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2015  Building on the Edge

2015  Change to Competence-Based Education in Structural Engineering

2015  Exploring the Potential of SRTM Topography and Radar Altimetry to Support Flood Propagation Modeling: Danube Case Study

2015  MAR with Untreated River Water: Clogging of Basins and Coliform Removal Rates

2014  Analysis of the Development of Cooperative ITS and Related Standards in Europe

2014  Comparative Analysis of Road Financing Approaches in Europe and the United States

2014  The Costing of Measures for Natural Hazard Mitigation in Europe

2014  Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia

2014  Effect of Past Delivery Practices on Current Conditions of Cast-Iron Water Pipes

2014  Euclidean Distance Mapping and the Proposed Greenway Method in Malta

2014  Eurocodes and Their Implications for Bridge Design: Background, Implementation, and Comparison to North American Practice

2014  Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Performance Quality of Railway Network Infrastructure: Hellenic Railways Case Study

2014  Method for Energy Performance Integration in Corporate Public Real Estate Management

2014  Performance Model of Archimedes Screw Hydro Turbines with Variable Fill Level

2014  Process and Future of Data Integration within the European Earthquake Engineering Laboratories

2014  Taking a bite out of traditional architecture, the blocklike design for a new headquarters building for the European multimedia company Axel Springer SE conceived by the international architecture firm OMA features a diagonal, glass-enclosed atrium that is cut away from the block and open to views from the street...

2014  Urban Climate Change Mitigation in Europe: Looking at and beyond the Role of Population Density

2013  Comparison between Eurocodes and North American and Main International Codes for Design of Bolted Connections in Steel Bridges

2013  Comparison of Approaches to Automated Terminals: USA vs. Europe

2013  Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure in Europe: Recent Developments and What Might Be Ahead

2013  Construction in an Open Economy: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modeling Approach and Causality Analysis—Case of North Cyprus

2013  Designing Buildings for New Automated Terminals

2013  Former Adriatic Naval Base Being Converted to Resort, Marina

2013  Influence of Different European Cements on the Hydration of Cover-Zone Concrete during the Curing and Postcuring Periods

2013  Influence of Project and Marketing Management on Delays, Penalties, and Project Quality in Slovene Organizations in the Construction Industry

2013  Inverse Transport Method for Determination of Potential Contamination Sources with a Stochastic Framework

2013  Located 3,000 m above sea level and overlooking a 500 m deep glacial gorge, Europe’s highest suspension bridge opened late last year at Mount Titlis, near Engelberg, in the Swiss Alps...

2013  NewsBriefs: Hadron Collider Completes Proton Tests (

2013  Predicting Strand Transfer Length in Pretensioned Concrete: Eurocode versus North American Practice

2013  Preparation and Evaluation of a Dutch-German Radar Composite to Enhance Precipitation Information in Border Areas

2013  Public Transportation Systems for Urban Planners and Designers: The Urban Morphology of Public Transportation Systems

2013  Quality Control of Chang Jiang Inland ENC 2.0 Source Data

2013  Reconsideration of European Empirical and Fundamental Specifications for Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Redundancy and Robustness in the Design and Evaluation of Bridges: European and North American Perspectives

2013  Response Modification Factors for Concrete Bridges in Europe

2013  Simplified Procedure for Evaluating the Effects of Creep and Shrinkage on Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges and the Application of European and North American Prediction Models

2013  Systems Analysis Approach to the Design of Efficient Water Pricing Policies under the EU Water Framework Directive

2013  Territorial Distribution Proposal for the Biofuel Consumption Target in the Transportation Sector in Accordance with the EU Energy Policy for 2020

