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2015  Analysis of Performance and Efficiency of Conservation Voltage Optimization Considering Load Model Uncertainty

2015  Design for Implementation Strategy for Designing a Sustainable Building Using the Geosolar Exergy Storage Technology: Case Study

2015  Determination of Maximum Mechanical Energy Efficiency in Energy Galloping Systems

2015  Economic Analysis of Energy Upgrades Based on Tolerable Capital Cost

2015  Estimating the Effects of Environmental Conditions on Active Solar Wall Air Heating System Efficiency

2015  Estimation of Potential Transportation and Building Energy Performance of Commercial Office Site Alternatives

2015  Field Evaluation and Durability Analysis of an Eco-Friendly Prestressed Concrete Sleeper

2015  Modeling the Effect of Building Stakeholder Interactions on Value Perception of Sustainable Retrofits

2015  Seismic Laboratory Testing of Energy-Efficient, Staggered-Stud, Wood-Frame Shear Walls

2015  Target-Setting Practice for Loans for Commercial Energy-Retrofit Projects

2014  Closed-Concentrate Circulation for High Recovery and Energy Efficiency in Small-Scale Brackish Reverse Osmosis

2014  Conceptual Framework to Optimize Building Energy Consumption by Coupling Distributed Energy Simulation and Occupancy Models

2014  Conducting Retrospective Analyses of Building Energy Models with Various Levels of Available Data

2014  Data-Driven Benchmarking of Building Energy Efficiency Utilizing Statistical Frontier Models

2014  Framework to Evaluate Energy-Saving Potential from Occupancy Interventions in Typical Commercial Buildings in the United States

2014  Human-Building Interaction Framework for Personalized Thermal Comfort-Driven Systems in Office Buildings

2014  Impacts of Energy Regulations and Vehicular Technologies on Fuel Tax Revenues

2014  Influence of Layout and Other Design Choices on the Performance of Large-Scale Photovoltaic Systems

2014  Integrated System Platform for Energy Efficient Building Operations

2014  Laboratory Testing of Energy-Efficient Wood-Framed Shear Walls

2014  Method for Energy Performance Integration in Corporate Public Real Estate Management

2014  Network Ecoinformatics: Development of a Social Ecofeedback System to Drive Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings

2014  Optimizing Building Energy Operations via Dynamic Zonal Temperature Settings

2014  Proposed Method for Analyzing Infrastructure Investment Decisions Involving Rapidly Evolving Technology: Case Study of LED Streetlights

2014  Railroad Energy Efficiency in the United States: Analytical and Statistical Analysis

2014  Real Options Valuation of Phased Investments in Commercial Energy Retrofits under Building Performance Risks

2014  Residential Building Construction: State-of-the-Art Review

2014  Structural Design of Affordable and Energy-Efficient Earth Masonry Dwellings for Tornado Wind Loads

2014  Understanding the Energy Implications of Phase-Change Materials in Concrete Walls through Finite-Element Analysis

2013  Analysis of Energy Utilization of a Diesel Engine

2013  Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Building Energy Conservation Design in Hot Summer and Warm Winter Zones

2013  Annual Thermal Performance of a Hollow Roof in Combination with a Cavity Wall and Static Sunshade: Experimental Study of Energy-Efficient Rooms

2013  An Approach for Capturing Requirements of Collaborative Design Teams to Facilitate Evaluation of Energy Efficient Retrofit Design Options

2013  Assessment of the Potential Savings Resulting From Shutting Down University Buildings during Periods of Very Low Occupancy: A Case Study

2013  Comparative Study of Energy Efficiency of Glazing Systems for Residential and Commercial Buildings

2013  Comparison of Shading Control Modes On Offices Space Energy Performance

2013  Constructing Energy Efficiency: Rethinking and Redesigning the Architectural Detail

2013  Creating "As-Operated" Whole-Building Energy Models for Existing Commercial Medium Sized Office Buildings-A Case Study

2013  Effect of Optimum Insulation Thickness on Refrigeration Costs for Different Climate Zones

2013  Energy Efficiency of External Perforated Window Solar Screens in Desert Environments: Effect of Screen Surface Reflectance

2013  Energy Management Solutions for "Green" Transit Systems

2013  Energy Modeling System Using Building Information Modeling Open Standards

2013  Energy Optimization for Public Transportation Applications

2013  Energy Saving Potentials of Demand-Controlled Ventilation Based On the Real-Time Traffic Load in Underground Parking Facilities

2013  Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery

2013  Evaluating the Tradeoffs of Occupant Comfort and Energy Savings: A Study of Window Control Sensitivity

2013  Evaluation of a Double-Stage Coupled Heat Pump for Heating: Performance Optimization and Case Study

2013  Factors Influencing Energy Consumption of Energy Star and Non-Energy Star Homes

2013  Importance of Operational Efficiency to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Exhaust Emission Reduction of Construction Operations

