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2013  Cost Overruns and Failure in Project Management: Understanding the Roles of Key Stakeholders in Construction Projects

2013  Improved Nonlinear Muskingum Model with Variable Exponent Parameter

2013  Preliminary Engineering Cost-Estimation Strategy Assessment for Roadway Projects

2013  Rainfall Estimation Method Based on Multiple-Doppler Radar over the Huaihe River Basin

2013  Tendency-Based Approach for Link Travel Time Estimation

2013  Uncertainty in Task Duration and Cost Estimates: Fusion of Probabilistic Forecasts and Deterministic Scheduling

2012  Analysis of Cost-Estimating Competencies Using Criticality Matrix and Factor Analysis

2012  Automated Approach for Developing Integrated Model-Based Project Histories to Support Estimation of Activity Production Rates

2012  Case Adaptation Method of Case-Based Reasoning for Construction Cost Estimation in Korea

2012  Compaction Quality Control of Earth-Rock Dam Construction Using Real-Time Field Operation Data

2012  Comparisons of Satellite Derived Precipitation Estimation

2012  Crane Pose Estimation Using UWB Real-Time Location System

2012  Developing County-Level Commodity-Flow Models Incorporating Land-Use Characteristics and Economic Factors for Utah

2012  Early Cost Estimating of Road Tunnel Construction Using Neural Networks

2012  Effect of Temporal and Spatial Rainfall Resolution on HSPF Predictive Performance and Parameter Estimation

2012  Estimating 3D Volume Using Finite Elements for Pit Excavation

2012  Estimation for Air Combat Games with Unknown Enemy Inputs

2012  Estimation of the Shift between Parameters of Functional Models of Geodetic Observations by Applying M split Estimation

2012  Estimation Procedures for the General Extreme Value Distribution for the Maxima: Alternative PWM Method

2012  Improved Surface Volume Estimates for Surface Irrigation Volume-Balance Calculations

2012  Industry Practices for Estimating, Controlling, and Managing Key Indirect Construction Costs at the Project Level

2012  Interval Analysis for System Identification of Linear MDOF Structures in the Presence of Modeling Errors

2012  Physical Parameter Estimation from State-Space Models for Systems with Missing Input Information

2012  Quality Measures of Origin-Destination Trip Table Estimated from Traffic Counts: Review and New Generalized Demand Scale Measure

2012  Regional Calibration of Solar Radiation and Reference Evapotranspiration Estimates with Minimal Data in Florida

2012  Stage-Discharge Prediction for Straight and Smooth Compound Channels with Wide Floodplains

2012  Validation of SCS Method for Runoff Estimation

2012  Virus Transport through Unsaturated Zone: Analysis and Parameter Identification

2012  Weakly Multicollinear Datum Transformations

2011  The Applicability of Classical Predictive Equations for the Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Urban Green Spaces: Green Roof Results

2011  Civil Aircraft’s Dynamics Simulation for Detailed Trajectory Estimation

2011  Comparison of Rainfall Interpolation Methods in a Mountainous Region of a Tropical Island

2011  Consequence Estimation for Complex Systems

2011  Damage Characterization: Application to Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model

2011  Demand and Roughness Estimation in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Depth-Integrated Estimation of Dissolved Oxygen in a Lake

2011  Development of an Adaptive Origin-Destination Estimation Methodology Considering Traffic Operational Characteristics

2011  Estimating Solar Radiation from Temperature with Spatial and Temporal Calibration

2011  Estimation of Reference Potential Evapotranspiration with Focus on Vegetation Science—the EmPEst Software

2011  Estimation of Storm Surge Inundation and Hazard Mapping

2011  Hurricane Damage and Loss Estimation Using an Integrated Vulnerability Model

2011  Improved Delta-Q Measurement Technique for Estimating the Total and Local Leakages in Residential Buildings

2011  Methodology for Identifying the Best Equations for Estimating the Time of Concentration of Watersheds in a Particular Region

2011  Military Facility Cost Estimation System Using Case-Based Reasoning in Korea

2011  MINQUE of Variance-Covariance Components in Linear Gauss-Markov Models

2011  Modal Parameter Estimation for Jacket-Type Platforms Using Free-Vibration Data

2011  Modified Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation (GLUE) Methodology for Considering the Subjectivity of Likelihood Measure Selection

2011  New Approach to Developing Conceptual Cost Estimates for Highway Projects

2011  Parametric Model for Conceptual Cost Estimation of Concrete Bridge Foundations

2011  Performance Comparison of GPS Probe-Vehicle-Based Methods in Urban Traffic State Estimation

2011  Probabilistic Capacity Models and Fragility Estimates for Steel Pedestals Used to Elevate Bridges

2011  Quantitative Estimation of Clay Mineralogy in Fine-Grained Soils

2011  A Real-Time Hybrid Method for Head Pose Estimation

2011  Recursive Algorithm for L1 Norm Estimation in Linear Models

2011  Seismic Fragility Estimates and Optimization of Retrofitting Strategies for Reinforced Concrete Bridges: Case Study of the Fabela Bridge in Toluca, Mexico

