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2015  Is Deferrable Demand an Effective Alternative to Upgrading Transmission Capacity?

2015  Novel Fuzzy Controlled Energy Storage for Low-Voltage Distribution Networks with Photovoltaic Systems under Highly Cloudy Conditions

2015  Pressure State Response-Based Method for Evaluating Social Benefits from Smart Grid Development

2014  Tower Destruction Mechanics of Overhead Transmission Lines and Prevention Technologies in Ice Disasters

2014  Two-Parameter Bifurcation and Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Galloping of Iced Transmission Lines

2013  Damage and Restoration of Electric Power System due to the 2011 Earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tōhoku - Effects of a Damage Estimation System for Electric Power Distribution Equipment (RAMPEr)-

2013  Installation Aspects of Smart Grid

2013  Managing the Cost of Power Transmission Projects: Lessons Learned

2013  Multiple Resistance Factor Design for Shallow Transmission Line Structure Foundations

2013  Performance of Buried High Voltage Power Cables due to Liquefaction

2012  Applying the 2010 ASCE 7 Wind and Ice Requirements to Transmission Line Design

2012  Avian Impact on Overhead Transmission Line Construction

2012  Construction Challenges on Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line (TrAIL) Project

2012  Effect of Bolt Slip on Tower Deformation

2012  Effect of the Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction on Rigid Transmission Line Towers Subjected to Wind and Impulse Loads

2012  Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures 2012, Solutions to Building the Grid of Tomorrow

2012  Executing Energized Re-Conductoring of Transmission Lines Projects

2012  Failure Risk of 230 kV Electricity Transmission Lines in South Carolina under Hurricane Wind Hazards

2012  Fragility Assessment of Wood Poles in Power Distribution Networks against Extreme Wind Hazards

2012  Load Tests of Transmission Line Structures and Structural Components

2012  Prestressed Concrete Transmission Pole Structures, Recommended Practice for Design and Installation

2012  Risk Evaluation of Frost Jacking for Tower Foundations along Qinghai-Tibetan Transmission Line and Anti-Heave Measures

2012  Site Characterization for the Design of Foundations for Electric Transmission Line Structures

2012  Transmission Line Rating, Re-Rating, and Upgrading, a Utility Perspective: Experiences at Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM)

2012  What a Transmission Line Design Engineer Needs to Know About HVDC

2011  Efficient Approach to Compute Generalized Interdependent Effects between Infrastructure Systems

2011  Failure Analysis of Transmission Line Towers

2011  Nondestructive Strength Assessment of In-Place Wood Utility Poles

2011  Simplified Reliability-Based Geotechnical Investigation and Design of Transmission Lines

2011  Study of Dynamic Impacts on Transmission-Line Systems Attributable to Conductor Breakage Using the Finite-Element Method

2010  Analytical Study on Wind-Induced Vibration of Transmission Line Systems in Mountainous Areas

2010  Foundation Engineering for Transmission Line Structures

2010  Parametric Study of Seismic Response of Transmission Tower-Line System Subjected to Multi-Component Earthquake Excitations

2009  The 2008 Iowa Floods: Structural Challenges and Solutions

2009  345 kV High Ampacity OH/UG Project

2009  Additional Load Considerations

2009  Aesthetic Mitigation — The Challenge Confronting Future Expansion of Transmission Lines

2009  Alabama Power Increases Line Capacity Using 3M ACCR Conductor (On Existing Towers)

2009  Back Matter

2009  Belowground Pipeline Networks for Utility Cables

2009  Cable Installation Methods in Duct

2009  Common Sag and Tension Errors: It’s Time for Template Technology to be Put in the Drawer Forever

2009  Composite Utility Poles Help Expand Power Grid

2009  Construction Challenges of Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines: Building in the Most Difficult Terrain in the World

2009  Conversion of Wind Speed Averaging Time

2009  Deepwater Transmission Line Foundations Meet Trophy Bass Lake Environment

2009  Definitions, Notations, and SI Conversion Factors

2009  Design and Construction Challenges of Overhead Transmission Line Foundations (NU’s Middletown Norwalk Project)

2009  Direct-Buried Systems

2009  The Effects of Ice Shedding on a 500 kV Line

2009  Electrical and Mechanical Considerations in 765kV (Insulator) Hardware Assembly Design

2009  Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures 2009, Technology for the Next Generation

2009  Equations for Gust Response Factors

2009  Estimation of Containment Loads on a 230kV Steel Transmission Line Using Finite Element Model

2009  Examples

2009  Front Matter

2009  Front Matter

2009  Geotechnical Investigations for a Transmission Line Are More Than Drilled Borings

2009  Golden Pass LNG 230kV Double Circuit: Foundations

2009  Guidelines for Electrical Transmission Line Structural Loading

2009  Hybrid Belowground Cable Networks

2009  Impact of Alternative Galloping Criteria on Transmission Line Design

2009  Index

2009  Index

2009  Integration of Optimum, High Voltage Transmission Line Foundations

2009  Interdependence between Power Delivery and Other Lifelines

2009  Introduction

2009  Investigation of Transmission Line Failures

2009  Laboratory and Field Testing of Steel Davit Arm Fatigue Failures on Concrete Poles

2009  Life Expectancy Evaluation of the Wood Poles Which Support the Hellenic Electrical Distribution Network

2009  Limitations of Reliability-Based Design

2009  Line Rating: It’s All about the Temperature!

2009  Multi-Hazard Analysis of Electric Power Delivery Systems

2009  Numerical Constant, Q

2009  Overview of Load Criteria

2009  Performance of PG&E’s Electric Transmission System in a 7M Hayward Earthquake

2009  Power Restoration Solution after Major Cyclone: "Gonu": Hit Oman in June 2007

2009  References

2009  References

2009  Review of Span and Gust Factors for Transmission Line Design

2009  Seismic Assessment of Electric Power Transmission Concrete Beams

2009  Sequential Mechanical Testing of Conductor Designs

2009  Status of Belowground Cable Networks

2009  Supplemental Information on Force Coefficients

2009  Supplemental Information on Ice Loading

2009  Supplemental Information on Special Loads

2009  Supplemental Information on Structure Vibration

2009  Transmission Line at St. Andrew Bay

2009  Transmission Line Construction in Sub-Arctic Alaska Case Study: "Golden Valley Electric Association’s 230kV Northern Intertie"

2009  Transmission Tower Seismic Risk Mitigation for British Columbia

2009  Underground Conduit Systems

2009  Using ShakeCast and ShakeMap for Lifeline Post-Earthquake Response and Earthquake Scenario Planning

2009  Vegetation Management Through LiDAR Derived CADD Models: Compliance with NERC Reliability Standard FAC-003-1

2009  Weather-Related Loads

2009  Wind Loading: Uncertainties and Honesty Suggest Simplification

2009  Wire System

2008  Infrastructure: Underwater Cable to Improve Electricity Transmission to San Francisco

2008  Karst Evaluation of a 90-Mile Transmission Line

2008  Modeling and Prediction of Failure of Transmission Lines Due to High Intensity Winds

2008  Networked Infrastructure Performance for the 2006 Hanukkah Eve Storm