2013  Improving Campus Chilled Water Systems with Intelligent Control Valves: A Field Study

2013  Influence of Social Sub-Networks on Energy Conservation from Occupancy Interventions in a Typical U.S. Commercial Building

2013  Information Exchange Requirements for Energy Audits in the Commercial Building Retrofit Sector

2013  Integrated Optimization Model for Highway Operating Energy-Saving Technology

2013  Integrating BIMserver and OpenStudio for Energy Efficient Building

2013  Integration of Change and Knowledge Management Processes in Energy-Efficient Retrofit Projects

2013  Lessons Learned from Developing Immersive Virtual Mock-Ups to Support Energy-Efficient Retrofit Decision Making

2013  Lightweight Design of Car Body Structure

2013  Management Practice to Achieve Energy Efficiency Performance: Green versus Conventional Office Building in Malaysia

2013  Methodology for In Situ Column Testing to Improve Accuracy during Design and Specification of Aeration Systems

2013  Methods for Assessing Longitudinal Variations of Energy Production by PV Systems

2013  Mortar Joint Maintenance - From Abomination to Preservation

2013  A Multi-Objective Path Planning Method for Electric Taxis with Energy-Constrained

2013  The Need for Change and Dependency Management in Energy Efficient Retrofit Projects

2013  Operational Optimization: Water Losses versus Energy Costs

2013  Optimization Design of the Steam Pipeline Insulation Layer

2013  Optimization of the Hybrid Energy Harvest Systems Sizing for Net-Zero Site-Energy Houses

2013  Optimizing Electric Rail Energy Consumption Using the Lagrange Multiplier Technique

2013  Process-Based Information Exchanges Mapping for Energy-Efficient Retrofit Projects

2013  Proposed Design Process for Deep Energy Savings in Commercial Building Retrofit Projects

2013  Quantifying End-Use Energy Intensity of the Urban Water Cycle

2013  Quantifying the Impact of Occupant Behavior in Mixed Mode Buildings

2013  Research on a Comprehensive Evaluation Model of New Residential Building: Energy-Saving Design

2013  Research on Optimization of Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of the Oilfield Ground Gathering and Transportation System

2013  Research on the Energy Efficiency Improvement for Existing Ships

2013  Sailing Solar-Cell Raft Project and Weather and Marine Conditions in Low-Latitude Pacific Ocean

2013  Savings to Sustainability: Application of a Novel Approach to Delivering a Sustainable Built Environment

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Statistical Modeling for Energy Consumption and Anomaly Detection in Rubber Vulcanization Process

2013  Structural Configuration and Building Energy Performance

2013  A Study of Multi-Zone Daylight-Responsive Dimming Systems

2013  A Systems Approach to Energy Efficiency Assessment

2013  Thermal and Illuminance Performance of a Translucent Green Wall

2013  Towards an Integrated Process Model and Decision Support System for High Performance Green Retrofits

2013  Urban and Energy Assessment from a Systemic Approach of Urban Morphology, Urban Mobility, and Buildings: Case Study of Agua Branca in Sao Paulo

2012  Analysis of Structural Energy-Saving Potential in Transportation Industry: A Case Study of Zhejiang Province

2012  Application of the Theory of Minimum Rate of Energy Dissipation to River Regulation

2012  An Artificial Neural Network-Based Prediction of Government-Owned Building Energy Consumption with Design Variables

2012  Assessing IECC Energy Saving Potential for Residential Construction in Florida

2012  Automated 3D Building Envelope Recognition from Point Clouds for Energy Analysis

2012  BIM Server Requirements to Support the Energy Efficient Building Lifecycle

2012  BLCC Analysis Derived from BIM and Energy Data of Zero Net Energy Test Home

2012  Building Commissioning: What Can Denmark Learn from the U.S. Experience?

2012  Characteristics of Fuel Consumption and Vehicular Operation of Buses in Taipei’s Exclusive Bus Lanes

2012  Characterization of Pumps for Irrigation in Central California: Potential Energy Savings

2012  Collaborative Authoring for On-Line Construction Curricula

2012  Constructing Energy Efficiency: Rethinking and Redesigning the Architectural Detail

2012  Defining an Architectural Design Strategy for Energy Performance—A Systematic Approach for Students

2012  Developing a Sustainable Freight Transportation Framework with the Consideration of Improving Safety and Minimizing Carbon Emissions

2012  Developing a Target Value Design Protocol for Commercial Energy Retrofits—Part 1

2012  Developing a Time-Based Model for Buses for Integration with Planning Model for Greenhouse Gas Analyses