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2015  Models of Roundabout Lane Capacity

2015  Which Owner Characteristics Are Key Factors Affecting Project Delivery System Decision Making? Empirical Analysis Based on the Rough Set Theory

2014  Capture Zone Comparison for Photovoltaic Microgrid-Powered Pump and Treat Remediation

2014  Comparison of Different Empirical Methods for Estimating Daily Reference Evapotranspiration in Mediterranean Climate

2014  Estimating Transit Route OD Flow Matrices from APC Data on Multiple Bus Trips Using the IPF Method with an Iteratively Improved Base: Method and Empirical Evaluation

2014  Multilinear Regression Equations for Predicting Lateral Spread Displacement from Soil Type and Cone Penetration Test Data

2013  Empirical Model of the Moment-Rotation Curve of Beam-to-Beam Bolted Flush Endplate Connections

2013  Empirical Study of Gap-Acceptance Behavior of Right-Turn-on-Red Drivers on Dual Right-Turn Lanes

2013  Liquefaction Response of Partially Saturated Sands. II: Empirical Model

2013  Regional Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves Derived from Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Scaling Property

2012  Air-Water Interfacial Area and Capillary Pressure: Porous-Medium Texture Effects and an Empirical Function

2012  A Comparison of SPT-Based Empirical Liquefaction Triggering Procedures for Soils at Significant Depths (+20 m)

2012  Mechanistic-Empirical Modeling of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Unpaved Roads

2012  Semi-Empirical Modeling of Spatial Variations in Sea Level Rise

2011  Empirical Analysis of Commuters’ Nonwork Stop-Making Behavior in Beijing, China

2011  Empirical Analysis of Commuting Length Choice Behavior

2011  Empirical Analysis of Construction Enterprise Information Systems: Assessing System Integration, Critical Factors, and Benefits

2011  Empirical Study of Fractal Characteristics of Traffic Time Series

2011  Use of Empirical Constitutive Properties to Develop a Resistance Function for Reinforced Masonry

2011  Wetting Pattern Models for Drip Irrigation: New Empirical Model

2010  Effect of Urbanization on the Development of Circulation Industry: An Empirical Study

2010  Empirical Analysis of Regional Logistics Growth and Differences in China

2010  Empirical Analysis on the Effect of Logistics Industry Development to China’s Economic Growth

2010  Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Development of Modern Logistics and Economic Growth in Zhuhai

2010  An Empirical Analysis on the Relationship between Logistics Development and Economic Growth in Henan Province

2010  An Empirical Method for Predicting Foundation Heave Rate in Expansive Soil

2010  Empirical Modeling Methodologies for Construction

2010  Empirical Research on Interaction between Logistics Industry, Domestic Trade, and Foreign Trade in the Chinese Context

2010  Empirical Studies on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation to the Performance of Reverse Logistics System Based on the Fuzzy AHP Model

2010  Empirical Study of Influence of Information Industry on Logistics Development in Convergence Perspective

2010  An Empirical Study of the Urban Traffic Accident Causes with Correspondence Analysis Method

2010  Empirical Study on Intercity Logistics Distribution Demand Forecast Based on Grey-Markov Model

2010  An Empirical Study on the Arrangement of Truck Ownership in Trucking Enterprises

2010  An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the Inventory Management in the Supply Chain and Enterprise Performance in the Textile and Garment Industry

2010  An Empirical Taxonomy for Location Strategy of Third-Party Logistics in China

2010  Integrating Wavelet Empirical Orthogonal Functions and Statistical Disaggregation for Predicting Weekly Runoff for the Upper Kafue Basin in Zambia, Africa

2010  Semiempirical Approach for Estimation of DDC-Induced Deflections of Sheet Pile Walls in Peat

2010  A Study on the Determinants of Regional Growth Differences in China’s Circulation Industry—Empirical Analysis Based on Stochastic Frontier Model

2010  Validation and Application of Empirical Liquefaction Models

2010  VaR Models for Impawn Rate of Steel of Inventory Financing: An Empirical Analysis Based on Price of Hot Rolled Plate in Shanghai

2009  Comparison of Long-Term Observed Sediment Trap Efficiency with Empirical Equations for Coralville Reservoir, Iowa

2009  Empirical Analysis of the Learning Curve Principle in Prestressed Concrete Piles

2009  Empirical Equation for Abrasion of Stilling Basin Caused by Impact of Sediment

2009  Evolution of Public Transport Networks: An Empirical Analysis

2009  Hydrograph Separation and Development of Empirical Relationships Using Single-Parameter Digital Filters

2009  Impact of Empirical Models for Approach Wind Exposures on Wind Loading on Low Buildings — A Comparative Study

2009  Wave-Induced Pressures and Forces on Deck Slabs near the Free Surface

2008  Antecedent Role of Information Sharing On Trust And Cooperation Intentions In Supply Chain: An Empirical Analysis

2008  Application of ANN-Based Response Surface Method to Prediction of Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels

