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2015  Achievable Privacy in Aggregate Residential Energy Management Systems

2015  Entropy Parameter Estimation in Large-Scale Roughness Open Channel

2015  Friction Losses in Large-Diameter Pipes

2015  Hybrid Uncertainty Quantification for Probabilistic Corrosion Damage Prediction for Aging RC Bridges

2015  Lower Partial Moment and Information Entropy-Based Dynamic Electricity Purchasing Strategy

2015  Quantitative Analysis of Structural Changes during Rapid Urban Growth: Case Study of Kerman, Iran

2014  Analysis of the Relationship between Soil Erosion Risk and Surplus Floodwater during Flood Season

2014  Computation of Suspended Sediment Discharge in Open Channels by Combining Tsallis Entropy-Based Methods and Empirical Formulas

2014  Configuring Maximum Entropy Deconvolution for the Identification of Residence Time Distributions in Solute Transport Applications

2014  Determination of Input for Artificial Neural Networks for Flood Forecasting Using the Copula Entropy Method

2014  Economic Assessment of Water Resources Management Strategies

2014  Entropy Theory in Hydraulic Engineering, An Introduction

2014  Flow Duration Curve Using Entropy Theory

2014  Joint and Conditional Probability Distributions of Runoff Depth and Peak Discharge Using Entropy Theory

2014  Microstates and Macrostructures for Granular Assemblies

2014  One-Dimensional Velocity Distribution in Open Channels Using Tsallis Entropy

2014  Suspended Sediment Concentration in Open Channels Using Tsallis Entropy

2013  Application of Fuzzy Entropy-DEA Model on the Impact Assessment for Combined On-Ramp and Variable Speed Limit Systems

2013  Application of Fuzzy Optimization Model Based on Entropy Weight in Typical Flood Hydrograph Selection

2013  Effect of the Establishment of Xiamen Southeast International Shipping Center on West-Strait Economic Zone

2013  Entropy Identification of Pipeline Failure under Flood

2013  Entropy-Based Method for Bivariate Drought Analysis

2013  Measure of Correlation between River Flows Using the Copula-Entropy Method

2013  Methods for Measuring the Structure of Train Timetables Based on Entropy

2013  Regionalization of Drought Characteristics Using an Entropy Approach

2013  Scheme Selection of Urban and Rural Public Transportation Network Planning

2013  Studies Using Entropy to Determine the Optimal Point of Monitoring, Studying in São Lourenço, MG, Brazil

2013  Two-Dimensional Velocity Distribution in Open Channels Using the Tsallis Entropy

2013  Variability and Trend in Seasonal Precipitation in the Continental United States

2012  City Rail Transit Network Schemes Evaluation Based on TOPSIS, Including AHP and Entropy

2012  Cross-Entropy as an Optimization Method for Bridge Condition Transition Probability Determination

2012  Estimation of Daily Vehicle Flows for Urban Freight Deliveries

2012  Estimation of Intersection Turning Movement Proportions Using MATLAB

2012  Location Selection of Logistics Center Based on Entropy Fictitious Ideal Solution Method

2012  Study on the Early Warning System of Road Passenger Transport

2011  Analysis on the Severity Degree of Risky Driving Behaviors Based on Modified Entropy Method

2011  Application of Entropy Fuzzy Matter Element Model in Evaluation of Logistics Development Capacity

2011  Application of Port Competitiveness Evaluation Based on Fuzzy Model of Entropy Weight

2011  Association between Uncertainties in Meteorological Variables and Water-Resources Planning for the State of Texas

2011  Comprehensive Evaluation of Signalized Intersections’ Level-of-Service Based on Information Entropy Theory

2011  Delphi-Entropy Weighted Decision Making Model for Third Party Logistics Services Selection

2011  Derivation of Power Law and Logarithmic Velocity Distributions Using the Shannon Entropy

2011  Derivation of the Singh-Yu Infiltration Equation Using Entropy Theory

2011  Entropy and Its Application in Computation of Velocity Distribution in Sewers

2011  Entropy Approach to Risk-Analysis of Critical Infrastructures Systems

2011  Entropy Theory for Distribution of One-Dimensional Velocity in Open Channels

2011  Entropy Theory for Two-Dimensional Velocity Distribution

2011  Entropy-Based Probability Distribution for IDF Curves

2011  Evaluation of Comprehensive Traffic Hub of Railway Passenger Station Based on Entropy Weight and Set Pair Analysis

2011  Expert Weight Allocation for Diesel Engine Condition Identification Based on Entropy Theory and Fuzzy Logic

2011  Global Maximum Entropy Minimum Cost Design of Water Distribution Systems

2011  How to Address Velocity Measurements during High Floods: The Case Study of the Hydrometric Section along the Chiascio River in Central Italy

