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2015  Storm Surge and Surface Waves in a Shallow Lagoonal Estuary during the Crossing of a Hurricane

2014  Laboratory Observations and Numerical Simulations of Wave Height Attenuation in Heterogeneous Vegetation

2013  Coastal and Estuarine Planning for Flood and Erosion Protection Using Integrated Coastal Model

2013  Effects of South-to-North Water Transfer Project on Salinity Intrusion in Yangtze Estuary

2013  Evaluating the Response of the Residence Time to Flow in the Lower Peace River Estuary in Florida, USA

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of Tides and Hurricane Storm Surge for Pre- and Post-Dredging Conditions in the Lower St. Johns River, Florida

2013  Morphology Evolution of Cuadai Estuary, Mekong River, Southern Vietnam

2013  Numerical Investigation of Pollutant Transport By Tidal Flow in the Yangtze Estuary

2013  Observations and Modeling of Wind Waves in a Shallow Estuary: Galveston Bay, Texas

2012  Development and Application of an Automated River-Estuary Discharge Imaging System

2012  Development of an Air–Water Temperature Relationship Model to Predict Climate-Induced Future Water Temperature in Estuaries

2012  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

2012  Hydrodynamic Modeling Analysis of Tidal Wetland Restoration in Snohomish River, Washington

2012  Influence of River Discharge and Dredging on Tidal Wave Propagation: Modaomen Estuary Case

2012  Modeling Hydraulic Control Structures in Estuarine Environments with EFDC

2012  A Modeling Study of Hydrodynamic Circulation in a Fjord of the Pacific Northwest

2012  Numerical Simulation of the Tidal Flow and Suspended Sediment Transport in the Qiantang Estuary

2012  Optimized Predictive Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model of the Gironde Estuary in France

2012  Responses of Simulated Low Salinity Habitats to the Uncertainties of Gauged and Ungauged Flows in the Myakka River Estuary in Florida

2011  Comparison of Nutrient Limitation in Freshwater and Estuarine Reservoirs in Tropical Urban Singapore

2011  In Situ Measurements of Settling Velocity near Baimao Shoal in Changjiang Estuary

2011  Large Diameter Elevated Transmission Pipeline Crossing of the Snohomish River Estuary: A Case Study Addressing Unique Design Challenges

2011  Sediment Flushing at the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage

2011  Spatial Calibration of Vertical Hydraulic Conductivity below an Estuary

2011  Thin-Layer Gravity Current with Implications for Desalination Brine Disposal

2011  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Tidal Flows in the Yangtze River Estuary

2010  Back Matter

2010  Comparison of NYHOPS Hydrodynamic Model SST Predictions with Satellite Observations in the Hudson River Tidal, Estuarine, and Coastal Plume Region

2010  Cross-Channel Transport in the Upper Delaware Estuary: Numerical Experiments for Contamination Vulnerability Assessment

2010  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

2010  Evaluating Effectiveness of Best Management Practices to Control Accelerated Sedimentation of the Morro Bay Estuary

2010  An Examination of Seasonal Mean Circulation and Salinity Distributions in the Pearl River Estuary of China Using a Nested-Grid Coastal Ocean Circulation Model

2010  The Flushing of Louisiana’s Coastal Bays under Hurricane Conditions

2010  Front Matter

2010  Influence of Physical Forcing on Bottom-Water Dissolved Oxygen within Caloosahatchee River Estuary, Florida

2010  Model-Derived Hydrodynamics of Inlets in South Puget Sound

2010  Numerical Age and Residence-Time Mapping for a Small Tidal Creek: Case Study

2010  ROMS High Resolution Hindcasts for Delaware River and Bay

2010  Skill Assessment of the MARINA Hydrodynamic Code Using NOAA’S Delaware Bay Estuary Modeling Evaluation Environment (MEE)

2010  Watershed and Estuarine Modeling of the Effects of Excess Freshwater Flows Resulting from Agricultural Land Use and Other Watershed Alterations on the Salinity Characteristics of the Lower Myakka River Estuary, Florida

2009  Application of NEXRAD for Freshwater Inflow Estimates to Texas Bays and Estuaries

2009  Estimating Groundwater Seepages to St. Lucie Estuary

2009  Formation and Evolution of the Jiuduansha Shoal over the Past 50 Years

2009  How to Build a Broadly Useable GIS Toolset for Estuary Analysis

2009  Hydrodynamics and Cohesive Sediment Transport in the IJzer Estuary, Belgium: Case Study

2009  Sedimentation Characteristics of the Lower Nakdong River Upstream of the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage

2008  Analysis for the Dispersion Zone of Sediment Concentration Flowed into the Small Estuary

2008  Application of 2-D Mathematical Tidal Currents and Sediment Model in Sheyang Estuary Regulation Project

2008  Application of a Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Model for Restoration Feasibility Assessment at Cottonwood Island, Washington

2008  Approximate Profile for Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment

2008  Back Matter

2008  Computational Simulations of Morphological Responses to Extreme Hydrological Conditions at an Estuary

2008  Coupling of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models: Case Study for Hurricane Floyd (1999) Hindcast

