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2015  Passive Cooling System Could Slash Energy Consumption

2015  Simulation-Based Estimation of Fuel Consumption and Emissions of Asphalt Paving Operations

2015  Water Distribution System Rehabilitation under Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios in Canada

2014  Applicability Improvement of Demand-Controlled Ventilation under an Occupant-Based Ventilation Standard in China

2014  Assessing Environmental Impacts in Geotechnical Construction: Insights from the Fuel Cycle

2014  Assessing the Utilization of a Manufacturing Plant Floor as Part of Overhead Energy

2014  Assessment Model for Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions during Building Construction

2014  Automated Diagnostics and Visualization of Potential Energy Performance Problems in Existing Buildings Using Energy Performance Augmented Reality Models

2014  Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder, and Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete and Mortar

2014  Conducting Retrospective Analyses of Building Energy Models with Various Levels of Available Data

2014  Demonstrating the Impact of the Occupant on Building Performance

2014  Energy-Saving Wireless Sensor Node for Relative Positioning of Densely Deployed GPS Network

2014  Estimating the Consumptive Use Costs of Shale Natural Gas Extraction on Pennsylvania Roadways

2014  Go Green, Get Healthy: An Agencywide Effort to Reduce Energy Use and Move the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention toward Sustainability

2014  Impact of Social Network Type and Structure on Modeling Normative Energy Use Behavior Interventions

2014  Optimizing Building Energy Operations via Dynamic Zonal Temperature Settings

2014  Simulation-Based Model for Integrated Daylighting System Design

2014  Special Issue on Computational Approaches to Understand and Reduce Energy Consumption in the Built Environment

2014  Sustainability in an Era of Increasing Energy Demand: Challenges for Offshore Geotechnics

2014  Technoeconomic Assessment of the Impact of Window Improvements on the Heating and Cooling Energy Requirement and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Canadian Housing Stock

2014  Using a GPS Data Set to Examine the Effects of the Built Environment along Commuting Routes on Travel Outcomes

2013  Analysis and Simulation of Infrastructure Influence on High-Speed Trains’ Running Energy Consumption

2013  Analysis of Residential Energy Consumption Characteristics: A Comparative Study Between Two Cities in China and the U.S.

2013  Analysis of the Factors Affecting Freight Transportation Energy Consumption Based on LMDI

2013  Coupling Distributed Energy Simulation and Occupancy Models for Comprehensive Building Energy Consumption Analysis

2013  Developing a Standard Energy Auditing Process for Pennsylvania State University

2013  The Driving Resistance and Fuel Consumption Test Method Research of Transportation Coach

2013  Electrochemical Oxidation of Chlortetracycline Using Ti/IrO2 and Ti/PbO2 Anode Electrodes: Application of Experimental Design Methodology

2013  Energy Consumption Evaluation Method of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  Energy Management Strategy of Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles Based on Instantaneous Equivalent Fuel Consumption Minimization

2013  Enterprise-Optimal Supply Strategy Research when Put into Technology under the Carbon Tax

2013  Experimental Analysis of Single-Lane Roundabout Slip Lanes: Fuel Consumption and Emissions

2013  Factors Influencing Energy Consumption of Energy Star and Non-Energy Star Homes

2013  Full Closure or Partial Closure? Evaluation of Construction Plans for the I-5 Closure in Downtown Sacramento

2013  High Performance Facades: The Effect of Sun Breakers on Daylighting Performance and Energy Consumption in South Oriented Office Spaces

2013  Hourly Plug Load Measurements and Profiles for a Medium Office Building - a Case Study

2013  The Impact of Predictive Cruise Control on Traffic Flow and Energy Consumption

2013  Methodology for Assessing and Providing Recommendations for Waterfront Lighting Efficiency Improvements

2013  Modeling and Predictive Control of Mixed-Mode Buildings with MatLab/GenOpt

2013  Optimizing Electric Rail Energy Consumption Using the Lagrange Multiplier Technique

2013  Pavement Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment and Interpretation Using a Novel Qualitative Decision Procedure

2013  Personalized Thermal Comfort-Driven Control in HVAC-Operated Office Buildings

2013  Reasonable Division of Intercity Rail Transit and Other Intercity Traffic Modes

2013  Research on Optimization of Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction of the Oilfield Ground Gathering and Transportation System

2013  A Semiotic Framework for Information Representation of Energy Consumption in Office Buildings

2013  Statistical Modeling for Energy Consumption and Anomaly Detection in Rubber Vulcanization Process

2013  Stochastic Energy Simulation for Risk Analysis of Energy Retrofits

2013  Territorial Distribution Proposal for the Biofuel Consumption Target in the Transportation Sector in Accordance with the EU Energy Policy for 2020

2013  Use of Hydraulic Pressure-Improved Electrokinetic Technique to Enhance the Efficiencies of the Remediation of PCP-Contaminated Soil

