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Found 99 Records with the keyword term of "Energy methods"

2015  Predictive Electromechanical Model for Energy Scavengers Using Patterned Piezoelectric Layers

2014  Assessment of Fatigue Resistance of Additivated Asphalt Concrete Incorporating Fibers and Polymers

2014  Energy Harvesting from Train-Induced Response in Bridges

2014  Evaluating the Effect of Zycosoil on Moisture Damage of Hot-Mix Asphalt Using the Surface Energy Method

2014  Semianalytic Stress-Function Variational Approach for the Interfacial Stresses in Bonded Joints

2014  Ultimate Load Capacity of Cable-Stayed Bridges with Different Deck and Pylon Connections

2013  A Laboratory Study of Warm Mix Asphalt for Moisture Damage Potential Using Surface Free Energy Method

2013  Local Buckling Analysis of Restrained Orthotropic Plates under Generic In-Plane Loading

2013  New and Improved Analytical Solutions for the Self-Folding Problem of Carbon Nanotubes

2013  Strain Estimation of CFRP-Confined Concrete Columns Using Energy Approach

2013  Study of Laboratory Compaction System Variance Using an Automatic Proctor Calibration Device

2012  Energy-Saving Techniques for Reducing CO2 Emissions in Elementary Schools

2012  Estimating Moisture Sensitivity of Warm Mix Asphalt Modified with Zycosoil as an Antistrip Agent Using Surface Free Energy Method

2012  Failure Analysis of a Buried Pipeline Transporting Gas

2010  Energy generated by wind, water, and the sun will power the Alpha Project, a mixed-use development planned for Doha, Qatar ...

2010  Free Vibration Analysis of Cylindrical Shells Supported on Parts of the Edges

2009  Application of Energy Balance Concept in Seismic Evaluation of Structures

2009  Quantitative Comparison of Energy Methods to Characterize Fatigue in Asphalt Materials

2009  Simple Energy-Based Method for Nonlinear Analysis of Incompressible Pile Groups in Clays

2008  Theoretical Study on Cable Tension Detection Considering Support Vibration

2007  Closed-Form Sensitivity of Earthquake Input Energy to Soil-Structure Interaction System

2007  Earthquake Input Energy to Two Buildings Connected by Viscous Dampers

2007  Mechanics of Progressive Collapse: Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions

2007  Real-Time Error Monitoring for Hybrid Simulation. Part I: Methodology and Experimental Verification

2007  Real-Time Error Monitoring for Hybrid Simulation. Part II: Structural Response Modification Due to Errors

2007  Study on Multi-Energy Powertrain Control Strategy of Hybrid Electric Vehicle

2006  Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relationship of Soil Reinforced with Flexible Geofibers

2006  Shear-Flexural Buckling of Cantilever Columns under Uniformly Distributed Load

2005  Energy Model to Predict Suspended Load Deposition Induced by Woody Debris: Case Study

2004  Analytical Model for Predication of Crack Spacing due to Shrinkage in Concrete Pavements

2003  Buckling of Vertical Cylindrical Shells under Combined End Pressure and Body Force

2002  Energy-Based Seismic Design of Structures using Yield Mechanism and Target Drift

2001  Global Stability Analysis for Bird-Shaped Girders

2000  Energy Method for Predicting Installation Torque of Helical Foundations and Anchors

2000  Evaluation of Liquefaction Using Disturbed State and Energy Approaches

1999  Compound Size Effect in Composite Beams with Softening Connectors. I: Energy Approach

1999  Liquefaction Opportunity Mapping via Seismic Wave Energy

1999  Ultimate Load Capacity of Cable-Stayed Bridges

1998  Effects of Vibration History on Modulus and Damping of Dry Sand

1998  An Energy Approach to Rock Slope Stability Analysis

1998  Energy Estimates for Discretization Errors in Water Hammer Problems

1998  Reliability of Energy Method to Predict Lift Slab Structures Stability

1997  Analytical and Experimental Study of Lateral and Distortional Buckling of FRP Wide-Flange Beams

1997  Predicting Stability of Lift Slab Structures by Energy Method

1997  Probability Method Applied to Dynamic Pile-Driving Control

1994  An Energy Based Model for Coastal Bays and Lakes

1994  Energy Method for Nonlinear Random Vibrations in MDF Systems

1994  Energy-Based Dynamic Analysis of Secondary Systems

1993  Axisymmetric Buckling of Circular Mindlin Plates with Ring Supports

1993  Comparative Study of Frequencies for Plates Carrying Mass

1993  Mindlin Plate Buckling with Prebuckling In-Plane Deformation

1993  Plastic Tripping of Ring Stiffeners

1993  Stability of Nonsymmetric Cross-Bracing Systems

1992  Elastic Stability of Composite Column

1992  Mutual Residual Energy Method for Parameter Estimation in Structures

1991  An Energy Approach to the Analysis of Partially-Saturated Flow

1991  Lateral Buckling of Doubly Symmetric Beams Containing Openings

1991  Torsion of Box Girders with Deformable Cross Sections

1990  Optimal Designs of I-Beams Against Lateral Buckling

1988  Energy Method for Incremental Collapse Analysis of Framed Structures

1984  Complementary Energy Formulations for Buckling Analysis of Circular Cylinders

1984  An Energy Method for Plate--Half-Space Interaction

1981  Energy Methods for Damping Synthesis in Seismic Design of Complex Structural Systems

1981  Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Tapered I-Beams

1981  Superplastic Cone-Shaped Sandwich Cores

1979  Are Environmental Regulations Attaining a Realistic Balance among Energy and Environmental Goals

1979  Blunt Crack Band Propagation in Finite Element Analysis

1979  Curving Versus Branching

1979  Icebreaker Experience as a Guide to Sea Ice Forces on Structures

1979  Remarks on Crack Branching

1979  The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Noncollinear Crack Growth

1979  Side Weir in Rectangular Channel

1979  The Solutions of Nonlinear Dynamic Equations Via the Trapezoidal Rule

1979  Stochastic Averaging for Seismic Structural Analysis

1979  System Identification Using Substructuring for Large Structural Systems

1978  Effective-Stress Parameters of Anisotropic Soil

1977  Application of Energy Method

1977  Collapse of Point Supported Square Grillages

1977  Energy Method for Soil Stability Analyses

1977  Yield-Line Theory: A General Energy Formulation

1976  Frame Interaction in Nonorthogonal Grids

1974  Automobile Energy Requirements

1972  Column-Plate Interaction in Flat Slab Structures

1972  Performance of Pile Driving Hammers

1972  Simultaneous Buckling in Symmetric Structural Systems

1972  Stability of Orthotropic Stiffened Composite Plates

1971  Analysis of Inelastic Suspension Structures

1971  Asymptotic Stability Analysis of Viscoelastic Systems

1971  Buckling of Simply Supported Folded Plates

1971  Nonlinear Formulations of Beam-Column Effects

1971  Vibration Analysis of Thin Cylindrical Containers

1970  Optimum Stiffness and Strength of Elastic Structures

1969  Maximum Strength Elastic Structural Design

1968  Complementary Energy Method for Buckling of Arches

1964  Complementary Energy Method for Finite Deformation

1964  Complementary Energy Theorem for Symmetric Shells

1964  Energy Absorption of Structures Under Cyclic Loading

1961  Lateral Stability of Frames by Energy Method

1960  Lateral Stability of Frames by Energy Method