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Found 48 Records with the keyword term of "Electroosmosis"

2013  Desalinization of Kaolin Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2007  Lactate Transport in Soil by DC Fields

2006  Soil Liquefaction Prevention by Electro-Osmosis and an In Situ Method to Quantify a Soil’s Tendency to Liquefy

2005  The Electro-Osmotic Potential Regarding Pre-Fabricated Vertical Drains

2002  Effects of Electroosmosis on Soil Temperature and Hydraulic Head. I: Field Observations

2002  Effects of Electroosmosis on Soil Temperature and Hydraulic Head. II: Numerical Simulation

2001  Electrokinetic Dewatering of Eneabba West Mine Tailings: A Laboratory Experimental Study

2000  Nitrate Electromigration in Sandy Soil: Closed System Response

1999  Effects of Electroosmosis on Natural Soil: Field Test

1999  Practical Aspects of In-Situ Electrokinetic Extraction

1998  Chloride Extraction and Realkalization of Reinforced Concrete Stop Steel Corrosion

1998  Removal of Nitrates in Saturated Soils Using Zero-Valent Iron and Electrokinetic Processes

1997  Cation-Enhanced Removal of Lead from Kaolinite by Electrokinetics

1997  Field Demonstration of In Situ Electroosmosis between Horizontal Electrodes

1997  Transport of Nitrates Through Clay Using Electrokinetics

1996  Coefficient of Permeability from AC Electroosmosis Experiments. I: Theory

1996  Coefficient of Permeability from AC Electroosmosis Experiments. II: Results

1996  EDTA-Enhanced Electrokinetic Extraction of Lead

1996  Electrokinetic Remediation. I: Pilot-Scale Tests with Lead-Spiked Kaolinite

1996  Electrokinetic Remediation: II: Theoretical Model

1996  Electromigration of Nitrates in Soil

1996  Surfactant Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Gasoline Contaminated Soils

1995  Electro-Osmotic Mobility Measurement for Kaolinite Clay

1995  Review of Technologies for In-Situ Cleanup of DNAPLs

1994  Impact of System Chemistry on Electroosmosis in Contaminated Soil

1993  Electro-Osmotic Removal of Nitrates from Soils

1992  Electroosmotic Contaminant-Removal Processes

1992  Electroosomotic Removal of Gasoline Hydrocarbons and TCE From Clay

1991  Pb(II) Removal from Kaolinite by Electrokinetics

1989  Validity of Electro-Osmosis for Soil Decontamination

1987  Soil Improvement Committee—Admixtures Report

1986  Initial Results From an In-Situ Consolidometer

1984  Appraisal of Electro-Osmotic Oedometer Tests

1980  Electro-Osmosis Chemistry and Water Quality

1980  In-Situ Volume-Change Properties by Electro-Osmosis — Evaluation

1980  In-Situ Volume-Change Properties by Electro-Osmosis - Theory

1979  Hydraulic and Electro-Osmotic Permeability Coefficients

1977  Electro-Osmotic Dewatering with Polarity Reversals

1976  Electro-Osmotic Consolidation of Soils

1975  Electro-Osmosis Applied to Unstable Embankment

1975  New Apparatus for Consolidation by Electro-Osmosis

1973  Numerical Analysis of Electro-Osmotic Flow in Soils

1970  Effective Stress Principle in Saturated Clay

1970  In-Place Treatment of Foundation Soils

1967  Consolidation Under Electrical-Pressure Gradients

1967  Electro-Osmotic Stabilization of West Branch Dam

1967  Fundamental Aspects of Electro-Osmosis in Soils

1967  Turnagain Slide Stabilization, Anchorage, Alaska