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2014  Employment Outlook Positive for Civil Engineers

2014  News2Note

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Judith Nitsch, P.E., F.ASCE, LEED AP BD+C, on establishing an engineering firm

2013  Categories and Characteristics of E&C Firms Employing Geoengineers

2013  Developing High-Performing Organizations: Keys to Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing People Who Make the Difference

2013  Employability of Graduate Students in Construction Management

2013  Navigating the Academic Job Search for Environmental Engineers: Guidance for Job Seekers and Mentors

2013  A Question of Ethics: Employers’ Responsibilities to Employees

2013  Sponsorship Works: Study of the Perceptions of Students, Employers, and Academics of Industrial Sponsorship

2013  Understanding and Impressions of Jobs in the Construction Industry by Young Adults in Singapore

2012  Do Professional Women and Tradeswomen in the South African Construction Industry Share Common Employment Barriers despite Progressive Government Legislation?

2012  Engineering and Design: Most Central Knowledge in Architecture and Engineering Jobs

2011  Civil, Environmental, Transportation, and Structural Engineering Among Best Jobs in the Nation, Money Says

2011  Human Resource Allocation for Remote Construction Projects

2010  CMAA Survey Results: Staff Reductions Prevalent, Owners Cautious

2010  NewsBriefs: Nation’s Wind Capacity Up, Jobs Flat

2010  Shale Oil-An Opportunity to Revive the Construction Industry and Economy while Increasing Energy and Construction Job Security

2010  What If You Have Been Retrenched? Look toward the Bright Side: Capitalize on Your Psychological Capital

2009  Modeling Incentive Mechanism of Taxi Drivers with the Employment Relationship

2009  NewsBriefs: 150,000 Jobs to Be Created, President Announces

2009  NewsBriefs: Civil Engineering Seen As a Growth Profession

2009  NewsBriefs: Job Web Site Discerns Trends, Includes Construction and Design

2008  Commuting Preference Functions from Employment Centres

2008  Job Satisfaction of Women in Construction Trades

2008  NewsBriefs: Pentagon Recruits Social Scientists

2008  Research on Multi-Agent-Based Scheduling Approach for Job Shop Scheduling

2008  We Are All Disabled . . . On Some of Us It Shows Disability as a Form of Diversity: A Small Parable

2006  Job Performance Evaluation for Construction Companies: An Analytic Network Process Approach

2005  Comparison of Student and Practitioner Viewpoints Relative to First Employment Opportunities for Architectural Engineering Students

2005  Empirical Examination of the Corpus Christi Unemployment Rate and Hurricane Bret

2004  Employment History Survey of ASCE’s Younger Members-2003 Follow-Up Survey

2003  Empirical Analysis of Relationship between Accessibility and Economic Development

2003  Employment History Survey of ASCE’s Younger Members

2003  Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurialism in a Value-Driven Organization

2003  HABS/HAER/HALS Seeks Applicants for Summer Employment

2003  Whistle-Blowing Engineer

2003  Workforce Demographics among Project Engineering Professionals—Crisis Ahead?

2002  9 Lessons on How to Recruit the Top Graduates or How Top Graduates Recruit You Recruit You

2002  Degenerating Image of the Construction Industry

2002  Five Strategies of Successful Part-Time Work

2002  Forum

2002  Forum

2002  Forum

2002  Forum

2002  Front Matter

2002  Guide to Hiring and Retaining Great Civil Engineers

2002  Improving Quality through Diversity—More Critical Now than Ever before

2002  Index

2002  References

2001  B2B in the Construction Industry—Putting First Things First

2001  Career Fair Returns to Conference

2001  Coastal Engineer Shortage Greatly Exaggerated

2001  Education: Survey Reveals Hiring Wishes of Structural Firms

2001  Effect of Interorganizational Teamwork on Project Outcome

2001  Forum

2001  Forum

2001  Forum

2001  Increasing Diversity in Civil Engineering—It’s Up to Us

2001  One Company’s Approach to the Recruitment and Retention of Engineers

2001  Recruitment and Retention of Civil Engineers in Departments of Transportation

2001  Retention of Nontraditional Engineering and Construction Professionals

2001  Small Business Report: Considering Retirement Options

2001  Steps You Can Take to Hire, Keep, and Inspire Generation Xers

2001  Teaching Lessons Learned: Paying Attention to the Details (Case 1017)

2001  Vote for Five-Year Degree (letter)

2000  Comparison of Men’s and Women’s Careers in U.K. Construction Industry

2000  Forum

2000  Roles of Civil Engineering Faculty

1999  Back Matter

1999  Caltrans Settlement Brings Engineering In-House

1999  Front Matter

1999  Good News/Bad News

1999  Holding the Advantage

1999  How to Hire the Best

1999  Index

1999  The New Commute

1999  On the Web

1999  Personal Success Strategies, Developing Your Potential!: A Handbook

1999  Servant-Leadership: Enhancing Employee’s Lives and the Bottom Line

1998  The Connection Between Public Transit and Employment: Is Bus Transit a Solution to Spatial Mismatch?

1998  Consulting Experience vs. Research

1998  DOE Privatizes Oak Ridge Cleanup, Saves Millions

1998  Employment Agreements for Senior Personnel

1998  The Engineer

1998  Environmental Engineering Forum (Closure of Undergraduate Environmental Engineering Education Forum Paper, Sept. 1996, vol. 122, No. 9, pp. 779-784)

1998  Ethics Cases in Professional Practice: The Joy of Being Wanted

1998  Forum

1998  Forum

1998  Forum

1998  Management Digest

1998  Management Digest

1998  New Methodology for Calibrating the Lowry Model

1998  Out of Sight, Out of Time

1998  A Question of Academics

1998  Threat to Public and the Profession

1998  Understanding Generation X

1998  Welfare to Work: An Application of GIS in Assessing the Role of Public Transit

1997  Age Discrimination: Downsizing Without Lawsuits

1997  BHE Launches Technical Staffing

1997  Civil Citizens (Stability Dividends?)