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2015  Centrifuge Model Test and FEM Analysis of Dynamic Interactive Behavior between Embankments and Installed Culverts in Multiarch Culvert Embankments

2015  Comparison of Anisotropic Rate-Dependent Models for Modeling Consolidation of Soft Clays

2015  Elastic-Viscoplastic Modeling for Natural Soft Clays Considering Nonlinear Creep

2015  Finite-Element Analysis on the Stability of Geotextile Tube-Reinforced Embankments under Scouring

2015  Geosynthetic-Reinforced Piled Embankments: Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Methods

2015  Numerical Modeling of Geotextile-Reinforced Embankments over Deep Cement Mixed Columns Incorporating Strain-Softening Behavior of Columns

2015  Optimal Layout of Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2015  Rectangular Foundations on a Sand Embankment over Mine Tailings

2014  Analysis of Tilted Primary Diaphragm Wall in Very Soft Clay

2014  Analysis on the Subgrade Settlement and Deformation of Lightly Expansive Red Clay

2014  Applying Geostatistics to Continuous Compaction Control of Construction and Demolition Materials for Road Embankments

2014  Articulated Concrete Block Stability Assessment for Embankment-Overtopping Conditions

2014  Centrifuge Modeling of a Pile-Supported Granular Earth-Platform

2014  Centrifuge Modeling of the Seismic Performance of Pile-Reinforced Slopes

2014  Characterization, Modeling, and Evaluation of Geotechnical Engineering Systems

2014  Deformation Response of Soft Foundation Soils under Tall Embankments - A Numerical Analysis

2014  Design and Implementation of Geophysical Monitoring and Remote Sensing during a Full-Scale Embankment Internal Erosion Test

2014  Distinct Element Model Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Rock with Interconnected Non-Persistent Joints

2014  Engineering Properties of Recycled Materials for Use as Embankment Fill

2014  Estimation of Consolidation Properties of Clay from Field Observations

2014  Evaluating the Effect of Fiber Reinforcement on the Anisotropic Undrained Stiffness and Strength of Peat

2014  Evaluating the Utility of Tensiometers for Establishing Water Retention Characteristics Curves of Fly Ash

2014  Evaluation of Residential Area Rehabilitation in Khartoum State

2014  Evaluation of the New Technique of Geogrid-Reinforced and Pile-Supported Embankment at Bridge Approach

2014  Evaluation of the Settlement of Embankment Supported by Cast-in-Place Concrete Tubular Piles

2014  Experimental Study of Marble Elastoplastic Parameters and Its Application

2014  Experimental Study on Energy Evolution Process of Fracture Propagation of Marble under Different Stress Paths

2014  Front Matter

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Embankments Founded on Piled Beams

2014  Fully Softened Shear Strength at Low Stresses for Levee and Embankment Design

2014  Ground Shock Resistance of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls

2014  Highway Embankment Contract Specifications

2014  Inverse Estimations of Dynamic Stiffness of Highway Bridge Embankment from Earthquake Records

2014  Jacking Tilted Building by Automatic Multiple Grouting

2014  Laboratory Investigation of Desiccation Cracking

2014  Long-Term Time-Dependent Behavior of Surcharged Preloaded Embankment

2014  Numerical Assessment of Three-Dimensional Foundation Pinning Effects during Lateral Spreading at the Mataquito River Bridge

2014  Numerical Modeling of a Highway Embankment Using Geofoam Material as Partial Fill Replacement

2014  Numerical Study of Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Plastic Pin

2014  Pathologic Interpretation of Loading and Cracking Process of SCARC Specimens Using Fiber Bragg Gratings

2014  Performance and Analytic Modeling of Tunnel Lining Segment under Cyclic Loading

2014  Seismic Analysis of Soil Slopes Using FLAC2D and Modified Newmark Approach

2014  Thermo-Mechanical Coupling Deformation of Gas Coal and Its Failure Mode and Mechanism

2014  Using Compaction Equipment Instrumented with Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology to Monitor Field Lift Thickness

2014  Utilizing Chemical Treatment in Improving Bearing Capacity of Highly Expansive Clays

2014  Verification of Design Criteria for Bridge Approach Slabs

2013  An Alternative Performance-Based Liquefaction Initiation Procedure for the Standard Penetration Test

2013  Atomic-Scale Simulation of Sensor-Enabled Geosynthetics for Health-Monitoring of Reinforced Soil Slopes and Embankments

