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2014  Parsimonious Model for Assessing Nutrient Impacts on Periphyton-Dominated Streams

2013  A Systems Approach to Holistic Total Maximum Daily Load Policy: Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2012  Assessing the Interactions between Chlorophyll a and Environmental Variables Using Copula Method

2012  Dealing with Algal Toxins and Dissolved Organics in Drinking Water

2012  Estimated Trophic State Effects and Abatement Costs in Connection with Improved Urban Sewage Treatment in the Gulf of Riga

2011  Comparison of Nutrient Limitation in Freshwater and Estuarine Reservoirs in Tropical Urban Singapore

2011  Parametric Analysis and Breakthrough Modeling of Phosphorus from Al-Oxide Filter Media

2010  Dual Discharge Approach to Accessing Assimilative Capacity: Probabilistic Analysis and Management Application

2010  Optimization of Watershed Control Strategies for Reservoir Eutrophication Management

2010  Robust Multivariate Outlier Detection Methods for Environmental Data

2010  Sediment Oxygen Demand and Nutrient Fluxes for a Tropical Reservoir in Singapore

2007  Stream Classification System Based on Susceptibility to Algal Growth in Response to Nutrients

2005  Incremental Improvements in Chesapeake Bay Environmental Model Package

2005  Microbial Populations in Tropical Reservoirs using Flow Cytometry

2004  Confounding Effect of Flow on Estuarine Response to Nitrogen Loading

2004  Hydrodynamic Tracking of the Massive Spring 1998 Red Tide in Hong Kong

2003  Eutrophication and Pathogen Abatement in the San Juan Bay Estuary

2003  Integrated Approach to Total Maximum Daily Load Development for Neuse River Estuary using Bayesian Probability Network Model (Neu-BERN)

2001  Development of a Long-Term Predictive Model for Baroclinic Circulation and Its Application to Blue Tide Phenomenon in Tokyo Bay

2001  The Influence of Drainage Canal Discharge on Eutrophication in the St. Lucie Estuary, Florida

2000  Calibration Performance of a Two-Dimensional, Laterally-Averaged Eutrophication Model of a Partially Mixed Estuary

2000  Conceptual Model of Aquatic Plant Decay and Ammonia Toxicity for Shallow Lakes

2000  Tributary Refinements to Chesapeake Bay Model

1999  Analysis of Sediment Characteristics and Total Phosphorus Models for Shagawa Lake

1999  Determining Primary Productivity of Lake Roosevelt with ¹4C

1999  Eutrophication Models of the Future

1999  Eutrophication Models of the Futures

1999  Simulation of the Behavior of Oxygen-Deficit Water in Tokyo Bay by Three-Dimensional Water Quality Model

1998  Application of Inverse Method to Calibrate Estuarine Eutrophication Model

1998  Assessing Lake Okeechobee Eutrophication Water-Quality Models

1998  Current Control Systems for Lake Water Quality Management

1998  Editor’s Note: Papers in this Issue

1998  Eutrophication Model for a Coastal Bay in Hong Kong

1998  Using Eutrophication Modeling to Predict the Effectiveness of River Restoration Efforts

1997  Empirical Models for Disinfection By-Products in Lakes and Reservoirs

1997  Forced Circulation and Aeration in the Coastal Lagoon of Bojorquez, Mexico

1997  A New Technique for Controlling Algal Blooms in the Reservoir Using Vertical Curtains

1997  Non-Point Source Pollution Assessment of Mirror Lake Watershed, North Dakota

1997  Preliminary Verification of a 3D Hydrodynamic Model of the San Juan Estuarine System

1997  Water Quality Behavior in a Reservoir Having Anaerobic Heavy Bottom Layer Coupled with Inverse Temperature Gradient

