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2015  Internet-Enabled Experiment for Demonstrating Contaminant Adsorption to Activated Carbon

2014  Apparent Viscosity of Phosphate Dispersant-Amended Soil-Bentonite Backfills

2014  Assessment of Engineering Characteristics of Pesticides-Contaminated Soil Based on RCPTU Data

2014  Availability of Density Measuring Methods Estimating Gypsum Hemihydrate Content in Reclaimed Gypsums

2014  Batch Equilibrium Analysis of Compacted Cement Kiln Dust Treated Lateritic Soil

2014  Compaction Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste at Open Dump Sites in Sri Lanka

2014  Compressibility and Hydraulic Conductivity of Sand/Clay-Bentonite Backfills

2014  Contaminant Transport in Soils Considering Preferential Flowpaths

2014  Deterministic and Probabilistic Slope Stability Applied to a Landfill Slope

2014  Effects of Amendment of Biochar Produced from Woody Biomass on Soil Quality and Crop Yield

2014  Evaluation of Mine Tailings Dust Control

2014  Front Matter

2014  Geoenvironmental Engineering

2014  Impact of Composition of Municipal Solid Waste on Methane Generation in Laboratory Batch and Simulator Tests

2014  Laboratory Investigation of Air Flow Patterns in Saturated Sands during Air Sparging

2014  Model for Coupled CRS Consolidation and Contaminant Transport

2014  Performance of Soils and Soil Lime Mixtures As Liners to Retain Heavy Metal Ions in Aqueous Solutions

2014  Phytoremediation of Mixed Contaminated Soils--Effects of Initial Concentrations

2014  Pore Fluid Chemistry and Aging Effects on Swelling, Shear Strength, and Pore Size Distribution Behavior of Soils

2014  Pullout Resistance Factors of Metal Strips in Tire Shred-Sand Mixtures

2014  Quantifying the Effects of Moisture Content on Transport and Adsorption of Methane through Biochar in Landfills

2014  Slope Stability of Bioreactor Landfill with Leachate Recirculation Using Horizontal Trench System

2014  Study of Sedimentation and Consolidation of Soil Particles in Dredged Slurry

2014  Study on the Non-Linear Shear Strength Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  Study on the Recycling of Dewatered Sludge from a Quarry As a Barrier Material

2014  Thermo-Hydraulic-Mechanical Coupling Analysis on Heating Test in Unsaturated Ground

2014  Three-Dimensional Seismic Stability Analysis and Permanent Displacement of MSW Landfills

2014  Undrained Response of Municipal Solid Waste Collected from a Waste Site in Delhi, India

2013  Applicability of Classical Predictive Equations for the Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Urban Green Spaces: Green Roof Results

2013  How Raise the Bar Supports Professional Certification in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

2013  Navigating the Academic Job Search for Environmental Engineers: Guidance for Job Seekers and Mentors

2013  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2013, Showcasing the Future

2012  Direct-Push Delivery of Dye Tracers for Direct Documentation of Solute Distribution in Clay Till

2012  Membrane Technology and Environmental Applications

2012  A Sustainable Model for Water Resources and Environmental Education

2011  Civil, Environmental, Transportation, and Structural Engineering Among Best Jobs in the Nation, Money Says

2011  Incorporating a Sustainability Module into First-Year Courses for Civil and Environmental Engineering Students

2011  Italy’s Largest Constructed Wetlands Begins Accepting Wastewater

2011  Preparing for the WATERS Network: Engaging Middle-School Science Students in Environmental Engineering

2010  Application of a Mass Balance-Based Stochastic Transport Model

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Federal ’Action Plan’ Sets Ambitious Goals for Great Lakes Restoration

2010  Interdisciplinary Graduate Education in Water and Environmental Resources in 2050

2010  Pamper Bacteria, They Will Help Us: Application of Biochemical Mechanisms in Geo-Environmental Engineering

2010  Prediction in Geoenvironmental Engineering: Recommendations for Reliable Predictive Modeling

2010  Quantifying Evapotranspiration Rates for New Zealand Green Roofs

2010  REILP Approach for Uncertainty-Based Decision Making in Civil Engineering

2010  Using Inversion to Improve Prediction in Geoenvironmental Engineering

2010  Wave Damping in Reed: Field Measurements and Mathematical Modeling

2010  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010, Challenges of Change

2009  Applications of Nanomaterials in Environmental Science and Engineering: Review

2009  Beyond Compliance and toward Sustainability: Advantages of Systems Environmental Engineering

2009  Combined Effects of Wind and Streamflow on Gas-Liquid Transfer Rate

2009  Dewatering of Tunneling Slurry Waste Using Electrokinetic Geosynthetics

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Field Guide to Environmental Engineering for Development Workers, Water, Sanitation, and Indoor Air

2009  Framing the Design Process in an Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Class

2009  Full-Scale Laboratory Study into Clogging of Pipes Permeated with Landfill Leachate

2009  Integrating Design Heuristics in an Environmental Engineering Course

2009  Selecting Appropriate Analytical Methods to Characterize Asbestos in Various Media

2009  Using Regional Climate Center Data to Predict Small Wind Turbine Performance

2009  Vision of Cyberinfrastructure for End-to-End Environmental Explorations (C4E4)

2008  The Barrett Scholarships: Sponsoring Undergraduate Student Research in Environmental Engineering to Encourage Professional Problem Solving and Communication

2008  Changing the Status Quo in Environmental Engineering Education in Response to Emerging Markets

2008  Design of Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures Based on Strain Limit and Crack Control

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Environmental Engineering: Constructed Wetlands Will Help Improve Los Angeles River’s Water Quality

2008  Environmental Engineering: Idaho Town Pins Revitalization Hopes on Stream Restoration Project

2008  Environmental Engineering: Rhode Island Locomotive Brownfield on Track for Redevelopment

2008  Gearing Up for Civil Engineering Review of a Summer Institute for Increasing Under-Represented Students in Civil & Environmental Engineering

2008  Geoenvironmental and Geotechnical Data Exchange: Setting the Standard

2008  Modeling Instruction in an Environmental Geotechnics Course

2008  Prototype System for Multidisciplinary Shared Cyberinfrastructure: Chesapeake Bay Environmental Observatory

2008  Study on Systematizing Design of Ecological Engineering Technology in Right of Highway

2008  Using Bernier v. Boston Edison to Teach Undergraduate Engineering Students about Professional Responsibility

2008  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008, Ahupua’A

2007  Applying a One-Dimensional Mass Transport Model Using Groundwater Concentration Data

2007  Back Matter

2007  Changing of the Guard

2007  The Clear Creek Hydrologic/Environmental Observatory

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Effect of the Composition of Anodic Purging Solutions on Electroosmosis

2007  Environmental and Water Resources, Milestones in Engineering History

2007  Environmental Engineering: Construction Nears End on Louisiana Coastal Restoration Project

2007  Environmental Process Engineering: Building Capacity for Sustainability

2007  Front Matter

2007  Geoenvironmental Engineering

2007  Horizontal-Flow Biofilm System with Step Feed for Nitrogen Removal

2007  In Situ Technologies for Reclamation of PCB-Contaminated Sediments: Current Challenges and Research Thrust Areas

2007  Nitric Oxide Emission and Soil Microbial Activities in Toluene Contaminated Soil