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2014  Anisotropic Undrained Shear Strength Parameters for Nonlinear Deformation Analyses of Embankment Dams

2014  Effects of Woody Vegetation on Seepage-Induced Deformation and Related Limit State Analysis of Levees

2014  Formulas for the Peak Discharge from Breached Earthfill Dams

2014  Prototype and Laboratory Low-Level Outlet Air Demand Comparison for Small-to-Medium-Sized Embankment Dams

2013  Aeration, Flow Instabilities, and Residual Energy on Pooled Stepped Spillways of Embankment Dams

2013  Depth-Averaged Hydrodynamic Model for Gradual Breaching of Embankment Dams Attributable to Overtopping Considering Suspended Sediment Transport

2013  Effect of Geomechanical and Geometrical Factors on Soil Arching in Zoned Embankment Dams

2013  Effects of Surface Explosions on top of Earth Embankment Dams

2013  Inception Point for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways

2013  Interpreting the Dynamics of Embankment Dams through a Time-Series Analysis of Piezometer Data Using a Non-Parametric Spectral Estimation Method

2013  Investigation of Liquefaction Potential of Alluvium underneath an Earth Embankment Dam

2013  Stability Analyses for a 200-foot-high Dam Requiring Staged Construction

2012  Bedrock Settlement beneath a Large Embankment Dam

2012  Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Geo-Practice

2011  Assessing the Potential of Internal Erosion and Suffusion of Granular Soils

2011  Cyclic Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Used as Impervious Core in Embankment Dams

2011  Determining Air Demand for Small- to Medium-Sized Embankment Dam Low-Level Outlet Works

2011  Earthen Embankment Breaching

2011  Enhanced Predictions for Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dams

2011  Meta-Analysis of 301 Slope Failure Calculations. I: Database Description

2011  Numerical Prediction of the Dynamic Behavior of Two Earth Dams in Italy Using a Fully Coupled Nonlinear Approach

2011  Permeability Change Driving Effect on Embankment Dams Case Study: The Zonouz Embankment Dam

2011  Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis of a 300 m High Embankment Dam

2011  Seismic Deformation Analysis for Risk Assessment of Embankment Dams

2010  Lament of an Ancient Embankment Dam

2010  Lessons from Damages to High Embankment Dams in the May 12, 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

2010  Small and Medium Size Dam Air Vent Sizing for Low-Level Outlet Works

2009  Evaluation of Seepage from an Embankment Dam Retaining Fly Ash

2009  Hydraulics of Broad-Crested Weirs with Varying Side Slopes

2008  Assessing the Potential of Internal Instability and Suffusion in Embankment Dams and Their Foundations

2008  Case Study of the Big Bay Dam Failure: Accuracy and Comparison of Breach Predictions

2008  Considerations for Detection of Internal Erosion in Embankment Dams

2008  Deformation Analysis for Seismic Retrofit of an Embankment Dam

2008  Discussion of ”Time for Development of Internal Erosion and Piping in Embankment Dams” by Robin Fell, Chi Fai Wan, John Cyganiewicz, and Mark Foster

2008  Impact of Converging Chute Walls for Roller Compacted Concrete Stepped Spillways

2008  Liquefaction and Deformation Analyses Using a Total Stress Approach

2008  Recent Developments in Ground Improvement for Mitigation of Seismic Risk to Existing Embankment Dams

2008  Seepage through Rockfill Dams in Narrow Valleys

2008  Wavelet Signal Processing Technique in Analyzing Earthquake Records of Masjed Soleyman Embankment Dam

2007  Marcuson Discusses Seismic Design and Embankment Dams at 4th CECAR

2007  Structural and Geotechnical Instrumentation of the Pichi Picún Leufú Hydroelectric Dam, Argentina: A 54-m (177 ft) Compacted Gravel Embankment Dam with an Upstream Concrete Slab and Cutoff Wall

2006  Enhanced Criterion for Base Soil Retention in Embankment Dam Filters

2006  Evaluation of the Movements of the Dam Embankments by Means of Geodetic and Geotechnical Methods

2006  Model Test and Deformation Analysis for Failure of a Loose Sandy Embankment Dam by Seepage

2005  Dam Break Modeling for Tandem Reservoirs — A Case Study Using HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS

