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2015  Automated Chamber System to Measure Field Evapotranspiration Rates

2015  Location-Aware Sensor Data Error Impact on Autonomous Crane Safety Monitoring

2014  Adjusting Error Calculation to Account for Temporal Mismatch in Evaluating Models

2014  Analytical Evaluation of Amplification Factors, Stability, and Error Analysis of Square Finite Element Solution for the Kinematic Wave Shallow Water Equations

2014  Assessment of the Melt Rate Function in a Temperature Index Snow Model Using Observed Data

2014  Flow Updating in Real-Time Flood Forecasting Based on Runoff Correction by a Dynamic System Response Curve

2014  Impacts of Macroeconomic Fluctuations on Insolvency: Case of Korean Construction Companies

2014  Influence of Organizational and Project Practices on Design Error Costs

2014  Investigating the Error Sources in Reflectorless EDM

2014  Project Pathogens Network: New Approach to Analyzing Construction-Defects-Generation Mechanisms

2014  Reducing Errors When Using Structural Software

2014  Role of Design Audits in Reducing Errors and Rework: Lessons from Hong Kong

2013  ALSs with Conventional and Fuzzy Controllers Considering Wind Shear and Gyro Errors

2013  Analysis of Causes of Construction Defects Using Fault Trees and Risk Importance Measures

2013  Error and Uncertainty Analysis of Inexact and Imprecise Computer Models

2013  Error Assessment for the Coherency Matrix-Based Spectral Representation Method in Multivariate Random Processes Simulation

2013  The Error Distinguishing of Automatic Identification System Based on Improved Evidence Similarity

2013  Error-Correction Methods for Construction Site Image Processing under Changing Illumination Conditions

2013  Model Errors in Bearing Capacity of Vertically Loaded Foundations

2013  Nonlinear Interaction of Friction and Interpolation Errors in Unsteady Flow Analyses

2013  A Practical Approach to the Phase and Amplitude Error Estimation for Pseudodynamic (PSD) Testing

2013  Predicting the Usefulness of Monitoring for Identifying the Behavior of Structures

2012  Application of Kalman Filter with Time-Correlated Measurement Errors in Subsurface Contaminant Transport Modeling

2012  Design Error Costs in Construction Projects

2012  Error Assessment for Spectral Representation Method in Random Field Simulation

2012  Errors in Infiltration Calculations in Volume-Balance Models

2012  Genetic Algorithm for Calibrating a Three-Axis Measuring System

2012  Ice Gouging over a Buried Pipeline: Superposition Error of Simple Beam-and-Spring Models

2012  Impact of Systematic Axle Load Measurement Error on Pavement Design Using Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. I: Validation of SAHYSMOD

2012  Interval Analysis for System Identification of Linear MDOF Structures in the Presence of Modeling Errors

2012  Machine Learning Approaches for Error Correction of Hydraulic Simulation Models for Canal Flow Schemes

2012  Minimizing Actuator Tracking and Energy Errors for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation through a New Adaptive Compensation Scheme

2012  Quantifying Loop Detector Sensitivity and Correcting Detection Problems on Freeways

2012  Time Correlation in GNSS Positioning over Short Baselines

2011  Analysis of Civil Aviation Communications Error Events Based on SHEL Model

2011  Appraisal of Statistical Predictability under Uncertain Inputs: SST to Rainfall

2011  Calibration and Verification of a 2D Hydrodynamic Model for Simulating Flow around Emergent Bendway Weir Structures

2011  Civil Aviation Maintenance Human Error Control Assessment Based on Evidence Theory

2011  Dealing with Error Recovery in Traffic Flow Prediction Using Bayesian Networks Based on License Plate Scanning Data

