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2015  Career

2015  Centennial Celebrations Showcase Enduring Role of Civil Engineering

2015  The Economy 2015

2015  Engineering New Horizons

2015  Philosophy of Engineering: What It Is and Why It Matters

2015  A Question of Ethics: The Importance of Proper Attribution

2015  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building: An interview with Greer Gillis, P.E., on attracting and retaining underrepresented groups in engineering

2015  Structural Engineering and Licensure

2015  The Technical Connection for Professional Advancement

2014  Challenges in Educating the Millennial Civil Engineers

2014  Engineers above the Law

2014  The Future of Learning

2014  Getting Better Connected

2014  Honoring Our Profession’s Best

2014  Learn to Confront Risk – It’s the Professional Thing to Do

2014  Look Who’s A D.GE: Mark J. Carlson, PE, D.GE, M.ASCE

2014  Look Who’s A D.GE: Mary Ellen C. Bruce, PE, D.GE, M.ASCE

2014  Looking Out for You: G-I Organizational Member Council

2014  Nearly Six Years in the Making

2014  Positioning Young Engineers for the Future

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Judith Nitsch, P.E., F.ASCE, LEED AP BD+C, on establishing an engineering firm

2014  When Opportunity Knocks, Open the Door

2013  2012 Annual Report - Executive Summary: Advancing the Profession

2013  Are Engineers Responsible for Rise of Sprawl?

2013  Attracting Girls to Civil Engineering through Hands-On Activities That Reveal the Communal Goals and Values of the Profession

2013  Building a Foundation for Success: Performance Excellence Journey

2013  Create, Use, and Continuously Improve Written Guidance for Repetitive Tasks and Processes

2013  Education for Sustainable Development: Methodology and Application within a Construction Course

2013  Engineers and the Renewable Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

2013  Engineers Don’t Think Enough About Engineering

2013  Engineers Need to Get Real, But Can’t: The Role of Models

2013  Engineers Shouldn’t Think Too Fast

2013  Gender and Racial Diversity in the Structural Engineering Profession

2013  How Can We Have a Good Conversation If You Keep Interrupting Me?

2013  Leadership in the World’s Third Oldest Profession: Keynote Speech to the American Society of Civil Engineers Leadership Breakfast, October 19, 2012

2013  Leading the Way

2013  Planned Obsolescence

2013  Professional Societies Making Engineering Outreach Work: Good Input Results in Good Output

2013  Raise the Bar, Strengthening the Civil Engineering Profession

2013  Reengineering the Foundation for Our Future

2013  Say It Isn’t Sew

2013  School’s Out

2013  Shaping the Future of the Civil Engineering Profession

2013  Taking Multitasking to Task

2013  United We Thrive, Divided We Struggle

2013  William Palmer: Father of American Narrow-Gauge Railroads

2012  Achieving the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025, A Roadmap for the Profession

2012  Allied Organizations

2012  Allied Organizations

2012  Art for Engineers: Encouraging More Right-Mode Thinking

2012  Broken Promises = Broken Dreams

2012  Critical Success Factors for Different Components of Construction Projects

2012  Defining Coastal Science Needs of the Engineering Community for Meeting the Challenge of Sea Level Rise

2012  Developing Engineering Leaders

2012  Effect of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) on Civil Engineering

2012  Engaging International Perspectives through EWRI for a Global Profession

2012  Engineering Professionals’ Expectations of Undergraduate Engineering Students

2012  Expanding the Body of Knowledge: A World View

2012  The Future of Engineering Licensure

2012  The Geo-Institute’s Core Purpose, as listed in our Strategic Plan, is: To Advance the Geo-Professional Community

2012  The Geo-Professional Community

2012  G-I Chapter News

2012  How to Avoid Future Problems Based on Previous Failure Analyses

2012  The Leader within You: Let It Come Out!

2012  Maximize our Value By Being Active Consultants

2012  Patent Eligibility: An Open Field for Civil Engineering

2012  Policy 465: Latest Struggle in the "Revolt of the Engineers"

2012  A Question of Ethics: Exercise Care in Making Political Contributions

2012  A Question of Ethics: Exercise Caution in Offering Gratuities

2012  A Question of Ethics: Keeping Information Confidential

2012  A Question of Ethics: Our Profession’s Debt to Daniel W. Mead

2012  A Question of Ethics: Pitfalls of Parting

2012  A Question of Ethics: Should Past Ethics Violations Be Disclosed in Elections?

2012  A Question of Ethics: Standing Up and Pushing Back

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Ethical Aspects of Promotional Expenses

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Importance of Understanding Engineering Ethics

2012  Reminiscing About My Geo-Professional Career

2012  Sell! Sell! Sell!

2012  Special Issue on Engineering Management during the Global Recession and Recovery

2012  Special Issue on Engineering Management for Sustainable Development

2012  Sustainable Energy Challenges for Civil Engineering Management

2012  To Engineer Is to Create: To Create Is to Engineer

2012  Toward a Sustainable Water Future, Visions for 2050

2012  What Makes an Engineer an Engineer?

2012  What Makes Engineering, Engineering?

2012  Your Call is Important to Me

2011  Compound Problem Solving: Insights from the Workplace for Engineering Education

2011  Creativity Plus Persistence Equals Breakthroughs

2011  Educating the Master Builder of the 21st Century Strategically

2011  Engineering Executive Calls on Engineers to Solve Climate Crisis

2011  Engineering Valentine’s Day

2011  An Engineer’s Alphabet: Gleanings from the Softer Side of a Profession

2011  Ethics in Professional Engineering: The Profession with No Scandals

2011  Five Suggestions for Engineering Students and Young Practitioners

2011  Foundations

2011  Geo-Curmudgeon

2011  Geo-Curmudgeon

2011  The GeoCurmudgeon: PRODigies

2011  Help Refine the Wikipedia "Geoprofessions" Definition

2011  The Importance of Advocacy