2013  Using Local Weather Radar Data for Sewer System Modeling: Case Study in Flanders, Belgium

2013  Value Management in Building Construction Industry of Northern Cyprus: Addressing a Theory and Practice Gap

2012  Application of Modular Construction in High-Rise Buildings

2012  Deep Mixing Columns with a Spreadable Tool

2012  Dyke Rehabilitation with a Trencher: Recent Applications in Europe.

2012  Early Swedish Contributions to Geotechnical Engineering

2012  High-Speed Rail in European Medium-Sized Cities: Stakeholders and Urban Development

2012  Implementation of the German Passivhaus Concept in Southeast Europe: Considerations for Romania

2012  An Initial Survey of Forensic Engineering Practices in Some European Countries and the USA

2012  An Introduction to the European Rail Traffic Management System

2012  Mediterranean Windmills at the Intersection of Sustainability, Locality, and Interior Design

2012  New Policy of the EU Automotive Industry Based on Low-Carbon Logistics

2012  NewsBriefs: Which European Towers Now Lean the Most? (New York Times)

2012  Perceptions of Pedestrians and Shopkeepers in European Medium-Sized Cities: Study of Guimarães, Portugal

2012  Possible Acceptance of Small Recycled Aggregate Fractions for Concrete Production

2012  Prefabricated Bridge Construction across Europe and America

2012  Ride Matching Using K-means Method: Case Study of Gazela Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia

2011  Alternative Laboratory Technique to Monitor the Effect of Cementing Additives on Clay for Cut-Off Walls

2011  Diffusion of Volatile Organic Compounds through an HDPE Geomembrane

2011  An Empirical Investigation of Motorcycle Ownership and Usage

2011  Evaluation of Soil Erosion in the Area of Kallmet: Lezha District

2011  External Risk Assessment of Pipe Leakages

2011  The Geotechnical Challenges Facing the Offshore Wind Sector

2011  Geothermal Energy in a Central European Perspective—Challenges and Opportunities

2011  Harmonization of Design Rules in Europe

2011  How Does Transport Policy Cope with Climate Challenges? Experiences from the UK and Other European Countries

2011  Measures for Sustainable Freight Transportation at Urban Scale: Expected Goals and Tested Results in Europe

2011  Modeling of Biodegradation in an Old Unregulated European Landfill

2011  Modeling Study of Bacterial Dispersion for Marine-Coastal Waters, According to the European Directives

2011  NewsBriefs: Solar Panels Produce Energy for High-Speed Trains in Europe (Discovery News)

2011  Numerical Model Assessment of Radial-Well Aging

2011  Optimal Hub Port Locations in China-Western Europe Container Liner Route

2011  Railway Liberalization of Passenger Transportation in Europe

2011  Reflections on the Development of a Common Incident/Accident Model for Urban Guided Transport in Europe

2011  Social Learning for ICZM or ’Prejudice, Dogma and Spurious Common Sense’?

2010  Affordable Housing and Social Mix: Comparative Approach

2010  Comparison of Underwater MASW, Seismic CPT, and Downhole Methods: Offshore Croatia

2010  Embedded Retaining Walls — A European Perspective on Design Developments and Challenges

2010  Eurohypothec: Drafting a Common Mortgage for Europe

2010  Field Performance of Scour Protection around Offshore Monopiles

2010  Housing Law Is Dead. Long Live European Housing Law?

2010  Impact of the EU Mediation Directive on the German Construction Sector

2010  Improving the Water Quality of Lake Tahoe One Development at a Time: Watershed LID Retrofits in the Tahoe Basin

2010  Influence of Shear Rate on Undrained Vane Shear Strength of Organic Harbor Mud

2010  Integral Abutment Bridges: The European Way

2010  NewsBriefs: European Scientists Work to Extract CO2 from Air, Create Fuel

2010  NewsBriefs: Many European Tunnels Require Safety Improvements, Agency Says (ITS International)

2010  Online Measurement Usage for Predicting Water Age from Tracer Tests to Validate a Hydraulic Model

2010  Performance of a Retrofitted Medieval Stone Bridge under a Severe Flood

2010  Scour Reduction by Collars around Offshore Monopiles

2010  Sustainable Electric Power System: Is It Possible? Case Study: Croatia

2010  Tools for Faster Turn-Around Times in RoRo Terminals: Case Studies from Europe; Karlshamn-Klaipeda Short Sea Shipping Link

2009  Appraising Transport Investments in a Regulatory Regime

2009  Direct Analysis Method Case Study — Addressing Stability for the Russia Tower

2009  Efficient Use of Regional Transport Infrastructure, Communication Networks, and Human Capital

2009  European Standards for Repair and Protection of Concrete

2009  Failures of Roofs under Snow Load: Causes and Reliability Analysis

2009  Implementation of the Sustainable Development Concept in the Field of Groundwater Management

2009  Offshore Wind Energy in Germany Compared to Other European Areas — Challenges and Recent Developments

2009  Planning and Management of Urban Green Spaces in Europe: Comparative Analysis

2009  Simulation of Particle Transport in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2008  The Cape Wind Project in Context