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2015  Holonic Construction Management: Unified Framework for ICT-Supported Process Control

2015  Motion Planning and Coordination for Mobile Construction Machinery

2015  Numerical Analyses of the Stress and Limiting Load for Buried Gas Pipelines under Excavation Machine Impact

2014  Automated Soil Lysimeter for Determination of Actual Evapotranspiration of a Bog in Quebec, Canada

2014  Compacting Characteristics of Light Compacting Equipment

2014  Free-Falling Penetrometers: A Laboratory Investigation in Clay

2014  Integrated Instrumentation and Sensor Systems Functional Model and Taxonomy

2013  Design of Foundations for Large Dynamic Equipment in a High Seismic Region

2013  Evaluation of Granular Soil Abrasivity for Wear on Cutting Tools in Excavation and Tunneling Equipment

2013  An Evaluation of Specification Methodologies for Use with Continuous Compaction Control Equipment

2013  Expressway Electro-Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Management System Functional Research Based on B/S

2013  Functional Comparison of Lunar Regoliths and Their Simulants

2013  Hybrid Subsea Foundations for Subsea Equipment

2013  Mass Concrete Foundation Design for Precision Manufacturing of Large-Scale Equipment

2013  Selection of Railway-Water Intermodal Transportation Port Station Handling Machinery

2013  Shaking Response of Tall High-Voltage Equipment Retrofitted with Friction Dampers

2013  Three-Dimensional Dynamics of a Rigid Body with Wheels on a Moving Base

2012  Earthquake Protection of Building Equipment and Systems, Bridging the Implementation Gap

2012  Heuristic Analysis of the Effective Range of a Track Tamping Machine

2012  Strategies for Manufacturers of Rail Transport Equipment with Inelastic Demand for Easy-to-Wear Accessories

2011  Designing Foundations for Vibrating Machinery: Dealing with Soil and Software Issues

2011  Evaluation Model of Marine Key Equipment and Systems’ Whole Performance

2011  A Kind of Snow Removal Machine with High Efficiency and Low Cost

2011  Research on Knowledge Acquisition about Condition Identification of Faults in Ship Equipment

2011  The Status and Development Trend of Rail Transportation Equipment and Technology

2011  Subjective Evaluation on Human-Machine-Environment System of Automotive Driving Simulation Experiment Platform

2011  Use of New Geophysical Equipment in Geotechnical Site Characterization

2010  3D Visualization for Tunnel Boring Machine Steering and Alignment Control in Microtunneling

2010  Automatically Tracking and Guiding Underground Tunnel Boring Machines during Microtunneling and Pipe Jacking Operations

2010  Design and Tele-Operation of a Lunar Excavator for the NASA Centennial Challenge

2010  Implementation of a Decision Support System for Commercial Evaluation and Selection of Equipment Suppliers

2010  The Influence of Isolator Hysteresis on Equipment Performance in Seismic Isolated Buildings

2010  Logistics Information System Based on Supply Chain for Machine Tool

2010  Throughput Analysis of an Automated Warehouse with Pallet Shuttle

2009  A Case Study on the Overturning of Drill Rigs on Construction Sites

2009  A Decision Support Tool for Rapid Assessment and Selection of Engineered Equipment Suppliers

2009  The Design of Trenchless Detection Technology Equipment of Small-Caliber Oil and Gas Pipeline

2009  Development of a Damage Estimation System for Electric Power Distribution Equipment Using the Bayesian Network

2009  Evaluation of Hollow Core Composite Insulators

2009  Intelligent Pile-Driving with a Diesel Impact Hammer

2009  Man-Machine Interactive Ship Maneuver System

2009  Original Design of the SSJ900-Type Bridge Girder Erection Machine

2009  Return-to-Center Control of Electric Power Steering

2009  Seismic Design Standards for Electric Substation Equipment

2009  Seismic Performance of Electrical Substations’ Equipments in Bam Earthquake (Iran 2003)

2009  Seismic Safety Assessment of Gated Spillways

2009  Seismic Vulnerabilities and Retrofit of High-Voltage Electrical Substation Facilities

2009  Strength Difference between Clam-Shell and Long-Reach Excavator Constructed Cement-Bentonite Self-Hardening Slurry Walls