2011  Efficiency and Reliability of Ambiguity Resolution in Network-Based Real-Time Kinematic GPS

2011  Error Analysis and Cycle-Slip Detection Research on Satellite-Borne GPS Observation

2011  Error Analysis of Predicted Seismic Displacement of Earth Dams Using Simplified Sliding Block Methods

2011  Error Registration Algorithm of Radar Network System in VTS

2011  Estimation of Error Factors in Concrete Cable-Stayed Structures with Sensitivity of Creep

2011  Human Error Analysis of Mid-Air Collision of Brazil Civil Aviation

2011  The Impact of Weigh-in-Motion Measurement Error on Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Reliability

2011  Modeling Systematic Errors for the Angle Measurement in a Virtual Surveying Instrument

2011  Nonexistence of Rigorous Tests for Multiple Outlier Detection in Least-Squares Adjustment

2011  Parameter Optimization of Rock Failure Criterion Using Error-in-Variables Approach

2011  Practical Assessment of Real-Time Impact Point Estimators for Smart Weapons

2011  Understanding Error Messages Generated by the Rapid Static Online Positioning User Service (OPUS-RS)

2010  Analysis of Simplification Errors for Water Distribution Models

2010  Application of Natural Clayey Soil as Adsorbent for the Removal of Copper from Wastewater

2010  Application of Sensing Technology to Safety Management

2010  Assessing the Accuracy of Applying Photogrammetry to Take Geometric Measurements on Building Products

2010  Battle of the Water Calibration Networks (BWCN)

2010  Design Error Classification, Causation, and Prevention in Construction Engineering

2010  Error Assessment for Spectral Representation Method in Wind Velocity Field Simulation

2010  Error in the Theoretical Analysis of Bridge Tests for Reinforced Concrete Bridges

2010  Estimation of Unsaturated Hydraulic Parameters from Infiltration and Internal Drainage Experiments

2010  Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm with Improved Stability Properties

2010  GPS Multipath Effect Mitigation Algorithm Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition

2010  A Method to Correct the Mileage Error in Railway Track Geometry Data and Its Usage

2010  Model for Legal Principles of Compensation for Errors in Bills of Quantities: A Law and Economic Analysis

2010  Modeling Radar Rainfall Estimation Uncertainties: Random Error Model

2010  Near-Transducer Errors in ADCP Measurements: Experimental Findings

2010  Phase and Amplitude Error Indices (PAEI) to Assess the Success of Displacement Based Real-Time Testing

2010  Quantifying Linearization Error When Modeling Fluid Pipeline Transients Using the Frequency Response Method

2010  Reducing the Error Associated with Manning’s Roughness in Culvert Design for Improved Fish Passage

2010  Regional Flood Modelling: Use of Monte Carlo Cross-Validation for the Best Model Selection

2010  Reliability Analyses of Slopes Incorporating Head and Flow Anisotropy as Random Variables

2010  A Rough Ride on the O‘ahu Rail Transit Project

2010  Traffic Counting Errors Due to Occlusion in Video Image Vehicle Detection Systems

2010  Use of Error Analysis for Calibration of Water Distribution Systems

2010  Vision-Based Roadway Geometry Computation

2010  Worst-Case Pointwise Discretization Error Bounds for Systems with Geometrically Induced Singular Flux Solutions Using Interval Boundary Element Method

2009  Adaptive Quadratic Sum-Squares Error for Structural Damage Identification

2009  Analysis of Identified Cable Force of Cable-Stayed Bridge

2009  Application of SVMs Algorithms for Prediction of Evaporation in Reservoirs

2009  Calibration of Water Distribution Network Models as a Tool for Detecting Missing and Erroneous Cadastral and Hydraulic Information

2009  Errors in Surface Irrigation Evaluation from Incorrect Model Assumptions

2009  An Estimate Method for Accuracy of Fitting Horizontal Alignment in Old-Highway Based on Fitting Normal Error

2009  Generation of Total Runoff Hydrographs Using a Method Derived from a Digital Filter Algorithm

2009  Highway Work Zone Risk Factors and Their Impact on Crash Severity

2009  Impacts of Different Rainfall Estimates on Hydrological Simulation and Satellite Rainfall Retrieval Error Propagation

2009  An Information Renewal GNN Model for Road Traffic Accident Forecasting

2009  Investigation of Two Elemental Error Sources in Boat-Mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements by Large Eddy Simulations

2009  The Naming of Istanbul

2009  New Method for Outlier Diagnostics in Linear Regression

2009  Overcoming Load Discontinuity in Step-by-Step Solution of Shock Response

2009  Probabilistic Approach for Modeling and Presenting Error in Spatial Data

2009  Robust Capacity Control Choice Based Behavior

2009  Spherical Indentation on an Elastic Coating/Substrate System: Determining Substrate Modulus

2009  A Tracking Error-Based Adaptive Compensation Scheme for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2009  Updating Structural Properties Using Modal Parameters Considering Measurement Errors

2008  Assessment of Numerical and Experimental Errors in Hybrid Simulation

2008  Automatic Time Stepping with Global Error Control for Groundwater Flow Models

2008  Calibration of and Data Collection for Hydraulic Models for Alternative Model Purposes

2008  Deformation-Controlled Design of Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members Subjected to Blast Loadings