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2015  A Lever Long Enough: A History of Columbia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science since 1864, By Robert McCaughey. New York City: Columbia University Press, 2014

2015  Change to Competence-Based Education in Structural Engineering

2015  Collaborative Learning Experience in a Construction Project Site Trip

2015  Construction Rehabilitation in Civil Engineering at the Bachelor Degree Level: Guideline Course

2015  Critical Success Factors in Distance Learning Construction Programs at Central Queensland University: Students’ Perspective

2015  Framework of the Virtual Construction Simulator 3 for Construction Planning and Management Education

2015  Grand Challenges for Hydrology Education in the 21st Century

2015  Improving Civil Engineering Education: Transportation Geotechnics Taught through Project-Based Learning Methodologies

2015  Improving Student Participation and Motivation in the Learning Process

2015  Integrating Service, Learning, and Professional Practice: Toward the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025

2015  Internet-Enabled Experiment for Demonstrating Contaminant Adsorption to Activated Carbon

2015  Motivations of Program Partners for Environmental Sustainability and Persistence of Benefits

2015  Multipronged Approach for Incorporating Sustainability into an Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum

2015  Philosophy of Engineering: What It Is and Why It Matters

2015  Practice What You Teach

2015  Proposal of a Theoretical Competence-Based Model in a Civil Engineering Degree

2015  Simulation-Based Training for Project Management Education: Mind the Gap, As One Size Does Not Fit All

2015  Surveying the Evolution of Computing in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Education

2015  Sustainable Construction Education Using Problem-Based Learning and Service Learning Pedagogies

2015  Sustainable Engineering Assessment Using Rubric-Based Analysis of Challenge Question Responses

2015  Teaching Sustainability Topics to Attract and Inspire the Next Generation of Civil Engineers

2015  Transportation Engineering Education for Undergraduate Students: Competencies, Skills, Teaching-Learning, and Evaluation

2014  Acoustics and Lighting Education in Architectural Engineering: Experience of WPI

2014  Advancing Impact of Education, Training, and Professional Experience on Integrated Project Delivery

2014  Analysis of Distance Learner Value Assessment of Distance Education in Engineering

2014  Approach-Span Failure of the Hoan Bridge as a Case Study for Engineering Students and Practicing Engineers

2014  Assessing the Ethical Development of Civil Engineering Undergraduates in Support of the ASCE Body of Knowledge

2014  Beneficial Reuse of Recycled Materials for Geotechnical Applications: An Undergraduate Educational Experience

2014  BIM Education and Recruiting: Survey-Based Comparative Analysis of Issues, Perceptions, and Collaboration Opportunities

2014  A Bridge with Some Geo-Education

2014  Broad, Global, and Multidisciplinary Civil Engineering Education

2014  Case Study Narrative in Teaching Construction Project Management: Earned Value Method Examples

2014  Challenges and Benefits of Open-Ended Sustainable Design in First-Year Engineering

2014  Challenges in Educating the Millennial Civil Engineers

2014  Changing University Student Perceptions of Freight Transportation

2014  Data Management Skills Needed by Structural Engineering Students: Case Study at the University of Minnesota

2014  Defining Misconceptions in Earthquake Engineering Education

2014  Does Expectation Match Reality? Examination of Risk Management Education in China

2014  Effectiveness of an Interactive Learning Environment Utilizing a Physical Model

2014  Engineering Informatics

2014  Evaluaciön, Diseño, e Influencia de Estrategias de Instrucciön-Aprendizaje en el Desempeño Académico de los Estudiantes de Ingenieria Civil en la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

2014  Findings and Path Forward: Leveraging Project and Career Success

2014  A First Course in BIM for Civil Engineering Majors

2014  Framework of Knowledge for Master’s-Level Structural Engineering Education

2014  Future Trends of Sustainability Design and Analysis in Construction Industry and Academia

2014  Gender and Other Factors Influencing the Outcome of a Test to Assess Quality of Education in Civil Engineering in Colombia

2014  Geo-Congress 2014, Technical Papers and Keynote Lectures

2014  Geo-Congress 2014 Keynote Lectures, Geo-Characterization and Modeling for Sustainability

2014  Geo-Congress 2014 Technical Papers, Geo-characterization and Modeling for Sustainability

2014  GeoEducation Needs: Balanced Course Curricula with Laboratory, In Situ, and Geophysical Testing

2014  Global Interests among First-Year Civil and Environmental Engineering Students

2014  How the Design and Assessment of Instruction/Learning Strategies Influence the Academic Performance of Civil Engineering Students at Universidad Industrial De Santander, Colombia

