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2014  Effect of Bed Sediment Entrainment on Debris-Flow Resistance

2013  Liquefaction Response of Partially Saturated Sands. I: Experimental Results

2013  Near-Bed Sediment Condition in Oscillatory Sheet Flows

2012  Density Functions for Entrainment and Deposition Rates of Nonuniform Sediment

2012  Gravity Currents Produced by Lock Exchanges: Experiments and Simulations with a Two-Layer Shallow-Water Model with Entrainment

2012  Modeling the Liquid Volume Flux in Bubbly Jets Using a Simple Integral Approach

2012  Physical and Numerical Modeling of the Entrainment by a High-Concentration Mud Suspension

2011  Bed Sediment Entrainment Function Based on Kinetic Theory

2011  Stone Stability in Nonuniform Flow

2010  Chute Aerators. II: Hydraulic Design

2010  Hydrodynamic Forces Generated on a Spherical Sediment Particle during Entrainment

2010  Modified Thermal Theory for Gravity Currents on Sloping Boundaries

2010  Sediment Entrainment at High Flow Velocity

2009  Bayesian Updating of Parameters for a Sediment Entrainment Model via Markov Chain Monte Carlo

2009  Measurement of Behavioral Properties of Entrained Ambient Water in a Stratified Bubble Plume

2008  Double-Plume Integral Models for Near-Field Mixing in Multiphase Plumes

2008  Inception Sediment Transport Relationships at High Slopes

2007  Density Functions for Entrainment and Deposition Rates of Uniform Sediment

2007  Generalized Approach for Clear-Water Scour at Bridge Foundation Elements

2007  Numerical Investigation of the Role of Turbulent Bursting in Sediment Entrainment

2007  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of the Mean Flow Characteristics in a Bubble Plume

