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2015  3D Finite-Deformation Beam Model with Viscous Damping: Computational Aspects and Applications

2015  Design and Testing of an Enhanced-Elongation Telescoping Self-Centering Energy-Dissipative Brace

2015  One-Dimensional Modeling Techniques for Three-Dimensional Grade Control Structures

2015  Rotational Behavior of Bolted Beam-to-Column Connections with Locally Cross-Laminated Glulam

2015  Seismic Behavior of Frame-Wall-Rocking Foundation Systems. II: Dynamic Test Phase

2015  Seismic Behavior of Posttensioned Self-Centering Precast Concrete Dual-Shell Steel Columns

2015  Track Nonlinear Energy Sink for Rapid Response Reduction in Building Structures

2014  Adherence Energy of Asphalt Thin Films Measured by Force-Displacement Atomic Force Microscopy

2014  Analysis of Transient Vaporous Cavitation in Pipes by a Distributed 2D Model

2014  Braced Ductile Shear Panel: New Seismic-Resistant Framing System

2014  Cast Steel Yielding Brace System for Concentrically Braced Frames: Concept Development and Experimental Validations

2014  Characteristics of the Velocity Distribution in a Hydraulic Jump Stilling Basin with Five Parallel Offset Jets in a Twin-Layer Configuration

2014  Characterization of Energy Dissipation during Seismic Loading of Soil-Foundation-Structure Systems

2014  Design Concepts for Controlled Rocking of Self-Centering Steel-Braced Frames

2014  Design Rules, Experimental Evaluation, and Fracture Models for High-Strength and Stainless-Steel Hourglass Shape Energy Dissipation Devices

2014  Effects of Step Pool Porosity upon Flow Aeration and Energy Dissipation on Pooled Stepped Spillways

2014  Energy Response of Idealized Composite Sandwich Panels under Blast Loads

2014  Equivalent Roughness of Submerged Obstacles in Open-Channel Flows

2014  Experimental Investigation of Concrete Shear Walls Reinforced with Glass Fiber-Reinforced Bars under Lateral Cyclic Loading

2014  Experimental Investigation of Wave Attenuation through Model and Live Vegetation

2014  Hydraulics, Air Entrainment, and Energy Dissipation on a Gabion Stepped Weir

2014  Large-Scale Seismic Testing of a Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Posttensioned Segmental Bridge System

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Behavior of Controlled Rocking Steel Frames

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Self-Centering Energy-Dissipative (SCED) Brace: Overview of Recent Developments and Potential Applications for Tall Buildings

2014  Shake Table Studies of Energy-Dissipating Segmental Bridge Columns

2014  Simulations on Skimming Flow over a vertical drop pool

2014  Vibration of Conducting Two-Layer Sandwich Homogeneous Elastic Beams in Transverse Magnetic Fields

2013  Air-Water Flow Structure in a Circular Dropshaft

2013  Approximate Method for Transverse Response Analysis of Partially Isolated Bridges

2013  Artificial Neural Network Predictions of Fatigue Life of Steel Bars Based on Hysteretic Energy

2013  Damage-Control Systems Using Replaceable Energy-Dissipating Steel Fuses for Cold-Formed Steel Structures: Seismic Behavior by Shake Table Tests

2013  Deflector Effect on Chute Flow

2013  DEM-Aided Discovery of the Relationship between Energy Dissipation and Shear Band Formation Considering the Effects of Particle Rolling Resistance

2013  Demonstration of Compatible Yielding between Soil-Foundation and Superstructure Components

2013  Dissipated Energy Ratio as a Feature for Earthquake-Induced Damage Detection of Instrumented Structures

2013  Ductile Fuse Connectors for Hybrid Masonry Systems

2013  Effect of Circular Bolt Pattern on Behavior of Extended End-Plate Connection

2013  Energy Dissipation in Eighteen-Foot Drop Broken-Back Culvert under Open Channel Flow Conditions

2013  Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Nitinol, Structural Steel, and Their Hybrid Component

2013  Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of CFRP Confined RC Rectangular Hollow Section Bridge Piers

2013  Hybrid Confinement of Concrete by Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets and Fiber Ropes under Cyclic Axial Compressive Loading

2013  Inception Point for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways

2013  Incorporating Dissipated Impact into Random Vibration Analyses through the Modified Hertzian Contact Model

2013  Interdependency Between Seismic Energy Parameters and Damage Indices of Four Types of Mountain Tunnels

2013  Laboratory Measurements of Wave Attenuation Through Model and Live Vegetation

2013  Large-Scale Experimental Validation of Steel Posttensioned Connections with Web Hourglass Pins

2013  Measurement of Energy Dissipation Mechanisms in Fracture of Fiber-Reinforced Ultrahigh-Strength Cement-Based Composites