2011  Sequential Modeling Framework for Optimal Sensor Placement for Multiple Intelligent Transportation System Applications

2011  Validation and Optimization of an Equilibrium Model of a Hot-Lime-Softening Treatment System

2010  The Application of the H/V Spectral Ratio Technique for Estimating the Site Characterization in the South of Iran

2010  Artificial Neural Network Model for Cost Estimation: City of Edmonton’s Water and Sewer Installation Services

2010  CBR Revision Model for Improving Cost Prediction Accuracy in Multifamily Housing Projects

2010  Contemporaneous Time Series and Forecasting Methodologies for Predicting Short-Term Productivity

2010  Cross-Validation of Short-Term Productivity Forecasting Methodologies

2010  Demand Estimation and Development Strategy of Chengdu Aviation Logistics in the Pattern of Aviation-Railway Combined Transportation

2010  Design Flood Estimation Using Monte Carlo Simulation and RORB Model: Stochastic Nature of RORB Model Parameters

2010  Development and Empirical Study of Real-Time Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model

2010  Diagnostic Curves for Identifying Leaky Aquifer Parameters with or without Aquitard Storage

2010  Direct Joint Probability Method for Estimating Extreme Sea Levels

2010  Effect of Adaptive Cluster Sampling Design on Accuracy of Sediment Rating Curve Estimation

2010  Estimating the Social and Economic Consequences of Natural Hazards: Fiscal Impact Example

2010  Estimation of Cost Contingency for Air Force Construction Projects

2010  Estimation of Highway Maintenance Marginal Cost under Multiple Maintenance Activities

2010  Estimation of Regionally Specific Z-R Relationships for Radar-Based Hydrologic Prediction

2010  Estimation of Soil Properties and Deformations in Staged Constructions Based on MCMC Method

2010  Estimation of Strength Gain Due to Consolidation

2010  Increasing the Efficacy of the Conventional Deformation Analysis Methods: Alternative Strategy

2010  Infilling Missing Daily Evapotranspiration Data Using Neural Networks

2010  Interpolating Surface Gravity Data for Assessing the Accuracy of a Ground Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System Gravimetric System

2010  Link Travel Time Estimation Based on Vehicle Infrastructure Integration Probe Data

2010  Local Polynomial–Based Flood Frequency Estimator for Mixed Population

2010  Modeling the Oxidation of Sulfide in Pulp and Paper Wastewaters

2010  Modeling the Relationship between Capillary Suction Time and Specific Resistance to Filtration

2010  Modeling Urban Storm-Water Quality Treatment: Model Development and Application to a Surface Sand Filter

2010  Network-Wide Road Travel Time Estimation with Inconsistent Sensor Data

2010  Preliminary Cost Estimation Model Using Case-Based Reasoning and Genetic Algorithms

2010  Rapid Girder Selection and Cost Estimation for Simple-Made-Continuous Steel Bridge Design

2010  Simple Method for Quick Estimation of Leaky-Aquifer Parameters

2010  Utility of Optimal Reflectivity-Rain Rate (Z-R) Relationships for Improved Precipitation Estimates

2009  Analysis of Virus Transport in Groundwater and Identification of Transport Parameters

2009  An Analytical Solute Transport Model for In Situ Estimation of Retardation

2009  ANN Estimate Model on Impact Speed of Car-Bicycle Accidents Based on the Complete Information

2009  Application of Genetic Algorithms for Estimation of Flood Routing Model Parameters

2009  Applying Particle Swarm Optimization to Parameter Estimation of the Nonlinear Muskingum Model

2009  Assessment of Methods for Adjusting Construction Cost Estimates by Geographical Location

2009  Automated Selection of Anchor Pixels for Landsat Based Evapotranspiration Estimation

2009  Bacteria Load Estimator Spreadsheet Tool for Modeling Spatial Escherichia coli Loads to an Urban Bayou

2009  Closed-Form Solutions for Bimodal Axle Load Spectra and Relative Pavement Damage Estimation

2009  Comparative Study of ANNs versus Parametric Methods in Rainfall Frequency Analysis

2009  Comparison of Evapotranspiration Estimates from Remote Sensing (SEBAL), Water Balance, and Crop Coefficient Approaches

2009  A Comparison of Existing Algorithms for Travel Time Estimation

2009  Construction Project Cost Escalation Factors