2013  Bridge Approach Embankment Slope Distress: Analysis, Monitoring, Design & Remediation - A Case Study

2013  Comparison of Different Two-Dimensional Idealizations for a Geosynthetic-Reinforced Pile-Supported Embankment

2013  Comparison of Erosion Susceptibility and Slope Stability of Repaired Highway Embankment

2013  Comprehensive Real-Time Field Monitoring at Active Embankment subjected to Tidal Loading

2013  Compression Behavior of Large-Sized Tire-Derived Aggregate for Embankment Application

2013  Considerations on the Design of Keying Flap of Plate Anchors

2013  Consolidation of Column-reinforced Soft Foundations under Embankments

2013  Design and Construction of Freestanding Expanded Polystyrene Roadway Embankment in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

2013  Discharge Characteristics of Weirs of Finite Crest Length with Upstream and Downstream Ramps

2013  Dutch Research on Basal Reinforced Piled Embankments

2013  Effect of Depth of Desiccation Cracks on Earth Embankments

2013  Effect of Uncertainties of Improved Soil Shear Strength on the Reliability of Embankments

2013  Effect of Uncertainty in Site Characterization on the Prediction of Liquefaction Potential for Bridge Embankments in the Mississippi Embayment

2013  Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilization of Recycled Asphalt Shingles for Use in Structural Fills

2013  Evaluation of PCC Pile Method in Mitigating Embankment Vibrations from a High-Speed Train

2013  An Evaluation of Specification Methodologies for Use with Continuous Compaction Control Equipment

2013  Examination and Implications of Preconsolidation Pressure Changes in Overconsolidated Clay Underlying a Large Embankment

2013  Experimental and Numerical Study of Micropiles to Reinforce High Railway Embankments

2013  Field Monitoring of Embankment Constructed by Volcanic Soil and Its Evaluation

2013  Folding, Destructuring, and Strength Changes in Overconsolidated Varved Clay under Embankment Loading

2013  Geo-Congress 2013, Stability and Performance of Slopes and Embankments III

2013  Geotechnical Aspects of a 16 m High Steep Embankment in Eastern Pennsylvania

2013  Geotechnical Asset Management of Slopes: Condition Indices and Performance Measures

2013  Geotechnical Triage

2013  Ground-based Interferometric Radar for Monitoring Slopes and Embankments

2013  Horizontal Drains - State of Practice The Past Seven Decades in the US

2013  Impact of Heat Exchange on the Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Response of Reinforced Embankments

2013  Influence of Features of Natural Soft Clay on Embankment Behavior

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of the Geotechnical Characteristics of Wastewater Biosolids in Road Embankments

2013  Ladle Furnace Slag in the Construction of Embankments: Expansive Behavior

2013  Lateral Extension of Slopes in Expansive Soils

2013  Load Distribution on Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Column-Supported Embankments

2013  Long-term Viscoplastic Behaviour of Embankments Built on Improved Soft Soil Using Vertical Drains

2013  Mechanism and Effects of Reinforcement of Embankment of High-Speed Railway in Operation

2013  Methods in Detecting Typical Embankment Defects During Operation Period

2013  Monitoring the Embankment Stabilization of Cantagalo Park, Brazil

2013  Multiphase Coupled Numerical Simulation of the Rainfall Infiltration into Unsaturated Embankments

2013  Near-Real-Time Embankment Settlement Monitoring for Construction Control

2013  Numerical Analysis for Steps Excavation Schemes of Old Embankment in Highway-Widening Engineering

2013  Numerical Modeling of Wetting-Induced Settlement of Embankments

2013  A Numerical Study on Artificial Fill Embankment with Liquefiable Foundation Using FLAC

2013  On Correction Factors for Liquefaction Analysis of Embankments and Slopes

2013  On the Evaluation of Static Soil Properties

2013  Pavement and Geotechnical Engineering for Transportation

2013  Performance Evaluation of an Embankment on Soft Soil Improved by Deep Mixed Columns and Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2013  Performance of High Geosynthetic-reinforced Embankments

2013  Performances of Large-Diameter Cast-in-Place Concrete Pipe Piles and Pile Groups under Lateral Loads

2013  Properties and Applications of Cement-Treated Sand-Expanded Polystyrene Bead Lightweight Fill

2013  Properties of Embankments Constructed in Winter

2013  Remote Sensing Applications for Landslides, Slopes and Embankments

2013  Review of Effectiveness and Costs of Strategies to Improve Roadbed Stability in Permafrost Regions

2013  Seismic Performance of Earth Embankment Using Simple and Advanced Numerical Approaches