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Found 93 Records with the keyword term of "Encasements"

2010  Numerical Study of Effect of Encasement on Stone Column Performance

2010  Studies on the Behavior of Single and Group of Geosynthetic Encased Stone Columns

2009  3D Numerical Analyses of Geosynthetic Encased Stone Columns

2009  ’Cocoon’ Structure Encases Darwin Collection

2009  The Estimation to the Service Life of Casing in Salt Formation

2009  Evaluation of Casing-Cement-Mantle Coupling Failure for the CNG Storage Well

2009  Issues Related to Use of OD vs. ID Casing in Drilled Shaft Construction

2009  Longitudinal Condition Assessment of Exposed Pipelines Encased in Concrete Box in a Riverbed

2009  A Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) Method for Casing Program Design

2009  Research about Magnetic Pulse Detection Method of Annulus Multi-String Damage

2008  An Independent Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Polyethylene Encasement as a Corrosion Control Measure for Ductile Iron Pipe

2008  Polyethylene Encasement as an Asset Preservation Method for Ductile Iron Pipe

2007  Assessing Polyethylene Encased Ductile Iron Pipelines

2007  Casing Influence in Reservoir Compaction Measurement by Radioactive Markers in the Northern Adriatic, Italy

2007  Experimental Evaluation of New Concrete Encased Steel Composite Beam to Steel Column Joint

2007  Finite-Element Modeling of Partially Encased Composite Columns Using the Dynamic Explicit Method

2007  Innovative Record Length Twin 60-Inch Microtunnel Drives beneath US 50 and High School in West Sacramento: Combine Direct-Jacked Carrier Pipe and Casing and Carrier in Single Drive

2006  The Responses of Casing Pipe of Oil-Well Induced by the Swelling of Rocks

2006  Structural Behavior of Partially Concrete Encased Composite Sections with High Strength Concrete

2005  Foundation of Constructions on Very Soft Soils with Geotextile Encased Columns - State of the Art

2005  Geotextile Encased Columns (GEC): Load Capacity, Geotextile Selection and Pre-Design Graphs

2005  Performance of Guardrail Systems Encased in Pavement Mow Strips

2004  Buried Pipe Encased in Concrete

2004  Cyclic Testing of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Bridge Piers having Encased Fixed-Based Detail

2004  Fast-Track Design and Installation of a 30-inch Casing Pipe Crossing of the Ventura River

2003  Corrosiveness of Controlled Low Strength Materials vs. That of Encasement Sand

2003  Long-Term Behavior and Strength of Partially Encased Composite Columns Made with Built-Up Steel Shapes

2002  Behavior and Strength of Partially Encased Composite Columns with Built-up Shapes

2002  Behavior of Partially Encased Composite Columns Using High-Strength Steel—Ultimate Load and Fire Condition

2002  Bottom Driving Casing Technique Predictions with TNOWAVE

2002  Design and Application of Partially Encased Non-Compact Composite Columns for High-Rise Buildings

2002  Design Equation for the Axial Capacity of Partially Encased Non-Compact Columns

2002  Experimental Study on Shear Splitting Failure of Full-Scale Composite Concrete Encased Steel Beams

2002  Lateral Torsional Buckling of Partially Encased Composite Beams without Concrete Slab

2001  Damage Assessment of FRP-Encased Concrete Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

2001  Stiffening Requirements for Unbonded Braces Encased in Concrete Panels

2000  Experimental Behavior of Jacketed Reinforced Concrete Beams

2000  Instability of Thin Pipes Encased in Oval Rigid Cavity

2000  New Method for Testing Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Rods under Fatigue

2000  Use of External FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Encasement

1999  High Rise Express (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)

1999  Shear Connector Requirements for Embedded Steel Sections

1999  Strength and Ductility of Concrete Encased Composite Columns

1998  Durability Characteristics of Concrete Columns Wrapped with Fiber Tow Sheets

1998  Polyethylene Encasement of Buried Conduit

1997  Buckling Models of Thin Circular Pipes Encased in Rigid Cavity

1997  Statistical Calibration of Safety Factors for Encased Composite Columns

1996  Local Damage Assessment of Metal Barriers under Turbine Missile Impacts

1996  Seismic Behavior of Older Steel Structures

1996  Windsor Bridge Pier Repairs

1995  Buckling of Encased Elliptic Thin Ring

1995  Cost Effective Corrosion Mitigation

1995  Local Stability of Filled and Encased Steel Sections

1995  Polyethylene Encasement and the 1993 Revision of ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 Standard

1994  Analytical Model for Steel-Jacketed RC Circular Bridge Columns

1993  Pipelines Crossing Highways and Railroads by Tunneling

1993  Steel Panel Encased R.C. Composite Shear Walls

1992  Colorimetric Determination of Fe²+/Fe³+ Ratio in Radioactive Glasses

1992  The Development and Testprogram of Transport and Storage Casks for Vitrified High Level Wastes

1992  Disposal of Failed Melters from Defense Waste Vitrification Facilities

1992  Evaluation of Vitrified High Level Radioactive Waste Product for Long Term Behavior

1992  Evaluations of Glass Vitrification Techniques on Iron Ratio Determinations

1992  First-Order Model for Durability of Hanford Waste Glasses as a Function of Composition

1992  HLW Immobilization in Glass: Industrial Operation and Product Quality

1992  Hydrogen Generation During Treatment of Simulated High-Level Radioactive Waste with Formic Acid

1992  Phase Stability of Simulated Nuclear Waste Glasses

1992  A Pilot Scale Demonstration of the DWPF Process Control and Product Verification Strategy

1992  Projected Compositions and Radiogenic Properties of DWPF Glasses

1992  Quality Assurance at a High Level Waste Plant—The Successful Approval of WVP, Sellafield to BS5882/ISO9002

1992  The Remote Monitoring of Waste Glass Melter Product

1992  Some Aspects Concerning the Design of High Level Waste Vitrification and Storage Facilities

1992  Thermal History and Crystallization Characteristics of the DWPF Glass Waste Form

1992  Transportation, Interim Storage, and Disposal Alternative for Vitrified High-Level Waste

1991  Casing Insulators, Spacers and Skids

1991  “Pet Peeve: Casing Separates”

1991  Pipeline Crossing Research at the Gas Research Institute: An Overview

1991  Prevention and Correction of Casing Contact Shorts

1991  Removal of Dissolved and Suspended Radionuclides from HWVP Liquid Wastes

1990  Corrosion Protection of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Pipe, San Diego, California

1990  Development of the Engineered Barriers for the Deep Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste

1990  Mass-Transfer Analysis of Waste Packages Containing Defense Waste Processing Facility Glass as a Waste Form

1990  An Overview of the Vitrification of Defense High-Level Waste at the Hanford Site

1990  Properties of the West Valley Waste Form

1990  Vitrification of Defense High Level Radioactive Waste at Savannah River and Hanford

1988  Turbine Casing and Distributor Hydraulic Design

1981  Moment Distribution Factors for Pipe Encasements

1981  Tensile Strength of PVC and ABS Well Casing Joints

1975  Plastic Rotations in Continuous Encased Beams

1974  Concrete Encased Steel Columns—Design Tables

1971  Pressure Buckling of Ring Encased in Cavity

1969  Response of Buried Cylinders Encased in Foam

1968  Structural Design of Pipeline Casing Pipes

1956  Stresses Pressure Pipelines and Protective Casing Pipes