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2015  Comparison of Combustion, Performance, and Emissions of HSDI Diesel Engine Operating on Blends of Diesel Fuel with Ethanol, n-Butanol, or Butanol Isomer Ether DEE

2015  Fault Early Recognition and Health Monitoring on Aeroengine Rotor System

2015  Framework for the Robust Design Optimization of an Airframe and its Engines

2015  Modeling of an Exhaust Gas Cooler in a High-Altitude Test Facility of Large-Area Ratio Rocket Engines

2015  Optimal Low-Thrust Transfers to Lunar L1 Halo Orbit Using Variable Specific Impulse Engine

2015  Probabilistic Design of HPT Blade-Tip Radial Running Clearance with Distributed Collaborative Response Surface Method

2015  State-Based Switching Control Strategy with Application to Aeroengine Safety Protection

2014  Assessment of NOx Emissions during Transient Diesel Engine Operation with Biodiesel Blends

2014  Combustion and Emissions Characteristics of Valeric Biofuels in a Compression Ignition Engine

2014  Combustion and Emissions of a Common-Rail Diesel Engine Fueled with HWCO

2014  Comparative Evaluation of Two Straight Vegetable Oils and Their Methyl Ester Biodiesels as Fuel Extenders in HDDI Diesel Engines: Performance and Emissions

2014  Effects of B20 on the Operation of a Single-Cylinder Engine Equipped with a SiC Diesel Particulate Filter

2014  Effects of Soybean and Canola Oil-Based Biodiesel Blends on Spray, Combustion, and Emission Characteristics in a Diesel Engine

2014  Experimental Study of Steady Quasi-Cone-Jet Electrostatic Sprays of Biobutanol for Engine Applications

2014  Influence of Emulsified Palm Biodiesel as Pilot Fuel in a Biogas Run Dual Fuel Diesel Engine

2014  Influence of Fuel Properties, Hydrogen, and Reformate Additions on Diesel-Biogas Dual-Fueled Engine

2014  Numerical Investigation of Centrifugal Compressor Performance in a Miniturbojet Engine

2014  Optical Investigation of Postinjection Strategy Effect at the Exhaust Line of a Light-Duty Diesel Engine Supplied with Diesel/Butanol and Biodiesel Blends

2014  Optimization of Injection System Parameters and Exhaust Gas Recirculation for Jatropha Biodiesel Fuel in Diesel Engine Using Taguchi Method

2014  Study on Combustion Process and Emissions of a Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled with DMC/Diesel Blend

2014  Theoretical Route toward the Estimation of Second Law Potential of an Emulsified Palm Biodiesel Run Diesel Engine

2014  Unified Analysis of Internal Flowfield in an Integrated Rocket Ramjet Engine. II: Ramjet Sustainer

2013  Aircraft Turbine Engine Control Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Analysis of Energy Utilization of a Diesel Engine

2013  Chemical Propulsion: Greater than 60 Years of Leadership and Innovation at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Computational Fluid Dynamics: NASA Glenn Research Center’s Legacy and Contributions

2013  Effects of Emulsified Fuel on the Performance and Emission of Direct Injection Diesel Engine

2013  Engine and Duty Cycle Variability in Diesel Construction Equipment Emissions

2013  NASA Glenn Combustion Research for Aeronautical Propulsion

2013  NASA Glenn’s Contributions to Aircraft Engine Noise Research

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2012  Ballistic Impact Testing of Aluminum 2024 and Titanium 6Al-4V for Material Model Development

2012  ES2012 Ballistic Impact and Parameters Sensitivity of Ceramic Aerospace Materials at Room Temperatures

2012  Evaluation of On-Site Fuel Use and Emissions over the Duration of a Commercial Building Project

2012  Impact of Engine Idling on Fuel Use and CO2 Emissions of Nonroad Diesel Construction Equipment

2012  NewsBriefs: Apollo 11 Engines Found on Atlantic Floor (Flying)

2012  A Novel Lubrication Oil Pressure Measuring Method Based on Magnetoelastic Effect for Auto Engines

2012  Numerical Prediction of Two-Phase Reacting Flow Field and Performance in an Aeroengine Combustor

2012  Research on the Vibrating Control of Hydraulic Semi-active Suspension with the Consideration of the Engine and Passenger-seat System

2011  Computational Study on the Effect of Inlet Port Configuration on In-Cylinder Flow of a Motored Four-Valve Internal Combustion Engine

