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2012  Stochastic Models of Uncertainties in Computational Mechanics

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Editor’s Note

2010  Prediction of Extreme Response Statistics of Narrow-Band Random Vibrations

2007  Ellipsoidal Heights and Engineering Applications: Research with Real Data Proves They Will Work!

2006  Review of Fundamental Solutions in Elastodynamics, by Eduardo Kausel

2005  New Modeling Tools for Energy Systems

2004  Preface to the Special Issue on Phase I of the IASC-ASCE Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark

2003  Editor’s Note

2003  Some Historical and Future Aspects of Engineering

2002  Below Macro: Driving Forces of Micromechanics

2002  Passing the Baton

2002  Some Historical and Future Aspects of Engineering Mechanics

2001  Advances in the Mechanics of Granular Materials

2001  Editorial

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  Editor’s Note

2000  Editorial

1999  Advances in Composite Materials and Mechanics

1999  Editorial

1998  Richard Gallagher, Pioneer of FEM, Dies at 69

1996  Engineering Mechanics

1995  Comparison of Random Field Representations

1995  Engineering Mechanics

1995  Engineering Properties of Composite Prestressing Tendons

1995  Multimedia-Based Instruction for Engineering Mechanics Courses

1995  Stochastic Stability of Gyroscopic Systems Under Random Parametric Excitations

1995  Validation Issues for SSI Codes

1994  A Computer-Integrated Approach to Teaching Engineering Mechanics

1993  GT BEAM — An Interactive Graphic Beam Analysis Program for Education

1992  Complementary Potentials of Finite Elasticity

1992  Contact Induced Damage

1992  Engineering Mechanics

1992  Finite/Macroelement Meshes in Neural Rat Growth

1992  Form Comparison Without Anatomical Landmarks

1991  The Boundary Element Method in Engineering Practice

1990  Large Space Structures and Systems Technology Educational Status and Needs

1989  Lower Bounds for Eigenvalues via Rayleigh’s Method

1989  Subgrade Models for Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

1987  Engineering Mechanics, 6th Conference

1985  Damage Mechanics and Continuum Modeling

1985  Design Considerations for Wind Loadings

1985  A Moment of Inertia Invariant

1985  Random Vibration Techniques

1984  Engineering Mechanics in Civil Engineering

1984  Mechanics in Civil and Construction Robotics

1984  On the Applications of Catastrophe Theory in Engineering Mechanics

1984  Probability of Fuzzy Events in Engineering Mechanics

1984  Trends in Mechanics of Dynamic Instability

1984  Wind Loading and Strength of Cladding Glass

1983  Conference on Constitutive Laws Draws World Specialists in Engineering Mechanics

1983-  Journal of Engineering Mechanics

1983  Miter-Type Navigation Lock Gates

1983  Optimization of Connecting Shell

1983  Recent Advances in Engineering Mechanics and Their Impact on Civil Engineering Practice

1983  Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of Simple Beams

1983  Yield-Line Analysis of Slabs-on-Grade

1982  9th U.S. National Congress of Applied Mechanics Scheduled for Next Month

1982  Buckling of Corrugated Open Cylindrical Shells

1982  Frictional Slip in Elasticity: An Example

1982  Neutral Holes: Theory and Design

1982  Progressive Damage of a Spalling Rod

1982  Report from the Structural Engineering Subdiscipline

1982  Simplified Bending Theory for Wire Rope

1982  Vibration of Flexible Plate on Viscoelastic Medium

1981  Bending of Circular Cylinder with Creep

1981  Buckling of Reinforced Concrete Shells

1981  Dynamic Response of Elastic Cylinders in Fluid Layer

1981  Flexural Failure of Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Plates

1981  Frictional Slip Between Layer and Substrate

1981  Improved Acoustic Approximations for Submerged Shells

1981  Large Deflection of Cantilever Beam

1981  Limit Loads of Wires with Twisted Joints

1981  Reduced Thin Shell Equations for Circular Cylinders

1981  Selected Papers by Alfred M. Freudenthal, Civil Engineering Classics

1981  Steel Struts under Severe Cyclic Loadings

1981  Superplastic Cone-Shaped Sandwich Cores

1980  Bending Analysis of Parabolic Velaroidal Shells

1980  Computer Graphics as a Teaching Aid

1980  Cooling Towers with Circumferential Imperfections

1980  Plasticity in Soil Mechanics and Landslides

1980  A Probabilistic Paradox

1980  Shearing Flows of Granular Materials

1980  Tensile Strength of Concrete: Double-Punch Test

1979  A Biaxial Stress-Strain Model for Concrete

1979  Dynamics of Moving Mass on Cable Structure

1979  An Elastic-Fracture Model for Concrete

1978  Algorithms for Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

1978  Superplastically Formed New Sandwich Cores

1977  Anisotropic Hybrid Displacement Singularity Element

1977  Nonlinear Biaxial Stress-Strain Law for Concrete

1976  Analysis of Creep Settlement of Pile Foundations

1976  Analysis of Unilateral Contact Problem

1976  Buckling of Cantilever Bars on Elastic Foundations

1976  Endochronic Theory of Inelasticity and Failure of Concrete

1976  Finite Deflection of Tapered Cantilevers

1976  Hanging Cable as Rotational Vibration Absorber

1976  Parallel Flow Between Corrugated Plates

1976  Parallel Motion of Corrugated Plates

1976  Prestressed Strip on Elastic Foundation