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2015  Scramjet Isolator Shock-Train Leading-Edge Position Modeling Based on Equilibrium Manifold

2014  Kinetics and Equilibrium of Barium and Strontium Sulfate Formation in Marcellus Shale Flowback Water

2014  Long-Term Effects of Water Diversions on the Longitudinal Flow and Bed Profiles

2014  Modeling of Interannual Snow and Ice Storage in High-Altitude Regions by Dynamic Equilibrium Concept

2013  Approximate Solution Procedure for Dynamic Traffic Assignment

2013  Are You Positive About Negative Phase?

2013  Coupled Multi-Physics and Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Geo-Materials

2013  Critical Traffic Control Locations for Emergency Evacuation

2013  Efficient Numerical Method in Second-Order Inelastic Analysis of Space Trusses

2013  LUTI Model for the Metropolitan Area of Santander

2013  A New Vision of Optimal Equilibrium in Traffic Network: Maximum of Satisfaction Equilibria

2013  Novel Supply Chain Network Equilibrium Model with Consideration of Service Decay Over Delivery Time

2013  Prediction and Application of Equilibrium Water Content of Expansive Soil Subgrade

2013  Slot Equilibrium Allocation Algorithm Based on Airspace Status

2013  Uranium Removal from Aqueous Solution by Banyan Leaves: Equilibrium, Thermodynamic, Kinetic, and Mechanism Studies

2012  Derivation of Travel Time Based on Diffusive Wave Approximation for the Time-Area Hydrograph Simulation

2012  Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Liquid-Phase Adsorption of Phosphate on Modified Sugarcane Bagasse

2012  Research on Continuous Equilibrium Network Design Model of Stochastic Demand and Supply Based on Genetic Algorithm

2012  Research on the Equilibrium of the Closed-Loop Supply Chain Super-Network in the Mobile Phone Industry

2012  A Second-Best Congestion Pricing Model Based on Elastic Demand Mean-Excess User Equilibrium

2012  Statics-Based Simulation Approach for Two-Crane Lift

2012  Wax Deposition Law Study for Oil Transportation Pipeline with Phase Equilibrium

2011  Biosorption of Cd(II), Pb(II), and Ni(II) on Magnifera indica Leaf Powder: An Equilibrium Study

2011  A Car-Following Dynamic Model on Equilibrium

2011  Equilibrium Iteration Method in Road Landslide Stability Analysis

2011  Estimating Equilibrium Scour Depth at Cylindrical Piers in Experimental Studies

2011  Limit Load Carrying Capacity of Two-Way Slabs with Two Edges Clamped and Two Edges Simply Supported in Fire

2011  Nash Equilibrium Analysis of Developing Cyclic Economy for Highway Project Construction

2011  Rate of Growth and Other Features of the Temporal Development of Pool-Bar Complexes in Meandering Streams

2011  Removal of 4-Picoline from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto Bagasse Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash: Equilibrium, Thermodynamic, and Desorption Study

2011  Risk of Limit-Equilibrium Failure of Long Earth Slopes: How It Depends on Length

2011  Simple Equilibrium Based Erosion Hazard Zone Estimates

2011  Three-Dimensional Finite Element Limit Equilibrium Method for Slope Stability Analysis Based on the Unique Sliding Direction

2011  Transit Capacity Equilibrium Evaluation for Transit Network Based on Matrixes’ Matching Degree

2011  A User Equilibrium Assignment Model Based on Late Arrival Penalty Factor

2011  Validity of Uniform Flow Hypothesis in One-Dimensional Morphodynamic Models

2011  Zero-Inertial Recession for Kinematic-Wave Model

2010  A Bi-Criterion Multi-User Class Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Model and Solution Algorithm for Evaluating Road Pricing Strategies

2010  Comparison of Arsenate, Lead, and Cadmium Adsorption onto Aged Biofilter Media

2010  Delay Function for Signalized Intersections in Traffic Assignment Models

2010  Dynamic Traffic Flow Equilibrium and Coordinated Signal Control for Ramps and Adjacent Intersections

2010  Equilibrium Model and Algorithm for Regional Logistics Distribution System

2010  An Equilibrium-Right-of-Way-Based Capacity at Signalized Intersections

2010  Influence of Vertical Resolution and Nonequilibrium Model on Three-Dimensional Calculations of Flow and Sediment Transport

2010  Limit Equilibrium of 2D and 3D Nonhomogeneous Loaded Ground Masses

2010  L∞-Norm Path Flow Estimator for Handling Traffic Count Inconsistencies: Formulation and Solution Algorithm

2010  Model to Describe the Binodal Curve on a Type 1 Ternary Phase Diagram

2010  New Relationships for Equilibrium Shaped Bays

2010  Origin-Based Partial Linearization Method for the Stochastic User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Problem

