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Found 72 Records with the keyword term of "Electrokinetics"

2013  Biot-Pride Electrokinetic Wave Propagation in Porous Rocks

2013  Characterizing Stability of Asphalt Emulsions Using Electrokinetic Techniques

2013  A Hydromechanic-Electrokinetic Model for CO2 Sequestration in Geological Formations

2013  Observation of the Diffuse Biot Slow Wave via its Electrokinetic Coupling : A Numerical Perspective

2013  Overcoming Permanganate Stalling during Electromigration

2013  Soil Cementation Generated and Enhanced by Electrokinetics

2013  Some Theoretical and Practical Questions in Transient Electrokinetic Coupling in Fluid-Saturated Porous Media

2013  Use of Hydraulic Pressure-Improved Electrokinetic Technique to Enhance the Efficiencies of the Remediation of PCP-Contaminated Soil

2012  Electrokinetic Migration of Nickel [Ni(II)] in Contaminated Sludge

2012  Electro-Strengthening of Highly Organic Soil Using Environmentally Friendly Admixtures

2011  Corrosion Mitigation in Mature Reinforced Concrete Using Nanoscale Pozzolan Deposition

2011  Development of an Apparatus for pH-Isolated Electrokinetic In Situ Chemical Oxidation

2011  Electrokinetic Strengthening and Repair of Slopes

2011  Electrokinetics: Engineering Applications and Recent Development

2011  Experimental Studies on Heavy Metal Extraction from Contaminated Soil Using Ammonium Citrate as Alkaline Chelate during the Electrokinetic Process

2011  Influence of IMC, Spacing, and Voltage on the Effectiveness of Electro-Kinetic Phenomena of Soil Stabilization

2011  Letters

2011  Modeling of Heavy Metals Transport in High Acid Buffering Soil during Electrokinetic Remediation

2011  Recovery from Sulfate Attack in Concrete via Electrokinetic Nanoparticle Treatment

2011  Removal of Hexachlorobenzene from Kaolin by Electrokinetics Coupled with Cu/ Fe PRB

2010  Design Framework for Electrokinetically Enhanced Dewatering of Sludge

2010  Removal of Hexachlorobenzene and Phenanthrene from Clayey Soil by Surfactant- and Ultrasound-Assisted Electrokinetics

2009  Fenton-Like Oxidation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soils Using Electrokinetics

2009  pH Variation and Its Effect on Metal Concentration during Electrokinetics

2009  Sequential Electrokinetic Remediation of Mixed Contaminants in Low Permeability Soils

2008  Electrokinetic Remediation Modeling Incorporating Geochemical Effects

2008  Electroremediation of Naphthalene in Aqueous Solution Using Alternating and Direct Currents

2008  Modeling Electrokinetic Nanoparticle Penetration for Permeability Reduction of Hardened Cement Paste

2007  Lactate Transport in Soil by DC Fields

2006  A Bench Scale Model for Developing of an Integrated In-Situ Remediation for Heavy Metals Using EKG Electrodes

2006  Electrokinetic Nanoparticle Treatment of Hardened Cement Paste for Reduction of Permeability

2006  Evaluating an Electrokinetically Driven Extraction Method for Measuring Heavy Metal Soil Contamination

2006  Laboratory-Scale Evaluation of Cr(VI) Removal from Clay by Electrokinetics Incorporated with Fe(O) Barrrier

2005  Electrokinetic Remediation of Cadmium-Contaminated Clay

2005  Electroseismic Wave Theory of Frenkel and More Recent Developments

2005  Pilot-Scale Electrokinetic Cleanup of Lead-Contaminated Soils

2005  Reinforced Soil using Cohesive Fill and Electrokinetic Geosynthetics

2004  Complicating Factors of using Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid to Enhance Electrokinetic Remediation of Multiple Heavy Metals in Clayey Soils

2004  Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Heavy Metals in Glacial Till Soils using Different Electrolyte Solutions

2004  Preliminary Study on Treatment of Soil Enriched in Chromite Ore Processing Residue by Electrokinetics

2003  Effect of Soil Type on Electrokinetic Removal of Phenanthrene using Surfactants and Cosolvents

2003  Iodide-Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Mercury-Contaminated Soils

2003  Removal of Trichloroethylene from Clay Soil by Series-Electrokinetic Process

2003  Sequentially Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Heavy Metals in Low Buffering Clayey Soils

2002  Evaluation of Electrokinetic Removal of Heavy Metals from Tailing Soils

2001  Electrokinetic Dewatering of Eneabba West Mine Tailings: A Laboratory Experimental Study

2000  Cosolvent-Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Phenanthrene

2000  Coulumbian Cohesion Approach to Engineering of Expansive Soil Deposits: Field Performance

2000  Electrocoagulation and Electroflotation of Restaurant Wastewater

2000  Electrokinetic Remediation Using Surfactant-Coated Ceramic Casings

2000  Enhancement of Electrokinetic Extraction from Lead-Spiked Soils

2000  Nitrate Electromigration in Sandy Soil: Closed System Response

1999  Effects of Electroosmosis on Natural Soil: Field Test

1999  Nitrate Electromigration in Sandy Soil in the Presence of Hydraulic Flow

1999  Practical Aspects of In-Situ Electrokinetic Extraction

1998  Chemical Stabilization of Kaolinite by Electrochemical Injection

1998  Chloride Transport in Concrete Subjected to Electric Field

1998  Cr(VI) Reduction by Bacillus coagulans Isolated from Contaminated Soils

1998  Electrokinetic Remediation of Groundwater and Soil Polluted by Heavy Metal

1998  Injection of Nutrients and TEAs in Clayey Soils Using Electrokinetics

1998  Pullout Resistance of High-Voltage Strengthened Ground Anchors

1998  Systematic Approach for Modeling Tetrachloroethene Biodegradation

1997  Cation-Enhanced Removal of Lead from Kaolinite by Electrokinetics

1997  Transport of Nitrates Through Clay Using Electrokinetics

1996  Improvement of Soft Clays by High-Voltage Electrokinetics

1992  Phenol Removal from Kaolinite by Electrokinetics

1991  Pb(II) Removal from Kaolinite by Electrokinetics

1970  In-Place Treatment of Foundation Soils

1968  Applications of Electrokinetics in Grouting

1968  Pore Pressures, Consolidation, and Electrokinetics

1968  Pore Pressures, Consolidation, and Electrokinetics

1967  Fundamental Aspects of Electro-Osmosis in Soils