2009  Use of Decision Models under Uncertainty for the Estimation of the Environmental Impacts of a Hot-Water Boiler

2008  The Analysis of System Feedback Structure of Supply Chain in Manufacturing Process of Aviation Weapon Equipment

2008  Dynamic Modeling of Hydraulic Shovel Excavators for Geomaterials

2008  The Economical Analysis of Handling Machinery’s Reasonable Quantity of China Port

2008  Estimating Drilling Paramters for Diamond Bit Drilling Operations Using Artificial Neural Networks

2008  The Path Behind and Highway Ahead: A Perspective on the Future of Geophysics in Engineering

2008  Recent Advances in Foundation Equipment

2008  Safe Work Practice and Equipment Required for the Successful Rehabilitation of PCCP Using a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Strengthening System

2008  Study on the Equipment Disposition Model of Distribution Center Based on Multi-Objective Optimization

2007  Essential Elements of Equipment Seismic Qualification to ASCE 7 by Shake Table Testing

2007  A Model Equipment Used to Investigate Mechanism of Dynamic Instability for Riverside Roadbed

2007  New Methods for Underpinning and Earth Retention

2007  War Preparedness Assessment of Equipment in the Conveyance of the Heavy-Cargo Transportation

2006  Fragility of Bench-Mounted Equipment Considering Uncertain Parameters

2006  Intelligent Utility Locating Tool for Excavators

2005  Comments on Steel Construction...Equipment...Management...Conferences...

2005  Guidelines for Evaluating Earth Retaining Systems

2005  Procedural and Operational Consequences of Navigational Equipment Outages: Exploration of Airport Performance

2004  Automated Sediment Erosion Testing System Using Digital Imaging

2004  Cellular Phone Based Real-Time Bus Arrival Information Systems

2004  Deterministic Models for Degraded Airside Capacity and Delays

2004  Development of Fatigue Monitoring System for a Hydraulic Excavator

2004  Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Flutter in Bending-Torsion Coupled Beams, Rotating Blades, and Hard Disk Drives

2004  Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Flutter in Long-Span Suspension Bridges and in Blood Vessel Walls

2004  Probabilistic Mistuning Analysis and Estimation of HCF Life of a Honeywell Impeller

2004  Robust Control of High Speed End Milling with Unknown Process Parameter and CNC Delay

2004  Terminal Equipment and Operating Improvements to the Conley Massport Container Terminal: Capacity Improvement Strategy for Increasing the Conley Terminal Throughput Capacity

2003  Seismic Design of Secondary Systems

2003  Seismic Displacement at Interconnection: Points of Substation Equipment

2003  The Silt Wing Excavator - An Innovative Sediment Leveling and Grading Device

2003  Water and Sewer Construction with Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

2002  Guide for Protection of Equipment and Personnel from Lightning

2002  Guidelines for Quality Assurance of Installed Fine-Pore Aeration Equipment

2002  The Impact of Incidental Contact with Regolith in Martian and Lunar Environments

2002  Review of Martian Dust Composition, Transport, Deposition, Adhesion, and Removal

2002  Three-Dimensional DEM Simulation of Conveying Granular Materials by Horizontal Screw

2001  Buildings: Laboratory Designed to Contain Deadly Diseases

2001  Earthquake Engineering: Research Center to Bolster Capabilities

2001  The Val System: The New Generation

2000  Amateur Radio in Space Communications

2000  Construction of High Performance Equipment Foundations

2000  Design Guidelines for Replacement of Air-Conditioning Systems112-117

2000  Development of Simulation Means for a Gravity Forces

2000  Equipment for Cement Grouting: An Overview

2000  The Forensic Engineer’s Role as a User of Scaffolding

2000  Methodical Approaches to Development of Robotic Systems for Space Application

2000  Mission Preparation and Training Facility for Era

2000  Multiobjective Analysis of Market Transformation Strategies

2000  Optimizing Deployment of Shiploaders at Bulk Export Terminal

2000  Payload Processing Facility Design

2000  A Preliminary Survey of Ground Service Equipment Running Times and Its Implications for Air Quality Estimates at Airports

2000  Sprinkler Head Maintenance Effects on Water Application Uniformity