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Found 60 Records with the keyword term of "Elastomer"

2012  Stability of Elastomeric and Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings

2008  ”Self-Healing” Product Could Stretch the Engineering Applications of Asphalt, Rubber

2007  Evaluation of Laminated Circular Elastomeric Bearings

2007  Rate-Independent and Rate-Dependent Models for Hysteretic Behavior of Elastomers

2007  Vertical Stiffness of Elastomeric and Lead — Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings

2006  A True Innovation: Steel Plates with a Structural Elastomer Core

2005  Seismic Modeling of Skewed Bridges with Elastomeric Bearings and Side Retainers

2004  Flow Variation of Duckbill Valve Jet in Relation to Large Elastic Deformation

2004  Multiaxial Behaviors of Laminated Rubber Bearings and Their Modeling. I: Experimental Study

2004  Multiaxial Behaviors of Laminated Rubber Bearings and Their Modeling. II: Modeling

2004  Seismic Response of Isolated Bridges

2004  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Analysis of High Damping Rubber Bearings

2003  Tension Buckling in Multiplayer Elastomeric Bearings

2002  Bending Stiffness of Fiber-Reinforced Circular Seismic Isolators

2002  Evaluation of Elastomeric Bearing Performance at Low Temperatures

2002  Evaluation of Low-Temperature Test Methods for Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

2002  Large Span Composite Beams with Integrated Dynamic Absorbers

2002  Parameters Influencing Performance of Elastomeric Bearings at Low Temperatures

2002  Test Method for Determining the Shear Modulus of Elastomeric Bearings

2001  Neoprene Bearing Pad Slippage at Louisiana Bridges

2000  Effect of Bearing Pads on Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridges

2000  Slippage of Neoprene Bridge Bearings

1999  Elastomeric Adhesives in Wood Connections: Short-Term Behavior

1999  Evaluation Findings for Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc. Elastomeric Bearings

1999  Stability of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings

1998  Behavior of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings: Computational Results

1998  Elastomeric Materials Used for Vibration Isolation of Railway Lines

1998  Evaluation Findings for Skellerup Base Isolation Elastomeric Bearings

1998  Hydraulics of “Duckbill” Elastomer Check Valves

1998  Influence of Material Stiffening on Stability of Elastomeric Bearings at Large Displacements

1998  Model for Viscous “Walking” of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

1997  Internal Joint Seals Extend Life of 50-Year Old Pipeline

1997  Pulse Response of Reduced-Scale Strengthened Elastomer (SE) Isolators

1997  Spray Elastomer Covers New Ground

1997  Stability of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings in Buildings

1996  Extension and Compression of Elastomeric Butt Joint Seals

1996  Seismic Isolation of Bridges Using Elastomeric Isolation Systems

1995  Fender Systems in the 90’s and Beyond

1995  Improved Joint System for Concrete Pipe

1992  Properties of PVB Interlayer Used in Laminated Glass

1991  Analysis of Infinite-Strip–Shaped Base Isolator with Elastomer Bulk Compression

1991  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of 3-D–Base-Isolated Structures

1990  Fatigue of Steel-Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings

1990  Low-Temperature Performance of Elastomeric Bearings

1990  Stability of Laminated Elastomeric Bearings

1989  Analytical Parameter Study for Class of Elastomeric Bearings

1989  Effect of Contaminants and Cure Time on EPDM Single-ply Joint Strength

1989  Recent Developments in Isolation Hardware

1989  Seismic Isolation of Nuclear Plants: A World Overview

1989  Seismic Isolation of the USC University Hospital

1989  Viscoelastic Stability Model for Elastomeric Isolation Bearings

1988  Nonlinear Behavior of Elastomeric Bearings. I: Theory

1988  Nonlinear Behavior of Elastomeric Bearings. II: FE Analysis and Verification

1987  Equivalent Homogeneous FE Model for Elastomeric Bearings

1986  Base Isolation in the Design and Construction of Power Plant Structures

1983  Elastomeric Bearings: State-of-the-Art

1981  The Effect of Filler on the Mechanical Properties of an Elastometer at High Strain Rates

1981  Effects of Mean Pressure on the Behavior of a Filled Elastometer

1981  Second-Order Visco-Elasticity in a Filled Elastomer

1961  Elastomeric Pads as Bearings for Steel Beams