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2015  A Question of Ethics: The Ethics of Severing Ties with an Employer

2015  Two-Dimensional Globalizing Index for Engineering and Construction Companies

2014  Competitive Strategies Associated with Particular Localization Patterns Adopted by Implanted Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Firms in China

2014  Federal Appeals Court Affirms Jury Award to Engineering Firm

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Chris Gould on what engineering firms look for during job interviews

2014  Strategies for Building and Sustaining a Successful Engineering and Consulting Company

2014  What the Future Holds for Geoengineering Firms and Their People

2013  Categories and Characteristics of E&C Firms Employing Geoengineers

2013  Using Sun Tzu’s Military Strategies to Achieve Competitiveness in China

2012  How To Select and Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project

2012  Internal Governance of Design and Engineering: The Case of the Multinational Firm

2012  Through the Lenses of Strategy Execution: Obstacles in Engineering Management

2011  Rise of the Superfirm

2011  The Strategic Role of a Technical Newsletter As Part of Technology Transfer and Knowledge Management

2010  Doing Business the Right Way

2010  Engineering Firm Obtains $1-Million Judgment for Increased Scope

2010  The Implementation of BIM Standards at the Firm Level

2010  The Right Reasons

2009  Black and Veatch History: Building a World of Difference since 1915

2009  Consulting Engineers: Myers-Briggs Type and Temperament Preferences

2009  Corporate Ethics in the Construction and Engineering Industry

2009  Engineering Firms Included in Newsweek’s ’Green’ List of 500

2009  Job Burnout among Construction Engineers Working within Consulting and Contracting Organizations

2009  NewsBriefs: Engineering Firms Rank among Top Privately Owned Companies

2009  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Firms: Case Study of Vietnam

2008  Adjudication: Singapore Perspective

2008  Importance of Diversity in a Successful Firm

2008  Need for Cognition, Task Complexity, and Job Satisfaction

2008  Quantifying Impact Factors of Corporate Financing: Engineering Consulting Firms

2007  Increase Your Design "Bottom Line" with Trenchless Solutions

2007  Musings on Managing for the Long Term

2006  Boardrooms of Energy Firms in the Post-Enron Era

2006  Decline of the Engineering Class: Effects of Global Outsourcing of Engineering Services

2006  Determinants of Initernational Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Firms’ Project Success in China

2006  Fundamental Analysis of Profitability of Large Engineering and Construction Firms

2006  Human Systems EngineeringTM — A Trilogy, Part II: May The Force Be With You: Anatomy Of Project Failures

2006  On Globalization

2006  System Model for Analyzing Design Productivity

2006  Total Quality Performance of Design/Build Firms using Quality Function Deployment

2005  Construction Firm Performance and IT Utilization

2005  Cost Control in Consulting Engineering Firms

2005  Design Fees, the State of the Profession, and a Time for Corrective Action

2005  Forms of Collaboration and Project Delivery in Chinese Construction Markets: Probable Emergence of Strategic Alliances and Design/Build

2005  International Expansion Decision for Construction Companies

2005  Knowledge Management in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Consulting: A Case Study

2005  Long-Term Entropy and Profitability Change of United States Public Construction Firms

2005  Nature of Engineering Consulting Projects

2005  Planning to Get Work: An Evaluation of Market Forecasting Techniques for Use by Large Design and Construction Firms

2005  Superior – Subordinate Relationships in Korean Civil Engineering Companies

2004  Approach for Assessment and Review in a Large Construction Company: Case of Skanska Sweden

2004  Development Strategies for Chinese Design Institutes

2004  Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 Certification for Construction Firms

2004  ESOPs for Liquidity and Succession in Engineering Firms

2004  Human Systems EngineeringTM: A Trilogy, Part I: Elephant in the Living Room

2004  Implementing a U-Turn in a Strategic Direction in a Civil Engineering Consultancy

2004  Implementing Total Quality Management in Construction Firms

2004  Managing Nonproductive Principals

2003  The Benefits of Virtual Building Tools

2003  Differentiation, Conformity, and Construction Firm Performance

2003  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice

2003  System Dynamics Approach to Exploring Performance Enhancement in a Construction Organization

2002  Cost Structure and Profitability of Design Services Industry

2002  Court Decisions: Court Rejects Failed Bidder’s Claim of Bad Faith

2002  Integrity and Vision of Firm’s Founders Ease Leadership Transitions

2002  Managing Diversity: One Firm’s Perspective

2002  Small Business Report: The Ins and Outs of Buying a Firm

2001  Corporate Governance and Role of CEO in Engineering Companies

2001  Establishing Organizational Structure

2001  From Competitors to Partners

2001  Innovative Benefits in a Small Consulting Firm

2001  Maintaining Quality while Stimulating Competition and Achieving the Best Value

2001  Mentors and Role Models: Are They Important?

2001  Preparing for a Slowdown

2001  Small Business Report: Developing a Solid Business Plan

2001  Small Firms, Big Dig

2001  Strategic Management in Design Firms

2001  Strategic Management in Engineering Organizations

2001  Vote for Five-Year Degree (letter)

2000  Advice from the Old Rainmaker

2000  Avoiding Overload

2000  Branching Out

2000  Building a Sound Company Culture

2000  Building Business Savvy

2000  Building Learning Organizations in Engineering Cultures: Case Study

2000  CEO Corner

2000  Civil Engineering Is a Family Affair for William D. O’Neill

2000  Designing a Web Site

2000  Embarrassing Topic: Our Company’s Web Site

2000  Engineering Firm Not Liable for Hail Damage

2000  Father and Son Become ASCE Fellows Together

2000  A Few ‘Lessons Learned’ from Acquisitions

2000  In Memoriam. J. Donovan Jacobs

2000  In Memoriam. Robert M. Collie

2000  In Memoriam. Trent R. Dames

2000  Praise for Small Firms

2000  Return of the Master Builder

2000  Small Firms Check In

2000  Succession Planning Pays Off

2000  Summit on Software Reveals Changing Role of Technology

2000  When To Sell