2013  Using Turbidity to Determine Total Suspended Solids in Storm-Water Runoff from Green Roofs

2013  Voltage Sag Source Location Based on Pattern Recognition

2013  The Water Footprint of Energy Policies

2012  Agent-Based Modeling of Occupants and Their Impact on Energy Use in Commercial Buildings

2012  Analysis of Arizona’s LEED for New Construction Population’s Credits

2012  An Artificial Neural Network-Based Prediction of Government-Owned Building Energy Consumption with Design Variables

2012  Comparative Analysis of Energy Consumption of Green and Non-Green School Buildings

2012  Comparing Predicted to Actual Energy Consumption of LEED-Certified Dormitory Buildings: An Aggregate Analysis

2012  Concurrent Data Collection Method for Building Energy Analysis Using Project Temporary Database

2012  Determining the Value of Governmental Subsidies for the Installation of Clean Energy Systems Using Real Options

2012  Effectiveness of External Wall Shading in Reducing the Energy Consumption of Desert Buildings

2012  Effectiveness of Green-Roof on Reducing Energy Consumption through Simulation Program for a Residential Building: Cairo, Egypt

2012  Energy Consumption, Carbon Emissions, and Transport Economical Growth in China—An Empirical Analysis Based on Decoupling Theory

2012  Energy Consumption Evaluation of U.S. Navy LEED-Certified Buildings

2012  Energy Consumption of Housing: A Case Study of RE and SB Construction in Northern Colorado

2012  Energy-Saving Techniques for Reducing CO2 Emissions in Elementary Schools

2012  Evaluating Energy Savings Potential in United States Residential Buildings

2012  Evaluation Model for Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Construction Methods

2012  Exergy Analysis of Energy Use during Building Life Cycle

2012  Finding Least-Cost Pump Schedules for Reservoir Filling with a Variable Speed Pump

2012  Hybrid Approach to Visualize Building Energy Information Model in Geospatial Application Programs

2012  Implementation of the German Passivhaus Concept in Southeast Europe: Considerations for Romania

2012  Implications of High-Pressure Turbine’s Erosion for a Military Turbofan’s Fuel Consumption

2012  Investigating the Set of Parameters Influencing Building Energy Consumption

2012  Life Cycle Analysis of a St. Louis Flat Roof Residential Retrofit for Improved Energy Efficiency

2012  Low-Energy House in Arctic Climate: Five Years of Experience

2012  Minimizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Construction Activities and Processes

2012  Multi-Objective Rehabilitation Planning of Water Distribution Systems under Climate Change Mitigation Scenarios

2012  Operation Optimization Method for Saving Compressor Energy of Natural Gas Pipeline

2012  Postoccupancy Energy Consumption Survey of Arizona’s LEED New Construction Population

2012  Prediction Model of California Residential Buildings’ Energy Consumption

2012  Random Scenarios Generation with Minimum Energy Consumption Model for Sectoring Optimization in Pressurized Irrigation Networks Using a Simulated Annealing Approach

2012  Research of Energy Consumption Based on Full Velocity Difference Model

2012  Research on the Energy Utilization Ratio of Urban Light Vehicles in China under Driving Cycle Conditions

2012  Research on the Structure of Urban Road Network Based on the Energy Consumption and the Complex Network

2012  Sensitivity of Energy Simulation Models to Occupancy Related Parameters in Commercial Buildings

2012  A team of architects has designed the only indoor ski resort...

2012  Understanding the Influence of Occupant Behavior on Energy Consumption Patterns in Commercial Buildings

2012  Web-Based Eco-Feedback Visualization of Building Occupant Energy Consumption in Support of Quantifying Social Network Effects on Conservation

2011  Analysis of Traveling Speed and Fuel Consumption Based on Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder for BRT in Jinan

2011  Commuting from U.S. Brownfield and Greenfield Residential Development Neighborhoods

2011  Energy Consumption Analysis and Assessment for Northeastern Crude Oil Pipeline Network in China

2011  Estimation of Energy Loss in Conveyor Systems due to Idler Indentation

2011  Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Water Distribution Systems by Using EIO-LCA-Based Multiobjective Optimization

2011  Evaluation of Water and Energy Use in Pressurized Irrigation Networks in Southern Spain

2011  A Field Investigation of the Effect of Pavement Type on Fuel Consumption

2011  A Fine-Grained Localization Scheme of Wireless Sensor Networks Using the Multi-Energy Level Effect of Mobile Robot

2011  Identifying the Determinants of Energy Use in Texas A&M University Campus at Kingsville

2011  Models for Optimization of Energy Consumption of Pumps in a Wastewater Processing Plant

2011  A Multi-Objective Generic Algorithm Approach for Optimization of Building Energy Performance

2011  NewsBriefs: China Takes the Lead as World’s Largest Energy Consumer (Waste Business Journal)