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2015  Concrete Surface Topography as a Function of Freeze-Thaw Exposure and Abrasive Blasting

2015  Erosion of a Seaward Dike Slope by Wave Action

2015  Evaluating Bridges With Unknown Foundations for Susceptibility to Scour: North Carolina Applies Risk-Based Guidelines to Over 3,750 Bridges

2015  Methodology for Evaluating Inlet Protection Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques

2015  Numerical Simulation of Active Heat Injection and Anomalous Seepage near an Earth Dam-Concrete Interface

2015  Numerical Simulation of Nearshore Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Downdrift of a Tidal Inlet

2015  Transport Capacity of Overland Flow with High Sediment Concentration

2014  Comparison of Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations with Experimental Jet Erosion Tests Results

2014  Design and Implementation of Geophysical Monitoring and Remote Sensing during a Full-Scale Embankment Internal Erosion Test

2014  Enhanced Stone Sizing for Overtopping Flow

2014  Erosive Failure of Natural Gas Pipes

2014  Fully Coupled Discontinuous Galerkin Modeling of Dam-Break Flows over Movable Bed with Sediment Transport

2014  Mechanistic Detachment Rate Model to Predict Soil Erodibility Due to Fluvial and Seepage Forces

2014  Modeling Study of Erosion of HPTRM-Strengthened Levee in Turbulent Overtopping Flow Conditions

2014  Overland Flow Hydrograph Analogy: Filling and Draining a Permeable Bag

2014  A Photogrammetric Method to Evaluate the Erosiveness of Fairbanks Silt with Different Treatments

2014  Reduction of Wind Erosion Potential Using Microbial Calcite and Soil Fibers

2014  Sustainable Erosion Remediation and Restoration Measures in South Louisiana Navigation Channels

2013  Coastal and Estuarine Planning for Flood and Erosion Protection Using Integrated Coastal Model

2013  Depth-Averaged Hydrodynamic Model for Gradual Breaching of Embankment Dams Attributable to Overtopping Considering Suspended Sediment Transport

2013  Determining Propeller Erosion at the Stern of a Berthing Ship

2013  Effects of Bed Compaction on Scour at Piers in Sand-Clay Mixtures

2013  Effects of Woody Plants on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2013  Experimental Evidence of Erosion of Critical Load in Interactive Buckling

2013  Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Erosion Wear on High-Pressure Pipe and Tee

2013  FEM Simulation of Deformation and Damage Rule of Cutoff Wall under Rainfall Erosion Effect

2013  Hydraulic Model Study of the Fuse Plug Spillway at Hagneck Canal, Switzerland

2013  Modeling and Designing Control Flow Systems for Drainage Channels at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

2013  On Developing A Continuum Model for Wave Propagation in Ice-Covered Seas

2013  Proposed Smart Market Design for Sediment Discharge

2013  Reliability-Based Dam Erodibility Assessment

2013  The Role of Polypropylene Fibers and Polypropylene Geotextile in Erosion Control

2013  Simplified Physically Based Model of Earthen Embankment Breaching

2013  Stainless Steel Armor Plate Design for Protecting Supercavitating Baffle Blocks against Debris Impacts in High-Velocity Stilling Basins

2013  Use of Stabilized Stream-Monitoring Sections to Monitor Annual Streamflow on the Alberta Boreal Plain

2012  Accounting for Rough Bed Friction Factors of Mud Beds as a Result of Biological Activity in Erosion Experiments

2012  Beach Erosion and Recovery

2012  Diffusive-Wave Based Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model with Sediment Transport. I: Model Development

2012  Diffusive-Wave Based Hydrologic-Hydraulic Model with Sediment Transport. II: Validation and Practical Application

2012  Estimation and Measurement of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2012  Hydraulics and Erosion Study for Stampede Reservoir

2012  Implications of High-Pressure Turbine’s Erosion for a Military Turbofan’s Fuel Consumption

2012  Process-Based Coastal Erosion Modeling for Drew Point, North Slope, Alaska

2012  Shear Stress Measurements and Erosion Implications for Wave and Combined Wave-Current Generated Flows

2012  Study on Erosion Wear of 40CrNi2Mo

2012  Study on the Wind Erosion Resistance Ability and Slope Stability of a Wind-Eroded Desert Roadbed

2012  Two-Phase Simulation of Wave-Induced Tunnel Scour beneath Marine Pipelines

2012  Wind and Water Erosion Potential of Fire-Affected Soils: Immediate and Short-Term Effects in a Desert Ecosystem

2011  Analyses, Simulations, and Physical Modeling Validation of Levee and Embankment Erosion

2011  Bioremediation of Piping Erosion in Sand

2011  Coastal Engineering Practice

2011  Coastline Change from Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction to Future Scenarios: A Case Study from the Baltic