1997  Watershed Management Strategy for Lake Eutrophication Remediation Using a Cascade Routing Approach

1996  Inverse Estimation of Parameters for an Estuarine Eutrophication Model

1996  Watershed Riparian Management and Its Benefits to a Eutrophic Lake

1995  Effects of Management Strategies to Improve Water Quality in the Tualatin River, Oregon

1995  Effects of Whole Depth Aeration on Water Quality in Two Hypereutrophic Reservoirs

1995  Model of Carbon Cycling in Planktonic Food Webs

1995  Response of Chesapeake Bay to Nutrient Load Reductions

1995  Simulation of Long-Term Trends in Chesapeake Bay Eutrophication

1995  Water Quality Modeling of Upper Mississippi River and Lake Pepin

1994  Coastal Eutrophication and Temperature Variation

1994  Evaluation and Management of Non-Point Source Pollutants in the Lake Tahoe Watershed

1993  CASS for Evaluating Hg Contamination in Clear Lake, CA

1993  Eutrophication Analysis of Embayments in Prince William Sound, Alaska

1993  Implementing a Watershed Plan for Lake Stevens

1993  Some Considerations About a Coastal Lagoon (RJ-Brasil) Trophic Level

1993  Three-Dimensional Eutrophication Model of Chesapeake Bay

1992  The Effects of Land Applied Water Treatment Residuals on Soil Phosphorus

1992  Liberty Reservoir Stormwater Retrofit Project

1992  Partitioning Phosphorus Loads: Implications for Lake Restoration

1992  Thirty Year Simulation of Chesapeake Bay Eutrophication

1991  Controlling Nitrogen Loading to Coastal Waters

1991  Eutrophication and its Effects on Coastal Habitats

1991  Evolution (1980-1990) of Ammonia and Dissolved Oxygen in Guanabara Bay, RJ, Brazil

1991  Hypolimnetic Aeration in Three Swiss Lakes

1991  The Present State of the Adriatic Sea Sanitation Program

1991  Sampling Strategies Proposed to Monitor Guanabara Bay, RJ, Brasil

1991  Trends in Eutrophication in Five Major U.S. Estuaries: Management Implications

1990  Calibrating the Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Model

1990  Eutrophication and Nutrient Enrichment in Peconic Bay: Numerical Model of Historical Conditions of the Mid-1970s

1990  Eutrophication and Recurrent Hypoxia in the New York Bight: A Synthesis of Historical Data and a Numerical Model of the 1976 Anoxic Event

1990  Historical Perspective Dissolved Oxygen & Eutrophication Models

1990  Phosphorus Dynamics Between James River and Chesapeake Bay

1990  Pre- and Post-Processing Data Management Approach for Eutrophication Model of Peconic Bay, Long Island

1990  The Role of Metals in Biological Phosphorus Removal

1990  The Role of Nitrate in Biological Phosphorus Removal

1990  A Stochastic Water Quality Management Approach for Mixed-Use Watersheds

1989  Approximate Dynamic Lake Phosphorus Budget Models

1989  Chesapeake Bay Three-Dimensional Model Study

1989  Eutrophication in the Adriatic Sea

1989  Hydrobiological Characterization of Guanabara Bay

1989  Impact of Land Use and NPS Loads on Lake Quality

1989  Improvement of Dissolved Oxygen Levels at Shepaug Hydro Station

1989  Influence of Rivers on Pollution of Coastal Waters

1989  Management of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Inputs to Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

1989  Nonpoint Source Loads and Phosphorus Budget for Lake LBJ

1989  Prediction of Overland Phosphorus Transport Using a Phosphorus Enrichment Ratio

1989  Study on the Variations of an Eutrophic Ecosystem from the Spanish Mediterranean Littoral: Data to Have in Min in the Nutrient Dumping to the Sea

1988  Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR): A Potential Solution to the Eutrophication of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee

1988  Development and Application of the Chesapeake Bay Eutrophication Model

1987  The Gulf Initiative

1987  Louisiana Estuaries: Issues, Resources, Status and Management

1987  Satellites Monitor Eutrophication of Estuaries

1986  Assessing Phosphorus Control in the James River Basin

1986  Modeling of Phytoplankton in Saginaw Bay: II. Post-Audit Phase

1986  Phytoplankton in Saginaw Bay: I. Calibration Phase

1985  Agricultural Nonpoint Source Control Program for Lake Erie

1985  Effect of Best Management Practices on Water Quality in the Appoquinimink Watershed

1985  Formation of a Caribbean Coastal Management Unit

1985  A Post-Audit of the Potomac Eutrophication Model

1984  A Modeling Analysis of the Implications of Phosphorus Availability of Lake Erie Inputs