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Found 45 Records with the keyword term of "Elevation"

2009  Wavy Road Elevation Measurement Based on the Principle of Inertia

2008  pH and Acid Anion Time Trends in Different Elevation Ranges in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2006  Geographic Information Systems/National Elevation Data Route Mileage Verification

2005  Improving Transportation Projects Using Laser Scanning

2003  Method for Forensic Analysis of Residential Floor-Elevation Data

2001  Choke-Free Flow in Ovoidal Sewers with Increase in Bed Elevations

2000  Regionalization of a Model for Design Storms

2000  Simulating Elevation and Infiltration in Level-Basin Irrigation

2000  Stable Knickpoints Formed in Cohesive Sediment

1999  Adaptive Tessellation Method for Creating TINs from GIS Data

1998  Choke-Free Flow in Circular Channels with Increase in Bed Elevations

1998  Probability Distribution of Surface Elevation in Surf and Swash Zones

1998  Watershed Modeling Using Remote Sensing

1997  3-D Models Prevent Venezuelan Clash

1997  Differences Between NGVD29 and NAVD88 in Southeastern Wisconsin

1997  FEMA Announces Changes to Its Flood Insurance Program, Effective Oct. 1

1997  A Least-Squares Procedure for Identifying Boundary Conditions Consistent with Water Table Elevation

1996  Effects of Bed Discordance on Flow Dynamics at Open Channel Confluences

1996  Empirical Simulation Technique Based Storm Surge Frequency Analyses

1996  Filling of Pipelines with Undulating Elevation Profiles

1996  Flood Damage Estimates Using GIS Spatial Analysis

1995  Benefits of Flood Hazard Mitigation at Ports

1995  A GIS Based Technique for Hydrologic Modeling

1995  Optimum Cable-Force Adjustments in Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridges

1993  DEM Aggregation and Smoothing Effects on Surface Runoff Modeling

1993  Impact of Digital Elevation Model Grid Size on Extracted Drainage Parameters

1993  Muskingum Basin Reservoir Pool Frequency Analysis

1993  Water-Table Correction Factors to Applied Gasoline Contamination

1993  Wave Setup on Beaches and in River Entrances

1992  Orthometric Heights from Global Positioning System

1991  Cellular Automaton Processing of Digital Elevation Data for Overland Flow Continuity

1991  HGL Elevation at Pipe Exit of USBR Type VI Impact Basin

1991  Runway Roughness Measurement, Quantification and Application: The Boeing Approach

1990  Hydrodynamic Modeling on Vertically Mixed Bays

1990  Monitoring Land Subsidence in Sacramento Valley, California, Using GPS

1990  Montgomery Point Lock and Dam Entrance to the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System

1990  Resistance Coefficient in a Tidal Channel

1989  Fundamentals of GPS Baseline and Height Determinations

1989  Wave-Tubular Member—Wave and Current Interaction

1987  Significance of Mean Water Level Response in Bays

1987  Simplified Irrigation Scheduling and Crop Selection for El Salvador

1972  Barometric Leveling Analysis

1972  Elevation Changes due to Tides, Long Beach, CA

1965  Measurement of Ruffled Water Surface Elevation

1965  Vertical Control on the Great Lakes