2014  Hybrid Learning in Geological Engineering: Why, How, and to What End? Preliminary Results

2014  Industry Input for Construction Engineering and Management Courses: Development of a Building Systems Coordination Exercise for Construction Engineering and Management Students

2014  Industry Participation in Construction Capstone Courses: A Company’s Experience

2014  Influence of Collaborative Curriculum Design on Educational Beliefs, Communities of Practitioners, and Classroom Practice in Transportation Engineering Education

2014  Innovative Education in Engineering: A Social and Multi-Dimensional Exploration of Structures

2014  Integrating Geotechnical Baseline Reports and Risk Allocation Frameworks in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2014  Integrating Sustainable Development into a Service-Learning Engineering Course

2014  Integration of Major Research Instrumentation in Geotechnical Engineering Education at Remote Campuses

2014  Interactive Learning through Gaming Simulation in an Integrated Land Use-Transportation Planning Course

2014  Investigating Gains from EWB-USA Involvement

2014  Investigation into the Relationship of Construction Engineering and Management Education with Specialty Trade Contractors

2014  Involving Students in Geotechnical Research from Early in Their Career

2014  IPD and BIM-Focused Capstone Course Based on AEC Industry Needs and Involvement

2014  Iterating Structures: Teaching Engineering as Design

2014  Learning Opportunities and Career Implications of Experience with BIM/VDC

2014  Lifelong Learning to Leverage Project and Career Success: 21st-Century Imperative

2014  Long-Term Significance of a CII Best Practices Course

2014  Making Geotechnical Education Fun—An Enhanced Look at Sustaining Geotechnical Engineering

2014  New Engineer’s Knowledge for Success with Subcontractors and Trade Partners

2014  Options to Bring Design and Construction Experience into the Classroom

2014  Process-Oriented Approach of Teaching Building Information Modeling in Construction Management

2014  Serious Sustainability Challenge Game to Promote Teaching and Learning of Building Sustainability

2014  State-of-the-Art Best Construction Practices Integration into Higher Education Curricula

2014  Trebuchets and Bridges: Reconnecting Structural Education with the Real World

2014  Use of Professional Industry Interaction to Enhance Engineering Education

2014  Using Information Technology to Incorporate Natural Hazards and Mitigation Strategies in the Civil Engineering Curriculum

2013  AEI 2013, Building Solutions for Architectural Engineering

2013  Another Look at the Collapse of Skyline Plaza at Bailey’s Crossroads, Virginia

2013  Apparatus for Building Electrical Systems Education

2013  Application of Spatio-Temporal Metaphor in Transportation Engineering International Teaching Processes

2013  Architect and Engineer Collaboration: The Solar Decathlon As a Pedagogical Opportunity

2013  ASCE Vision 2025 and the Capstone Design Project

2013  Assessing the Impact of Using Photographic Images to Influence Building Retrofit Design Education

2013  Assessment of Engineering Students’ Leadership Competencies

2013  Attracting Girls to Civil Engineering through Hands-On Activities That Reveal the Communal Goals and Values of the Profession

2013  BIM Collaboration in Student Architectural Technologist Learning

2013  Building Information Modeling Education for Construction Engineering and Management. I: Industry Requirements, State of the Art, and Gap Analysis

2013  Building Information Modeling Education for Construction Engineering and Management. II: Procedures and Implementation Case Study

2013  Building Information Modeling: Systematic Course Development for Undergraduate Construction Students

2013  The Changing Nature of Geo-Education, TC306 and SFGE 2012

2013  Changing Our Scale of Thinking: Value of a Megaregional Planning Course

2013  A Critical Comparison of Construction Engineering and Architectural Engineering Curricula

2013  Delivering Construction Education Programs through the Distance Mode: Case Study in Australia

2013  Delivering Geotechnical Engineering to Elementary School Children

2013  Development of Virtual Equipment: Case Study of the Venturi Tube Experiment

2013  Educating Engineers Through International Community Engagement - What’s It Worth?

2013  Education for Sustainable Development: Methodology and Application within a Construction Course

2013  Embedded Knowledge in Transportation Engineering: Comparisons between Engineers and Instructors