2005  Earth Dam Overtopping and Breach Outflow

2005  Seismic Retrofit of Embankment Dams to Mitigate Liquefaction: Selected Case Histories

2005  Slope Failure of Embankment Dam under Extreme Flooding Conditions: Comparison of Limit Equilibrium and Continuum Models

2004  Determination of Length of a Horizontal Drain in Homogeneous Earth Dams

2004  Embankment Dam on Liquefiable Foundation — Dynamic Behavior and Densification Remediation

2004  Geotechnical Design and Construction Issues For Guanella Dam, Near Empire, Colorado

2004  Granular Filters in Embankment Dams: A Conceptual Overview and Experimental Investigation

2004  Investigation of Rate of Erosion of Soils in Embankment Dams

2004  Measuring Stress Redistributions in Embankment Dams

2004  Pinery Dam Outlet Conduit Repair

2004  Uncertainty of Predictions of Embankment Dam Breach Parameters

2003  A Better Barrier

2003  Some Uncertainties in Embankment Dam Engineering

2003  Time for Development of Internal Erosion and Piping in Embankment Dams

2002  Analysis of Critical Hydraulic Gradient for Particle Movement in Filtration

2002  Assessment and Rehabilitation of Embankment Dams

2002  Dams: Corps to Stabilize Kansas Dam with Cement Grout Injections

2001  Assessing Embankment Dam Filters That Do Not Satisfy Design Criteria

2001  Prioritization of Ten Embankment Dams According to Physical Deficiencies

2001  Risk Indexing Tool to Assist in Prioritizing Improvements to Embankment Dam Inventories

2000  Added Protection

2000  Carsington Dam—The Near-Miss Which Became a Bulls-Eye

2000  Construction Claims due to Difficult Muck Excavation at the Twin Lakes Dam Enlargement Project

2000  Dynamic Deformation Analysis and Three-Dimensional Post-Earthquake Stability Analysis for Casitas Dam, California

2000  Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis with Stochastic Soil Hydraulic Conductivity

2000  Three Dams, One Reservoir

1999  Instrumentation of Embankment Dams and Levees

1999  Ranking Procedure on Maintenance Tasks for Monitoring of Embankment Dams

1999  Seepage Control Remediation at Hodges Village Dam, Oxford, Massachusetts

1998  Liquefaction Assessment Using a Bounding Surface Hypoplasticity Model for Sand

1998  Outlet Repairs Using Cured-in-Place Pipe

1998  Seismic Safety of Embankment Dams: Developments in Research and Practice 1988-1998

1997  Dewatering for Interim Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazard at Bradbury Dam

1997  Overtopping Breaching of Noncohesive Embankment Dams

1997  Predicting Embankment Dam Breach Parameters - A Needs Assessment

1997  Thermal Monitoring of Seepage at Fontenelle Dam

1996  Asphalt-Concrete Water Barriers for Embankment Dams

1996  Embankment Dams in the Piedmont/Blue Ridge Province

1996  Ranking Models Used for Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Systems

1995  A Cooperative Clay Blanket Seepage Reduction

1995  Embankment Dam Breach Parameters Revisited

1995  Embankment Overtopping Protection - Concrete Blocks or Riprap

1995  Function-Based Condition Indexing for Embankment Dams

1995  Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dam

1995  RCC Overlays for Embankment Dams

1995  Roller Compacted Concrete for Overtopping Protection: An Overview

1995  Screening Criteria for Embankment Overtopping Protection

1995  Stability Requirements for Old Embankment Dams

1994  Analysis of the Juturnaiba Embankment Dam Built on an Organic Soft Clay

1994  Damage Mechanisms and Influence of Gradation for Steep Riprap

1994  Dynamic Compaction to Remediate Liquefiable Embankment Foundation Soils

1994  The Mechanics of Cracking in Embankment Dams

1994  Performance of Nanhua Dam During Construction

1994  Reliability Applied to Slope Stability Analysis

1994  Wanapum Dam Embankment Settlement Study