2008  Empirical Analysis of Commuter Activity Scheduling: A Case Study Of Shanghai

2008  Empirical Model for Liquefaction Resistance of Soils Based on Artificial Neural Network Learning of Case Histories

2008  Empirical Relationship between Speed Difference and Safety in Highway Traffic Flow

2008  An Empirical Study of Global Scope Economies Model in Diversified Railway Logistics

2008  Empirical Study on Performance Assessment Of Listed Logistics Companies In China With DEA

2008  Empirical Study on the Relativity between the Development of the Logistics Industry and the National Economy Level — Take Chengdu for Example

2008  Groundwater Management Using Model Reduction via Empirical Orthogonal Functions

2008  Hydrodynamics of a Concentric Twin Perforated Circular Cylinder System

2008  Numerical Analysis of a Tunnel Support Design in Conjunction with Empirical Methods

2008  Wave Overtopping of Póvoa de Varzim Breakwater: Physical and Numerical Simulations

2007  Calibration and Validation of an Empirical Dissolved Oxygen Model

2007  Effect of Subsidy Policy on Technical Efficiency: An Empirical Study of China’s Urban Public Transportation

2007  An Empirical Study on the Customer Perceived Risks of Third Party Logistics Service

2007  Empirical Study on the Merit of Web-Based 4D Visualization in Collaborative Construction Planning and Scheduling

2007  The Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Research on Choosing the Inland Transportation Mode

2007  Using Simple Semi-Empirical Models for Integrated Assessment of Scenarios for a Navigation Channel: The Case of the Port of Ostend, Belgium

2006  Dynamic Uplift Scenarios for Floating Ice

2006  Evaluation of Empirical Procedures for Predicting the Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils

2006  Nonlinear PLS Method for Side Weir Flows

2006  A Semi-Empirical Relationship for Predicting Soil Collapsibility under Soaking

2005  Empirical Study of Traffic Features at a Freeway Lane Drop

2004  Reducing Uncertainty of Prediction from Empirical Correlations

2001  Papers in Journal of Environmental Engineering: Subjective Evaluation and Some Suggestions

2000  Conservation Equations for Ground-Water Velocity in General Conditions

2000  Design Equation for Overlap Tubular K-Joints under Axial Loading

2000  Empirical Model and Kinetic Behavior of Thermophilic Composting of Vegetable Waste

2000  Empirical Model for Biofiltration of Toluene

2000  A New Sediment Transport Formula for Local Scour Prediction

2000  Prediction of Sand Ripple Geometry Under Waves and Currents

2000  Tall Tales about Tails of Hydrological Distributions. I

2000  Validation of Forchheimer’s Law for Flow Through Porous Media with Converging Boundaries

1999  Semiempirical Infiltration Equation for Furrow Irrigation Systems

1998  Analysis of Reaeration Equations Using Mean Multiplicative Error

1998  Boundary Shear in Rectangular Ducts and Channels

1998  Empirical Techniques for a priori Parameter Estimation

1998  Estimating Optimum Water Content and Maximum Dry Unit Weight for Compacted Clays

1998  Initial Dilution Equations for Buoyancy-Dominated Jets in Current

1998  Limitations and Proper Use of the Hazen-Williams Equation

1997  Estimation of Hazard Area Due to Debris Flow

1996  Coordination of Empirical and Rational Alluvial Canal Formulas

1996  Lake Number: A Long-Term Lake Water Quality Predictor

1995  Comparison of Pier-Scour Equations Using Field Data

1995  Finite-Element Modeling of Tubular Joints. II: Design Equations

1995  Wave Breaking over Submerged Horizontal Plate

1994  Data Analysis of Bed Concentration of Suspended Sediment

1994  Empirical Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criterion for Concrete Block-Mortar Joints

1994  Equilibrium Beach Profiles on the Catalan Coast

1993  An Empirical Model for the Volume-Change Behavior of Debris Flows

1993  Empirical Prediction of Strong Ground Motion

1993  Flow and Transport of Nonaqueous Phase Liquids in Groundwater Systems

1993  Numerical Calculation of Infiltration in Furrow Irrigation Simulation Models