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2014  ANP Experiment for Demolition Plan Evaluation

2014  Assessing Environmental Impacts in Geotechnical Construction: Insights from the Fuel Cycle

2014  Balancing Harmful Impacts of the Petroleum Industry with Internal Dispute Prevention and External Sustainable Development Initiatives

2014  Behavior of Cellular-Reinforced Fly-Ash Walls under Strip Loading

2014  Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Checklist: Potential Role in Reducing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes

2014  Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder, and Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete and Mortar

2014  Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analysis to Estimate the Skin Temperature of Cockpit Surface in Various Flight Profiles

2014  Design and Construction for Sustainable Industrial Construction

2014  Diseño y Construccion para una Construccion Industrial Sustentable

2014  Effect of Dynamic Loading and Environmental Conditions on the Bond between CFRP and Steel: State-of-the-Art Review

2014  Effects of Various Environmental Exposures and Sustained Load Levels on the Service Life of Postinstalled Adhesive Anchors

2014  Engineering Modeling of Wave Transmission of Reef Balls

2014  Geochemical Behavior of a Gravel Road Upgraded with Wood Fly Ash

2014  Geosensing for Developing Sustainable Responses to Environmental Hazards Underground

2014  Go Green, Get Healthy: An Agencywide Effort to Reduce Energy Use and Move the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention toward Sustainability

2014  Influence of Pavement Condition on Environmental Costs

2014  Integration of Multinomial-Logistic and Markov-Chain Models to Derive Land-Use Change Dynamics

2014  Life-Cycle Assessment Comparison for Long-Span Cable and Truss Structural Systems: Case Study

2014  Life-Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Natural Hazards

2014  Nonparametric Benchmarking of Japanese Water Utilities: Institutional and Environmental Factors Affecting Efficiency

2014  Prediction of Environmental Costs of Construction Noise and Vibration at the Preconstruction Phase

2014  Recent Advances in Material, Analysis, Monitoring, and Evaluation in Foundation and Bridge Engineering

2014  Role of Urban Planning in Encouraging More Sustainable Lifestyles

2014  Water Management Trade-offs between Agriculture and the Environment: A Multiobjective Approach and Application

2013  Application of Strategic Environmental Assessment to Eco-Industrial Parks: Raibano Case in Italy

2013  Biological Nutrient Removal and Fouling Phenomena in a University of Cape Town Membrane Bioreactor Treating High Nitrogen Loads

2013  Carbon Footprint Estimation Tool for Transportation Construction Projects

2013  A Century of Environmental Research in Cincinnati

2013  The Challenge of Replacing Existing Infrastructure

2013  Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Bridges

2013  Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment of Winter Maintenance Treatments for Roadways

2013  Environmentally Preferable Pavement Management Systems

2013  Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Land-Use Changes due to Road Construction in the Republic of Korea

2013  Financial and Environmental Payback Periods of Seismic Retrofit Investments for Reinforced Concrete Buildings Estimated Using a Novel Method

2013  Green Roof Systems as Sources or Sinks Influencing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Runoff

2013  Green Star Points Obtained by Australian Building Projects

2013  Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Construction, Manufacturing, Operation, and Maintenance of U.S. Distribution Infrastructure for Petroleum and Biofuels

2013  Groundwater Resource Planning to Preserve Streamflow: Where Environmental Amenity Meets Economic Welfare Loss

2013  The History of Environmental Research in Cincinnati, Ohio: (From the U.S. Public Health Service to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

2013  Innovative Concepts in First-Last Mile Connections to Public Transportation

2013  Management Practice to Achieve Energy Efficiency Performance: Green versus Conventional Office Building in Malaysia

2013  Model for Enhancing Integrated Identification, Assessment, and Operational Control of On-Site Environmental Impacts and Health and Safety Risks in Construction Firms

2013  Observation of the pH-Induced Hormesis for the LDH Cytotoxicity Test of MSWI Baghouse Ash Extract

2013  Ports 2013, Success through Diversification

2013  Prediction of Rare Earth Elements in Neutral Alkaline Mine Drainage from Razi Coal Mine, Golestan Province, Northeast Iran, Using General Regression Neural Network

2013  Prioritizing Method for Retrofitting Toronto’s Single-Family Housing Stock to Reduce Heating and Cooling Loads

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of the Degradation Evolution of Stone Wall Cladding Directly Adhered to the Substrate