2013  Progressive Failure and Ductility of FRP Composites for Construction: Review

2013  Seismic Control of Power Transmission Tower Using Pounding TMD

2013  Shaking Response of Tall High-Voltage Equipment Retrofitted with Friction Dampers

2013  Shape Optimization of Energy Dissipation Devices for Passive Seismic Control of Building Frames

2013  Strain Estimation of CFRP-Confined Concrete Columns Using Energy Approach

2012  Analytical Investigation of Potential Seismic Damage to a Skewed Bridge

2012  Application of the Theory of Minimum Rate of Energy Dissipation to River Regulation

2012  Comparing of Flow Pattern and Energy Dissipation over Different Forms of Stepped Spillway

2012  Crossbar Block Ramps: Flow Regimes, Energy Dissipation, Friction Factors, and Drag Forces

2012  Cyclic Energy Dissipation of Cold-Formed Steel Studs Experiencing Euler Buckling

2012  Design Considerations for Fixed-Cone Valve with Baffled Hood

2012  Effect of Stilling Basin Geometry on the Dissipative Process in the Presence of Block Ramps

2012  Estimation of Decay Coefficients for Unsteady Friction for Instantaneous, Acceleration-Based Models

2012  High-Performance Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Wood-Framed Buildings Using Energy Dissipation Systems

2012  Hydraulic Characteristics of a Drop Square Manhole with a Downstream Control Gate

2012  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Free-Surface Semicircular Breakwater Exposed to Irregular Waves

2012  Influences of Material Properties on Energy Absorption of Composite Sandwich Panels under Blast Loads

2012  New Expression of the Hydraulic Jump Roller Length

2012  Numerical Solution of Free-Convection Heat Transfer over a Vertical Cone Embedded in a Non-Newtonian Power-Law Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium with Viscous Dissipation

2012  Optimal Nonlinear Damping for Inelastic Structures Using Dimensional Analysis

2012  Performance of Baffle Blocks in Submerged Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Practical Design Considerations for Steel Slit Panel Frames

2012  Quasi-Static and Dynamic Tests of a Smart Hybrid Brace

2012  Rapid Seismic Rehabilitation Strategy: Concept and Testing of Cable Bracing with Couples Resisting Damper

2012  Retrofitting of Railroad Bridge Piers Using a Novel Hybrid Jacket

2012  Roughened Channels with Cross Beams Flow Features

2012  Skimming, Nonaerated Flow on Stepped Spillways over Roller Compacted Concrete Dams

2012  Study on Energy Dissipation of Mixed Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata

2012  Theoretical Models for Wave Energy Dissipation Caused by Vegetation

2012  Viscous Energy Dissipation in Asphalt Pavement Structures and Implication for Vehicle Fuel Consumption

2011  Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Emergency Overflows through an Energy Dissipation Structure of a Water Treatment Plant

2011  Effect of Sea Conditions on Emulsification Profile of Oils in Coastal Waters after Major Spills

2011  Energy Dissipation down a Stepped Spillway with Nonuniform Step Heights

2011  Estimating Energy Dissipation in Stepped Spillways with Reverse Inclined Steps and End Sill

2011  Experimental Investigation of Cylindrical Floating Breakwater Performance with Various Mooring Configurations

2011  Exploratory Study of Submerged Hydraulic Jumps with Blocks

2011  Forced Hydraulic Jumps below Abrupt Expansions

2011  Hydraulics of Circular Drop Manholes

2011  Hydraulics of Stacked Drop Manholes

2011  Inception Point Relationship for Flat-Sloped Stepped Spillways

2011  Joined Influences of Nonlinearity and Dilation on the Ultimate Pullout Capacity of Horizontal Shallow Plate Anchors by Energy Dissipation Method

2011  Microscale Characterization of Energy Dissipation Mechanisms in Granular Soils

2011  Nonreflective Boundary Design via Remote Sensing and Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control Valve

2011  One-Dimensional Modeling Techniques for Energy Dissipation in U-Weir Grade-Control Structures

2011  Rooster Tail Wave Hydraulics of Chutes

2011  Seismic Behavior of Self-Centering Precast Segmental Bridge Bents

2011  Selection of Empirical Formulae for Design of Stepped Spillways on RCC Dams

2011  Sequent Depth Ratio of a B-Jump

2011  Skewed Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridge Superstructures with Bidirectional-Ductile End Diaphragms

2011  Velocity Distribution and Energy Dissipation along Stepped Chutes Lined with Wedge-Shaped Concrete Blocks

2010  Analysis of Entropy Variation in the Propagation of Cracks in Concrete Structures

2010  Application of Shakedown Theory in Characterizing Traditional and Recycled Pavement Base Materials