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2014  Extensible Electricity System Model for High Penetration Rate Renewable Integration Impact Analysis

2013  Evaluation of a Double-Stage Coupled Heat Pump for Heating: Performance Optimization and Case Study

2013  Experiments and CFD Analyses for a New Reaction Microhydro Propeller with Five Blades

2013  History of Electrochemical and Energy Storage Technology Development at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  A Multi-Participant, Multi-Criteria Analysis of Energy Supply Sources for Fairbanks, Alaska

2013  Power Requirements for the Construction and Operation of a Lunar Oxygen Plant

2012  Electrochemical and Thermal Coupled Modeling of High Power Lithium Ion Battery

2012  Energy, Water, and the Arid Southwest: Resources and Challenges

2012  Experimental Investigation of Adjustable Ejector Performance

2012  ICSDC 2011, Integrating Sustainability Practices in the Construction Industry

2012  Optimization of the Hybrid Energy Harvest Systems Sizing for Zero or Zero Net Energy Houses

2012  Review of Water Use in U.S. Thermoelectric Power Plants

2012  Sustainable Energy Challenges for Civil Engineering Management

2012  Technoeconomic Sensitivity of Biobased Hydrocarbon Production via Fast Pyrolysis to Government Incentive Programs

2012  Toward More Efficient Global Warming Policy Solutions: The Necessity for Multi-Criteria Selection of Energy Sources

2011  Calculating the Benefits of Transboundary River Basin Cooperation: Syr Darya Basin

2011  Can We Rely on Renewable Energy Sources to Overcome Global Warming?

2011  Microencapsulation of Fatty Acid as Phase Change Material for Latent Heat Storage

2011  Teaching Life-Cycle Perspectives: Sustainable Transportation Fuels Unit for High-School and Undergraduate Engineering Students

2010  Bioenergy and Biofuel from Biowastes and Biomass

2010  Giving It Juice

2009  The Future of Energy

2009  NewsBriefs: Fashion Mogul Eyes Alternative Energy

2009  Using Theory and Demonstration of Olympic Electric Buses

2008  Desalination Using Low-Grade Heat Sources

2008  Energy-Harvesting System-in-Package Microsystem

2008  Impact of Alternative Vehicle Technologies on Measured Vehicle Emissions

2008  NewsBriefs: Sweet Sorghum Produces ”Green” Ethanol

2008  Sustainable Energy Solutions and a World Class River

2008  Thriving with Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

2007  Biohydrogen Production by Mesophilic Anaerobic Fermentation of Glucose in the Presence of Linoleic Acid

2007  Reactive Power Adequacy in Distribution Networks with Embedded Distributed Energy Resources

2007  Slack Bus Modeling and Cost Analysis of Distributed Generator Installations

2006  Scaling Sustainable Energy Options in Terms of Accessibility, Availability, and Acceptability of Options

2005  The Big Picture – By the Numbers – And Issues for the Coast

2005  Policy Briefing: Water Utilities Triumph over MTBE ’Safe Harbor’ Provisions

2002  FocusZenith: The New Concept in Space Business

2002  Water Resources: Wet Waste Could Be Next Energy Source

2001  Robotic Assembly of Space Solar Power Facilities

2001  Space Solar Power: An Assessment of Challenges and Progress

2001  Technical Assessment of Space Solar Power Research Program

2001  Use of Landfill Gas for Electricity Generation

1999  Vapor Absorption Refrigeration in Road Transport Vehicles

1998  Cultivating Near Term Demand for Helium 3

1998  Private Space Exploration Is Here: Are You On-Board?

1998  What Are the Ethical Responsibilities Towards Sustainable Development?

1997  Editorial

1997  Forum

1997  The Heat Is On

1997  Power Generation Potential of Biomass Gasification Systems

1996  Bioenergy in Transition

1996  Conceptual Design of Enertopia in Korea

1996  Editorial

1996  New Sunshine Program: Comprehensive Approach to the 21st Century

1996  “SPS 2000” and its Internationalisation

1996  Visualizing the Flow

1995  Change is in the Air for Energy Sources

1995  Development Decision Soon on Arctic Wildlife Refuge?

1995  Here Comes the Sun

1995  Model Studies of Oscillating Water Column Wave-Energy Device

1995  Utility Test of Renewable-Energy Projects Approved

1995  Waste Will Power A City

1994  Reducing Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Ensures the Future

1994  Taiwan Promotes Waste Incineration

1993  Calculation of Gas Hydrate Dissociation with Finite-Element Model

1992  Lunar-Based System to Supply Power to Earth: Summary of Concept, Benefits, and Development

1992  Novel Combined-Cycle Low-Temperature Engine System

1992  Ocean Energy Recovery, the State of the Art

1991  Energy in the 90’s

1991  Hydrogen—The Clean Fuel of Tomorrow is Available Today

1991  The Low Temperature Engine System—Status Report

1991  New Approach for Estimating Energy Content of Municipal Solid Waste

1991  Nuclear Plant License Renewal: Benefits, Feasibility, and Process

1991  Recycling Energy Values of Municipal Solid Waste

1990  Cleaning Up Coal

1990  Hydraulic Kinetic Energy Conversion (HKEC) Systems

1990  Tomorrow’s Energy Today

1990  U.S. Energy Policy: Round 3A Draw

1989  Environmental Economic factors of the Southern Brazilian Coast

1989  Unconventional Power Sources for Ice Control at Locks and Dams

1989  Waterpower ’89

1988  Future Prospects for the Energy Sector

1988  Persistent National Energy Issue

1988  Program on Advanced Technology for the Highway (PATH)

1987  Burnout Control of Waste Coal Piles

1987  Dose-Response Models for Energy-Based Pollutants

1987  Energy Solutions Today for the Nineties

1987  Low Energy Mixing in Algal Culture Raceways

1987  Ocean Energy: Can It Compete?

1987  Ultraviolet Sterilizes Drinking Water with Renewable Energy Systems

1987  Wood Energy Plantation Economics in the Great Plains

1986  Developing Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources

1986  Earth Offers Another Energy Resource

1986  Energy Systems for the 21st Century

1986  Hydrogen Energy for Residential/Commercial Sector

1986  Message From The Chairman of The Emerging Energy Systems Committee

1986  Planning for Hydro Projects in an Integrated System

1986  Urban Energy Systems for the 21st Century: Transition Paths

1985  Abandoned Landfill Powers Fuel Cell

1985  Energy Sites Highlight Conference