2011  Expert Weight Allocation for Diesel Engine Condition Identification Based on Entropy Theory and Fuzzy Logic

2011  Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Cylinder of Natural Gas Engine

2011  Parameter Study of Combustion Process in Spark Ignition Engine under Oxygen-Enriched Air

2011  Part Load Performance Characteristics of a Low-Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel

2011  Performance Experiment of Gasoline Engine by Using Oxygen-Enriched Intake Air

2011  Research on Galvanic Corrosion of Vehicle Engine

2011  Simulation of Piston-Ring Dynamics of a Marine Diesel Engine

2011  Study on Emission Control of Gasoline Engines during Cold-Start Period Based on Oxygen-Enriched Combustion

2010  Lunar Dust Particles Blown by Lander Engine Exhaust in Rarefied and Compressible Flow

2010  Mars Landing Engine Plume Impingement Ground Interaction

2009  Ballistic Impact Response of Kevlar 49 and Zylon under Conditions Representing Jet Engine Fan Containment

2009  Comparison among Oil Spectral Data of Six Types of Marine Engine

2009  Comparison of Schlieren and Laser Scattering Methods in Wall-Film Model Validation

2009  Dynamic Loads in the Fan Containment Structure of a Turbofan Engine

2009  Effect Analysis of Ignition Energy Based on Automotive Ignition Coils Performance Simulation Model

2009  Explicit Finite-Element Analysis of 2024-T3/T351 Aluminum Material under Impact Loading for Airplane Engine Containment and Fragment Shielding

2009  Fatigue Strength Analysis of Petrol Engine Connecting-Rod with an Interference Fit Using FEM

2009  Reaction Parameter and Dynamical Performance of Gasoline Engine with Oxygen-Enriched Combustion

2009  Semianalytical Solution of Wave-Controlled Impact on Composite Laminates

2009  Simulation on the Pressure Control of Common Rail of an In-Cylinder Direct-Injection CNG Engine

2009  Study on the Control Strategy of Gas Injection of Gas Engines

2008  Ballistic Impact Response of Kevlar 49 and Zylon under Conditions Representing Jet Engine Fan Containment

2008  Dynamic Loads in the Fan Containment Structure of a Turbofan Engine

2008  Experimental Research on the Effects of Oxygen-Enriched Air on Combustion in a Small Spark-Ignition Engine

2008  Gouging and Fracture of Engine Containment Structure under Fragment Impact

2008  Numerical Modeling of Engine Fan Blade-Out Events

2007  Environmental Implications of Construction Site Energy Use and Electricity Generation

2004  Effects of Uncertainties in Advanced Engine Structures

2004  Finite-Element Method-Based Model to Study High-Cycle Fatigue in Turbine Blades

2004  Optimal City-Center Takeoff Operation of Tiltrotor Aircraft in One Engine Failure

2002  Impact Testing and Analysis of Composites for Aircraft Engine Fan Cases

2001  Stochastic Field Models for Aircraft Jet Engine Applications

2000  Small Size and Mass Engine

1999  Vapor Absorption Refrigeration in Road Transport Vehicles

1997  An Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Computational Hydraulics

1997  Improved Pump Motor Protection Permits Increase in Fish Attraction Water

1997  Increased Profits from Low-head Hydropower Sites

1987  Estimating Effect of Vehicle Characteristics on Fuel Consumption

1975  Past and Future of Construction Equipment — Part III

1968  The Nerva Engine-Maintenance Assembly Disassembly Facility Development

1939  Economic Aspects of Energy Generation: A Symposium: Progress in the Generation of Energy by Heat Engines

1912  Rebuilding Three Large Pumping Engines

1907  Gas Engines: An Informal Discussion

1890  A Practical Method for Reducing the Internal Wastes of the Steam-Engines

1888  The Theory of Aqua Ammonia Engines, With Results of Tests Upon An Engine of This Type Operating An Edison Incandescent Lighting Plant

1887  Triple Thermic Motor: Single Expansion, Non-Condensing Steam Engine, Supplemented By the Evaporation of the Bisulphide of Carbon and Expansion of Its Vapor

1878  Cushioning the Reciprocating Parts of Steam Engines

1878  Steam Engine Economy, A Uniform Basis For Comparison

1877  Connected-Arc Marine Boilers, A Demonstration of the Principles of Their Construction

1875  Discussion At the Seventh Annual Convention — On Compound Engines

1874  An Automatic or Governor Cut-Off For Steam Engines

1874  Compound and Non-Compound Engines, Steam Jackets, &c.