2011  Defining Engineering Guidance for Living Shoreline Projects

2011  Erosion Study of New Orleans Levee Materials Subjected to Plunging Water

2011  Evolution of Gravel Beach Profiles

2011  Experimental Research on Improving the Erosion Resistance of a Silty Roadbed

2011  Forecasting of Erosion and Debris Flow Processes for the Energy Supply and Transport Corridors of Georgia Using the Theory of Reliability and Risk

2011  Internal Erosion and Rehabilitation of an Earth-Rock Dam

2011  Mathematical Model for Piping Erosion Based on Fluid-Solid Interaction and Soils Structure

2011  Methodology for Estimating Wind Wave Erosion of Riverine Levees

2011  Modeling Erosion and Sedimentation Processes in the Chorro Creek Subwatershed to Evaluate and Develop Effective Watershed Management Approaches

2011  Optimal Extension of Rain Gauge Monitoring Network for Rainfall Intensity and Erosivity Index Interpolation

2011  Prediction of Particle Erosion in Bend Based on Liquid-Solid Coupling Simulation

2011  Reducing Erosion of Earthen Levees Using Engineered Flood Wall Surface

2011  Scour at Vertical Piles in Sand-Clay Mixtures under Waves

2011  Soft Bedrock Erosion Modeling with a Two-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Model

2011  Stabilization of Soils with Portland Cement and CKD and Application of CKD on Slope Erosion Control

2011  Trends in Coastal Erosion Management

2011  Wave Overtopping and Overwash of Dunes

2010  2-D Pore-Particle Scale Model of the Erosion at the Boundary of Two Soils under Horizontal Groundwater Flow

2010  3D Modeling of Piping Mechanism Using Distinct Element Method

2010  Bioengineering Techniques Associated with Soil Nailing Applied to Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control

2010  Bridge Pier Scour in Clay-Sand Mixed Sediments at Near-Threshold Velocity for Sand

2010  Centrifuge Modelling of an Internal Erosion Mechanism

2010  Correlation of Predicted and Measured Slope Erosion

2010  Dam Breach Modeling with HEC-RAS Using Embankment Erosion Process Models

2010  Design of Erosion Protection at Landfill Areas with Slopes Less than 10%

2010  Designing Storm-Water Controls to Promote Sustainable Ecosystems: Science and Application

2010  Draining the Tangjiashan Barrier Lake

2010  Earth Dam Failure by Erosion: A Case History

2010  Effect of Flood Recession on Scouring at Bed Sills

2010  Erosion Protection at Landfill Slopes Greater than 10%

2010  Experimental Study of Internal Erosion of Fine Grained Soils

2010  Experimental Study on Subsurface Erosion of Peats

2010  Fast-Track Repairs of Critical Levee Erosion Sites

2010  From the Editorial Board

2010  IJkdijk Full Scale Underseepage Erosion (Piping) Test: Evaluation of Innovative Sensor Technology

2010  Laboratory and Field Investigation on Variation of Erodibility with Dry Unit Weight of Different Soils

2010  Levee Erosion Prediction Equations Calibrated with Laboratory Testing

2010  Levee Erosion Screening Process

2010  A Life Cycle Approach to Probabilistic Assessment of Levee Erosion

2010  A Microscopic Study on Soft Rock Erosion by Using Particle Flow Simulation

2010  Modeling Erosion of an Unlined Spillway Chute Cut in Rock

2010  Physics of Rock Scour: The Power of the Bubble

2010  Piping Potential of a Fibrous Peat

2010  A Practical Approach to Assess Combined Levee Erosion, Seepage, and Slope Stability Failure Modes

2010  Prediction of Localized Scour Hole on Natural Mobile Bed at Culvert Outlets

2010  Revisiting the HEC-18 Scour Equation

2010  Runoff Characteristics for Construction Site Erosion Control Practices

2010  Sediment Entrainment at High Flow Velocity