2010  Risk-Averse Transit Equilibrium Assignment

2010  Study on Market Equilibrium of Sealed Supply Chain Based on Willingness to Pay for Food Safety

2010  Super-Network Based Equilibrium Model and Algorithm for Multi-Mode Urban Transport System

2010  Supply Chain Distribution Network Selection Model Based on the Condition of Equilibrium

2009  Continuous Equilibrium Network Design Model under Demand and Capacity Uncertainty

2009  Day-to-Day Departure Time Adjustment Behaviors in a Single Bottleneck Model

2009  Efficiency Loss of the Multiclass, Multicriteria Stochastic User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment against Stochastic System Optimization

2009  Equilibrium and Kinetic Study on Reactive Dyes Adsorption by Palm Kernel Shell-Based Activated Carbon: In Single and Binary Systems

2009  Equilibrium Model of Trip Modes in Road Traffic and Orientation of Charge Policy

2009  Exploring the Potential of Nonlinear and Non-Equilibrium Alcohol Partitioning for Assessment of DNAPL Source Zone Architecture

2009  A Model of Bus Transport Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Based on User Equilibrium Principium

2009  Multiperiod Competition in an Electric Power Network and Impacts of Infrastructure Disruptions

2009  Multiple Objective Optimization Model of Public Transit Network Based on Traffic Equilibrium Theory

2009  On Global Equilibrium in Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls

2009  On the Quantification of the Bed Development Time of Alluvial Meandering Streams

2009  Oscillation Susceptibility Analysis along the Path of the Longitudinal Flight Equilibriums in ADMIRE Model

2009  Parametric Evaluation of Batch Equilibria for Storm-Water Phosphorus Adsorption on Aluminum Oxide Media

2009  PSO Algorithm for Bi-Level Programming Model in Urban Transportation Continuous Equilibrium Network Design

2009  Reaction Rates in a Transport System with Both Kinetic and Equilibrium Reactions

2009  Sensitivity of the Traffic Flows in Transportation Networks

2009  A Spatial Equilibrium Model Including Two Factors of Passenger and Freight Transportation: An Accessibility Perspective

2009  Stochastic Non-Equilibrium Bedload Transport Model

2009  Strength Parameters of Red Sandstone Granular Soil Based on Three-Dimensional Limit Equilibrium Method

2008  Comparison of Panama Wharf Performance Using Numerical Analysis and Limit Equilibrium Methods

2008  An Equilibrium System Model and Algorithms of the Urban Traffic Congestion Problem

2008  Long-Term Equilibrium Beach Profile Based on Maximum Information Entropy Concept

2008  A New Braess’s Paradox with Queue Spillovers Considering Dynamic User Equilibrium

2008  New Experimental Method to Find Equilibrium Scour at Bridge Piers

2008  Nonlinear Analysis of Space Trusses Using Modified Normal Flow Algorithm

2008  The Notional Model of Flexible Planning of Regional Logistics Capability under Uncertain Information Environment

2008  Optimization of Signal Timing by Equilibrium Technique

2008  Removal of Endosulfan from Water Using Wood Charcoal — Adsorption and Desorption

2008  Research on Competition and Cooperation Mechanism Between the Port and Shipping Company

2008  Solution Techniques for Nonlinear Equilibrium Equations

2008  A Stochastic User Equilibrium Assignment Model for Intercity Multi-Commodity Multi-Modal Networks

2008  Study on Competition Equilibrium Analysis and Network Scale Game of Container Port

2008  Study on Multicriteria Supply Chain Network Using Vector Network Equilibrium Theory

2008  Study on Variational Inequality Model of Supply Chain Network Equilibrium

2008  A Two-User Travelers Game Model Based on ATIS

2007  Adsorption of Carbon Disulfide (CS2) in Water by Different Types of Activated Carbon — Equilibrium, Dynamics, and Mathematical Modeling

2007  Analysis of Unsteady Sediment Transport Modeling Approaches

2007  Arsenic Removal by a Colloidal Iron Oxide Coated Sand

2007  An Augmented Lagrangian Dual Algorithm for Multiple Vehicle Stochastic User Equilibrium Path Flow Estimator

2007  Behaviour of Slopes under Static and Seismic Conditions by Limit Equilibrium Method

2007  Computational Analysis of Masonry Structures with a Funicular Model

2007  Coupling Bank Stability and Bed Deformation Models to Predict Equilibrium Bed Topography in River Bends

2007  Differences among Route Flow Solutions for the User-Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Problem

2007  Disparity of Cadmium Transport Behavior in Soils at Different Temperatures

2007  Equilibrium versus Nonequilibrium Treatment Modeling in the Optimal Design of Pump-and-Treat Groundwater Remediation Systems

2007  Identifying the Equilibrium Conditions for an Agricultural Iowa Catchment Using the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model

2007  Inclusion of Some Aspects of Chemical Behavior of Unsaturated Soil in Thermo/Hydro/Chemical/Mechanical Models. I: Model Development