2013  Quantification of Particulate Matter from Commercial Building Excavation Activities Using Life-Cycle Approach

2013  A Regional Bus Scheduling Model Considering Environmental Factors

2013  Regulatory, Analysis, and Decision Support Challenges to Reduce Environmental Impact in the Design and Operation of Water Distribution Networks

2013  Remote Monitoring of Harsh Environments Using Acoustic Emissions

2013  Rich Passage 1 Wake Validation and Shore Response Study

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Structure of a Horizontal Sediment-Laden Momentum Jet

2013  Successfully Incorporating Environmental Commitments into Plans and Specifications for Port Projects

2013  Supersized

2013  Sustainability of Natural Hazard Risk Mitigation: Life Cycle Analysis of Environmental Indicators for Bridge Infrastructure

2013  The Future: Six Drivers of Global Changes By Al Gore. New York City: Random House, 2013

2013  U.S. EPA Approves Cincinnati Plan to Reduce CSOs with Mix of ’Green,’ ’Gray’ Infrastructure

2013  Washington United Terminals Berth Extension

2013  Water Resources Systems Analysis through Case Studies, Data and Models for Decision Making

2012  Adsorption of Acid Extractable Oil Sands Tailings Organics onto Raw and Activated Oil Sands Coke

2012  Applied Water Resources Systems Modeling: Visions for 2050

2012  Assessing the Interactions between Chlorophyll a and Environmental Variables Using Copula Method

2012  Avoiding Greenwash by Design: Resolving Market and Socio-Environmental Ethical Conflicts

2012  Building Envelope As an Environmental Apparatus: Integrating Architectural and Natural Systems

2012  Capacitated Deviation-Flow Fueling Location Model for Sitting Battery Charging Stations

2012  Coastal Management to Improve Environmental Quality in Göcek Bay, Turkey

2012  Corrosion Damage Diagnosis of a 44-Year-Old Ammonium Nitrate Prill Tower in a Petrochemical Complex

2012  Decision Models to Support Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction from Transportation Construction Projects

2012  Developing a Carbon Footprint Calculator for Construction Buildings

2012  Developing a Methodology to Evaluate the Environmental Performance of an Existing Building in Developing Countries

2012  Developing Methods for Grading the Accessibility of a Communality’s Infrastructure

2012  Distribution Center Location Model of Low-Carbon Logistics Based on Carbon Tax

2012  Economic and Environmental Assessment of Deconstruction Strategies Using Building Information Modeling

2012  Effect of Reconstruction and Expansion of Tourist Highway Circumscribing Changbai Mountain on Landscape Pattern

2012  Energy Consumption Evaluation of U.S. Navy LEED-Certified Buildings

2012  Engineering Risks and Failures: Lessons Learned from Environmental Disasters

2012  Environmental Impact Seismic Assessment: Application of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodologies to Optimize Environmental Performance

2012  Environmental Impacts Assessment on Construction Sites

2012  Environmental Profiling As an Approach for Quantifying the Environmental Sustainability of Residential Buildings in Nigeria

2012  Environmental Protection and Landscape Design of Freeway through a Tropical Rainforest Region

2012  Environmental Technology Verification Program for Grouts Used in Infrastructure Rehabilitation

2012  Environmental Traffic Capacity of Urban Intersection

2012  Environmentally Friendly Stabilization of Unpaved Shoulders

2012  Estimating the Economic, Energy, and Environmental Impact of Earthwork Activities

2012  Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies on the Optimal Design and Expansion of the Amherstview, Ontario, Water Network: Canadian Case Study

2012  Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production by Spark Discharge Plasma Reforming of Dimethyl Ether

2012  Financial Impact of Certified ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems in the UK and Ireland

2012  Forest Recreation Opportunity Spectrum in the Suburban Mountainous Region of Beijing

2012  Future Prospects for Water Management and Adaptation to Change

2012  Girls Go Green, Girls Go Global!

2012  Green Concrete

2012  Guidelines for Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Environmental Analysis of High-Performance Buildings

2012  Hybrid Train Power with Diesel Locomotive and Slug Car-Based Flywheels for NOx and Fuel Reduction

2012  ICLEM 2012, Logistics for Sustained Economic Development—Technology and Management for Efficiency

2012  ICSDEC 2012, Developing the Frontier of Sustainable Design, Engineering, and Construction

2012  Identification of Safety Risks for High-Performance Sustainable Construction Projects

2012  Identifying Cultural Flow Preferences: Kakaunui River Case Study

2012  Investigation of the Potential Use of Heavy Oil Fly Ash as Stabilized Fill Material for Construction