2011  Hydrologic Synthesis Using Entropy Theory: Review

2011  Parameter Estimation and Structural Reliability Analysis for Tunnel Lining Structure Based on Maximal Entropy Principle

2011  Study on Interchange Overpass Distance Based on Maximum Entropy Principle

2011  Use of a Distance Measure for the Comparison of Unit Hydrographs: Application to the Stream Gauge Network Optimization

2010  Application of Grey Correlation Analysis Based on Entropy Weight for Supplier Selection

2010  Evaluation of Black-Start Schemes Employing Entropy Weight-Based Decision-Making Theory

2010  Forecasting Freight Volume Based on an Entropy Combination Method

2010  Formulation of the Entropy Parameter Based on Hydraulic and Geometric Characteristics of River Cross Sections

2010  Gauging Rivers during All Seasons Using the Q2D Velocity Index Method

2010  Linear Algebra and Minimum Relative Entropy to Investigate Contamination Events in Drinking Water Systems

2010  Matter-Elements Evaluation Approach of Logistics Green Degree Based on Information Entropy Theory

2010  Minimum Moment Method for Resource Leveling Using Entropy Maximization

2010  Performance Objectives Selection Model in Public-Private Partnership Projects Based on the Perspective of Stakeholders

2010  Research on Entropy Model of Group Decision in Integrated Supply Chain

2010  Soil Moisture Profile Development from Surface Observations by Principle of Maximum Entropy

2010  Supply Chain Brittle Risk Analysis Based on Maximum Entropy Theory

2009  A Comprehensive Evaluation of Traffic Demand Management Adaptability on the Basis of Fuzzy Rough Entropy

2009  Decision-Making Model of Highway Route Plan Based on Entropy and Entropy Weight Theory

2009  Effect of Driver’s Dynamic Visual Characteristics on Link Capacity

2009  Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Railway Passenger’s Satisfaction Degree Based on Entropy Weight

2009  Implications of Tranposrt Diversity for Quality of Life

2009  A Model of Bus Transport Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Based on User Equilibrium Principium

2009  Modeling Freight Delivery Flows: Missing Link of Urban Transport Analysis

2009  Optimum Choice for the Construction Management Plan Based on Entropy Weight

2009  Safety Preliminary Evaluation for Wharf Engineering

2009  Study on Parameter Optimization of Gas Network Based on Reliability

2008  Entropy Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on Countryside Passenger Transportation Network Index System

2008  Evaluation of Rail Gauge Network Using Entropy Theory: Comparison of Mixed and Continuous Distribution Function Applications

2008  Fuzzy Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis of RC Beams Subject to Pitting Corrosion

2008  A Measuring Method for Disorder Motion in Traffic Flow Based on Traffic Entropy

2008  A Novel Algorithm for Dynamic Segmentation of Freeway Based on Probe Vehicle Data

2008  The Quantitative Model of Regional Logistics Capability Based on Fuzzy Matter-Element

2008  Reverse Supply Chain System Performance Evaluation Based On Entropy and Emergy

2008  Sequence of Logistics Development Affecting Factors Based on Grey Relation Entropy Analysis

2008  Spatial and Temporal Sampling Frequencies Analysis Using the Discrete Entropy Theory: A Case Study of River Water Quality Monitoring

2008  Study on the Relationship between Shipping Corporate Growth and Shipping Market Cycle

2007  The Effectiveness of Travel Information Based on Information Entropy and Transmission Index

2007  Study on the Application of Dissipative Structure and Entropy Change Theory in Regional Transportation System

2006  Entropy Application to Imrove Construction Finance Decisions

2006  Entropy Models of Trip Distribution

2006  Optimal H∞ Output Feedback Control Systems with Time Delay

2005  Grading Entropy Variation Due to Soil Crushing

2005  Multi-Objective Design of Water Distribution Systems Using Cross Entropy

2005  Multiobjective Entropy Transportation Model with Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number Penalties, Sources, and Destinations

2004  Estimation of Mean Velocity in Natural Channels Based on Chiu’s Velocity Distribution Equation

2003  Entropy-Based Parameter Estimation for Kappa Distribution

2003  Uncertainty of Weekly Nitrate-Nitrogen Forecasts using Artificial Neural Networks

2001  Evaluating the Regional Value of Streamgage Data in Illinois Using a New Entropy-Based Approach