2006  Entrainment Properties of Plane Surface-Jets in Shallow Current

2006  Flow-Induced Failure of Cable-Tied Blocks

2006  Probability Density Function of Instantaneous Drag Forces and Shear Stresses on a Bed

2006  Water Entrainment and Mixing Due to Spillway Discharges

2005  Measurement of Fluctuating Pressures on Coarse Bed Material

2005  Numerical Model of Turbidity Currents with a Deforming Bottom Boundary

2005  Reducing Harbor Siltation. II: Case Study of Parkhafen in Hamburg

2005  Reduction of Particle Reentrainment using Porous Fence in Front of Dust Samples

2005  Role of Slip Velocity in the Behavior of Stratified Multiphase Plumes

2005  Snow Entrainment Coefficient Estimated by Field Observations and Wind Tunnel Experiments

2004  Entrainment Probabilities of Mixed-Size Sediment Incorporating Near-Bed Coherent Flow Structures

2004  Probabilistic Modeling of Bed-Load Composition

2004  Supercritical Exchange Flow Down a Sill

2003  Fluvial Entrainment of Protruding Fractured Rock

2003  Liquid Volume Fluxes in Stratified Multiphase Plumes

2003  Predicting Entrainment of Ichthyoplankton at a Power Plant Intake on the East River, NY

2003  Rolling and Lifting Probabilities for Sediment Entrainment

2002  Pickup Probability of Sediment under Log-Normal Velocity Distribution

2002  Shields’ Entrainment Criterion in Bridge Hydraulics

2001  Discrete Particle Modeling of Entrainment from Flat Uniformly Sized Sediment Beds

2001  Entrainment and Turbulence in Saline Underflow in Lake Ogawara

2001  Incipient Motion Criteria for Rigid Sediment Grain on Rigid Surface

2001  Parameter Identifiability for Three Sediment Entrainment Equations

2001  Surface Roughness Effects in Near-Bed Turbulence: Implications to Sediment Entrainment

2000  Power Plant Intake Entrainment Analysis

1999  Computer Vision Technique for Tracking Bed Load Movement

1999  Equilibrium Near-Bed Concentration of Suspended Sediment

1999  Modeling Underwater Oil/Gas Jets and Plumes

1999  Numerical Investigation of Plunging Density Current

1999  Prediction of Near Field Plume Characteristics Using Far Field Circulation Model

1999  Simulating Entrainment and Particle Fluxes in Stratified Estuaries

1998  Convection and Diffusion of Sediment Under Large Waves

1998  Methodology for Predicting Cooling Water Effects on Fish

1997  Detection of Hairpin Vortices Over Mixed Grain Sized Sediment Surfaces

1997  Erosion of Fluid Mud Layers. I: Entrainment Model

1997  Erosion of Fluid Mud Layers. II: Experiments and Model Validation

1997  Experimental Study of Reservoir Turbidity Current

1997  Flow Patterns of Vertical Plumes Collidng with Density Stratified Layer

1997  The Potential for Resolution of the “Bucks-for-Fish” Issue

1997  Relationship of Emigration of Silver American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) to Environmental Variables at a Low Head Hydro Station

1997  Shaken, Not Stirred: The Recipe for a Fish-Friendly Turbine

1997  Standardization Guidelines for Planning and Conducting Turbine Entrainment and Survival Studies

1997  Suspended Sediment Concentration Affected by Organized Motion Near Vegetation Zone

1997  Turbulent Bursting-Based Sediment Entrainment Function

1997  Turbulent Energy Transport of a Jet in Stagnant or Wave Environment

1996  Adhesion and Aerodynamic Resuspension of Fibrous Particles

1996  Bifurcation of Line Thermals

1996  Entrainment of Eggs and Larval Fish into Propeller Jets

1996  Experiments on Resuspension of Fluid Mud Using an Oscillating-Grid Tank

1996  A Heuristic Model for Particle Entrainment into Suspension

1996  Sound Way to Save Fish

1996  Stably-Stratified Surface Thermal Jet in a Current: Cold Climate Condition

1996  Wave Field in the Efflux of River Water

1995  Biological Significance is Not the Issue

1995  Channel Bed Mobility and Scour On A Regulated, Gravel-Bed River

1995  Comparison of Full Tailrace Netting and Hydroacoustic Monitoring for Estimating Entrainment at Two Hydroelectric Stations in Wisconsin

1995  Development of an Operational, Full-Scale Fish Protection System at a Major Pumped-Storage Hydropower Dam

1995  Dispersion of Pollution in a Wave Environment

1995  Evaluation of an Integrated Fish-Protection System

1995  Fish Entrainment Studies—A Logistic Nightmare and How to Wake Up

1995  Learning the Ropes at Richard B. Russell Dam: Net Systems for Medium Head Hydropower Pumpback and Generation Fish Sampling

1995  Modeling Oil Deposition on Shorelines and Re-Entrainment

1995  Sediment Pass-Through, An Alternative to Reservoir Dredging

1995  Six Years of Monitoring the Effectiveness of a Barrier Net at the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant on Lake Michigan

1995  Turbine Entrainment at Six Hydroelectric Projects Located on the AuSable River, Michigan

1994  Fish Entrainment and Strategies for Diversion

1994  Sediment Deposition and Entrapment in Vegetated Streambeds

1993  An Assessment of Fish Entrainment and Impingement Potential for an Offshore Cooling Water Intake in a Tropical Bay

1993  Debris Flow Initiation and Termination in a Gully

1993  Detachment of Buoyant Surface Jets Discharged on Slope

1993  Effect of Bed Surface Structure on Spherical Particle Stability

1993  Energy Dissipation and Air Bubbles Mixing Inside Surf Zone

1993  Entrainment and Transport of Fine Sand by Combined Waves and Current: An Experimental Study

1993  Modeling the Impacts of Plankton Entrainment in a Tropical Bay

1993  Variation of Potential and Kinetic Wave Energy in the Surf Zone

1992  A Model System for Simulating Larval Entrainment on Existing and Remedial Designs of Seawater Intakes

1992  Note on Lag in Bedload Discharge

1992  Problems in Hydrothermal Analysis

1991  Combined Convection and Diffusion: A New Framework for Suspended Sediment Modelling