Simulation Model for Hurricane Evacuation—Methodology and Lessons Learned

2010  The Development of PARAMICS Based Metropolitan Emergency Evacuation Transportation Simulation System—MEETSIM

2010  Exploration of Car-Following Model in Emergency Evacuation Situations

2010  A Method to Develop and Optimize the Placement of Road Barriers in Emergency Evacuation for University Campuses

2010  Modeling of Evacuations in Urban Areas in No-Notice Disasters

2010  Tsunami Preparedness on the Oregon and Washington Coast: Recommendations for Research

2009  Dangerous Chemical Goods Transportation Leakage Accident Consequences Analysis and Emergency Mechanism

2009  Development of an Inexact Fuzzy Robust Programming Model for Integrated Evacuation Management under Uncertainty

2009  Emergency Response Plans Assessment Based on Stochastic Markov Traffic Flow Model

2009  Facility Design for Pedestrian Evacuation Using Cellular Automation

2009  Fire Fighting Safety of "Three-Dimensional Traffic of Future City"

2009  Forecasting Model of Evacuation Traffic Demand under Emergency

2009  From Normal Operation to Evacuation: Single-Vehicle Safety under Adverse Weather, Topographic, and Operational Conditions

2009  Integrated Arterial Signal and Access Control Strategy under Non-Notice Emergency Evacuation: Modeling and Simulation-Based Analysis

2009  Intelligent Emergency Traffic Evacuation Spatial Decision Support System for Urban Disasters

2009  A Methodology for Modelling Emergency Evacuation Based on Transit System

2009  Modeling and Simulating Household Evacuation Behaviors for Evacuation Time Estimates

2009  Origin, Distribution, and Timing of Texas Hurricanes: 1851–2006

2009  Planning for Evacuation: Insights from an Efficient Network Design Model

2009  Protective Actions in Wildfires: Evacuate or Shelter-in-Place?

2009  Providing Local Information for Search and Rescue Using Sensor-Based Local Databases

2009  A Study of Transit Evacuation Route Planning Based on Time-Expanded Network

2009  Study on the Carrying Capability of Preplanned Regional Earthquake Evacuation Corridor Based on Macro-Simulation

2009  Temporospatial Analysis of Hurricane Katrina Regional Evacuation Traffic Patterns

2008  Agent Based Simulation of Human Movements during Emergency Evacuations of Facilities

2008  Design of Structures for Vertical Evacuation from Tsunamis

2008  Estimating Evacuation Impact on Transportation Network With Dynamic Assignment

2008  Human Behavior Process in Train Station Fire Emergency Evacuation

2008  Law Enforcement Officer Experiences in a Pre-Impact Hurricane Evacuation

2008  Method of Passenger Mustering and Evacuation Simulation for Mass Transit Railway Station Design

2008  Modernized Hurricane Evacuation Studies — Taking the Traditional Hurricane Evacuation Study to a New Level

2008  One-Dimensional Hurricane Inundation Modeling for Coastal Evacuation Preparedness in Hawaii

2007  Analysis and Modeling of Simultaneous and Staged Emergency Evacuations

2007  Critical Behavioral Assumptions in Evacuation Time Estimate Analysis for Private Vehicles: Examples from Hurricane Research and Planning

2007  Emergency Planning in the Urban-Wildland Interface: Subdivision-Level Analysis of Wildfire Evacuations

2007  Evacuation Decision Making and Behavioral Responses: Individual and Household