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Found 82 Records with the keyword term of "Energy conversion"

2015  Conversion Method for Obtaining CO2 Emission Data from the Life Cycle Inventory Database of Foreign Countries

2015  Exergoeconomic Evaluation of a Two-Pressure Level Fired Combined-Cycle Power Plant

2013  Dynamic Energy Conversion: Vital Technology for Space Nuclear Power

2011  Multihierarchical Gray Evaluation Method to Assess Building Energy Conservation

2010  Assessment of Policies toward an Environmentally Friendly Urban Transport System: Case Study of Delhi, India

2010  Decision Making Processes and the Adoption of Energy Saving Techniques in Social Housing

2009  Improved Model Applying the 6-Sigma Methodology to Evaluate Leaking Water Faucets

2008  Energy-Harvesting System-in-Package Microsystem

2007  NewsBriefs: Coalition Moves to Eliminate Incandescent Lightbulbs (The Christian Science Monitor

2007  Semiempirical Model for Initial Displacement of Salt Water Wedge in a Bar-Blocked Estuary

2006  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Selection of Energy-Efficient Building Components in Lodging Facilities

2006  New Static Sunshade Design for Energy-Efficient Buildings

2006  Parameter Variation and Part-Load Efficiencies of Wave Energy Conversion

2005  Development of Energy-Efficient Concrete Buildings using Recycled Plastic Aggregates

2002  Productivity of Ocean-Wave-Energy Converters: Turbine Design

1999  Energy Unleashed

1998  Performance Prediction of Contrarotating Wells Turbine for Wave Energy Converter Design

1997  An Experimental Study on Effective Conversion of Wave Energy into Potential Energy

1997  Feasibility Tests of New Pendular-Type Wave Energy Conversion Apparatus

1997  A Hybrid System of Wave Power Extraction and Shore Protection

1997  Sea Waves Power Converter

1997  Study on Wave Pumping-Up Power Station

1997  Why Not Make the Turbines Cavitation Free?

1992  Canada Explores Sludge-to-Fuel Process

1992  Facilitating Technology for Fuel Production and Energy-Enhanced Products

1992  Lunar-Based System to Supply Power to Earth: Summary of Concept, Benefits, and Development

1992  Positive Drift of a Backward-Bent Duct Barge

1992  State of the Art in Wave Power Recovery

1991  Field Experiment of a Wave Power Extracting Caisson Breakwater

1990  Double-OWC Wave Power Extractor of a Taut Moored Floating Structure

1990  Energy Relations in Transient Closed-Conduit Flow

1990  Estimation of Wave Power as an Energy Resource for Hawaii

1990  Experimental Research and Parameters Optimization of a Prototype OWC Wave Power Device

1990  Field Verification Experiment of a Wave Power Extracting Caisson Breakwater

1990  Hydraulic Kinetic Energy Conversion (HKEC) Systems

1990  Optimal Depth for Nearshore Wave Power Extractors of Fixed Type

1990  Overview of International Ocean Energy Activities

1990  Planning a Full Scale Wave Power Conversion Test 1988-1989

1990  Power Conditioning Options for Variable-Speed Ocean Energy Conversion Systems

1990  Progress of Floating Type Wave Power Generator

1990  Research and Development of Wave Pump

1990  Review of Garolim Tidal Power Project

1990  Some Novel Concepts in Approach to Harnessing Tidal Power

1990  Space Power Systems—Radiation: Energy Conversion

1990  Study on Pneumatic Wave Power Conversion System with the Water Valve Rectifier

1990  Theoretical Study on Capture Chamber with Lateral Entrance

1990  Use of Scrap Tires to Harness Wave Energy

1989  Compendium of International Ocean Energy Activities

1989  Electricity From Air

1989  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Wave-power-extracting Caisson Breakwater

1988  Power Systems for Production, Construction Life Support, and Operations in Space

1988  Variable Speed Generators in Hydro Applications

1987  Coal Wastes May Provide Billions in Energy

1987  A Comparative Study of Two Capture Chamber Geometries

1987  Converted Wave Energy Transmission, Storage and Integration

1987  Economic factors of Wave Energy Conversion

1987  Experiences in Pneumatic Wave Energy Conversion in Japan

1987  Method of Estimating the Power Extracted by Fixed Coastal Type Wave Power Extractors

1987  On the Performance of a Wave Power Converter

1987  Optimal Strategies for Phase Control of Wave Energy Devices

1987  Preliminary Design and Construction Plan for an Ocean Wave Energy Conversion System

1987  Prototype Wave Power Stations in Norway

1987  Studies With, and Testing of the McCormick Pneumatic Wave Energy Turbine With Some Comments on PWECS Systems

1987  Utilization of Ocean Waves—Wave to Energy Conversion

1987  Wave Energy Research in Ireland

1985  Detailed Design of a Wave Energy Conversion Plant

1985  Wave Power Extraction at Coastal Structure by Means of Moving Body in the Chamber

1983  Analysis of Optimal Ocean Wave Energy Conversion

1983  Confined Radial Buoyant Jet

1982  Biomass as Alternative Energy Source

1982  Coal Gasification - The Key to Coal Conversion

1982  Direct Liquefaction — Status and Potential

1982  Hydro Electric Ocean Energy Conversion Systems

1982  A Proposal for Wave Energy Conversion Near Cape Town

1982  Review of Municipal Waste-To-Energy Technologies - 1981

1982  Utilization of a Solar Pond as a Source of Thermal Energy

1981  Optimization of Integrated Energy Systems

1981  Radial Source-Sink Flow in Stratified Ocean

1979  Design and Analysis of OTEC’s Cold Water Pipe

1979  Energy-Water-Salinity: Upper Colorado River Basin

1978  Some Design Criteria for OTEC Installations for Keahole Point

1977  The Wave Pump: Conversion of Wave Energy to Current Energy