2008  Development and Evolution of Operational Forecast Systems for the Coastal and Estuarine Environment in NOAA’s National Ocean Service

2008  Development of a Hydrodynamic and Salinity Model in the Caloosahatchee Estuary and Estero Bay, Florida

2008  A Dye, Current Meter, and Modeling Study in South Puget Sound — a Highly Refluxed Semi-Enclosed Estuary

2008  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

2008  Front Matter

2008  Hydrodynamic and Environmental Impact of Edisto Beach Causeway on the Scott Creek Estuary, South Carolina

2008  Integrating a Circulation Model and an Ecological Model to Simulate the Dynamics of Zooplankton

2008  Is Stakeholder Engagement in Coastal Management Too Much Like Hard Work?

2008  Kaelepulu Pond: Community Efforts to Preserve an Urban Tropical Estuary

2008  Modeling the Hydrology and Hydrodynamics in Loxahatchee River and Estuary, Florida during Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne

2008  Numerical Modeling of Restoration Alternatives in an Erosional Estuary

2008  Numerical Simulation of Flushing of Trapped Salt Water from a Bar-Blocked Estuary

2008  Numerical Simulations of Coastal Flood and Morphological Change Due to Hazardous Hydrological Conditions at Coast and Estuary

2008  Parameterization of Estuarine Mixing Processes in the San Francisco Estuary Based on Analysis of Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulations

2008  Recent Developments in Modeling Coastal and Estuarine Morphological Processes and Applications to Coastal Flood Management and Erosion Protection

2008  Research on the Stability of Concrete Mattress under Wave Action in the Yangtze Estuary Deepwater Channel

2008  Stochastic Event-Based Approach to Generate Concurrent Hourly Mean Sea Level Pressure and Wind Sequences for Estuarine Flood Risk Assessment

2008  Tracer Simulation to Analyze Channel Effect on Particle Transport in the Chesapeake Estuary

2008  Turbulent Measurements in a Small Subtropical Estuary with Seimdiurnal Tides

2008  Using Turbulence Model Results to Quantify Oxygen Reaeration in an Estuary Dissolved Oxygen Model

2008  Wave Simulation in the Outer Río de la Plata Estuary: Evaluatoin of SWAN Model

2007  Analyzing Rainfall Uncertainty on Salinity Forecasting Within the Barataria Bay Estuary

2007  Cross-shore and Longshore Transport of Tracer Pebbles on a Macrotidal Mixed Sediment Beach, Somme Estuary, France

2007  Developing a Monitoring Support Model for Chlorophyll a Concentration in the James River Estuary Using MODIS Images

2007  Enhancement of a Tidal Model for the Loxahatchee River Estuary (Southeastern Florida)

2007  Environmental Controls on the Transport of Bacteria in Estuaries: Human Health Implications of Sediment Transport and Hurricanes

2007  Eutrophication Model for the Patuxent Estuary: Advances in Predictive Capabilities

2007  Field Measurement and Modelling of Scour Pit Dynamics in a Sandy Estuary

2007  A Fine Sediment Transport Modeling Framework and its Application to Fluid Mud Processes

2007  Fringe Benefits

2007  Hydrodynamics in the Huelva Estuary: Tidal Model Calibration Using Field Data

2007  Management of Fluid Mud in Estuaries, Bays, and Lakes. I: Present State of Understanding on Character and Behavior

2007  Management of Fluid Mud in Estuaries, Bays, and Lakes. II: Measurement, Modeling, and Management

2007  Morphological Interactions within UK Estuaries: A Preliminary Analysis of Critical Rates of Sea-Level Rise

2007  Projection of Topographic Change of an Estuary Terrace by Horizontal 2-D Simulation Model, Considering Grain Size

2007  Semiempirical Model for Initial Displacement of Salt Water Wedge in a Bar-Blocked Estuary

2007  Simulations of Morphodynamic Changes Due to Waves and Tides in an Estuary Using CCHE2D-Coast Model

2007  Storm Surge Simulations for Hurricane Hugo (1989): On the Significance of Inundation Areas

2007  USGS Advances in Integrated, High-Resolution Sea-Floor Mapping: Inner Continental Shelf to Estuaries

2006  Attachment of Fecal Indicator Bacteria to Particles in the Neuse River Estuary, N.C.

2006  Back Matter

2006  Cape Fear River Estuary Plume Modeling: Model Configuration and Sensitivity Experiments

2006  Development of a Cohesive Sediment Transport Model of the Thames Estuary

2006  Development of a Hydrodynamic Model for Skagit River Estuary for Estuarine Restoration Feasibility Assessment

2006  The Dynamics of Tidal Flat Geo-Environments in an Estuary

2006  Effect of Chloride Ions on the Dechlorination of Hexachlorobenzene in the Presence of Zero-Valent Iron

2006  Effects of Thermal Stratification and Wind Blowing on Hydrodynamics in the Bohai Sea with Notably Shallow Depths