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2015  Bridge Monitoring with Wavelet Principal Component and Spectrum Analysis Based on GPS Measurements: Case Study of the Mansoura Bridge in Egypt

2014  Design and Implementation of an Internet-Based Household Activity Scheduling Survey in Cairo, Egypt

2014  Factors Influencing Construction Labor Productivity in Egypt

2014  LRFD for Large-Diameter Bored Piles in Egypt

2014  News2Note

2014  Repair of a Tilted Building Resting on a Deep Soft Clay Using Micropiles and Raft

2014  Simulating Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse Using QUAL2K Model: Case Study of the Ismailia Canal Catchment Area, Egypt

2013  A History of Ancient Egypt: From The First Farmers to The Great Pyramid By John Romer. New York City: Thomas Dunne Books, 2013

2013  Causes of Construction Delays for Engineering Projects: An Egyptian Perspective

2013  Developing DRAINMOD-Geostatistical Technology to Predict Nitrate Leaching

2013  Finish Materials of Hospital Operating Rooms of the USA and Egypt: Selection and Actual Performance-in-Use

2013  A Framework for Construction Labor Productivity Improvement in Egypt

2013  A Fuzzy Risk Management Framework for the Egyptian Real Estate Development Projects

2013  Simulation-Optimization Model for Intermediate Reuse of Agriculture Drainage Water in Egypt

2013  Urban Transportation Networks to Support Sustainable Developments of New Communities in Egypt

2012  Assessment of the Role of International Organizations in the Rehabilitation of Historic Districts: Case of Darb Alahmar

2012  Daylighting Efficiency of External Perforated Solar Screens: Effect of Screen Axial Rotation under Clear Skies

2012  Effectiveness of Green-Roof on Reducing Energy Consumption through Simulation Program for a Residential Building: Cairo, Egypt

2012  Simulation Analysis for Productivity and Unit Cost by Implementing GPS Machine Guidance in Road Construction Operation in Egypt

2011  Air Bags and Stainless Steel Anchors and Mesh Help Preserve Egyptian Pyramid

2011  Behavior of Shore Protection Structures in Alexandria, Egypt, during the Storm of December 2010

2011  Effect of Cold-Water Storage Cisterns on Drinking-Water Quality

2011  Energy Management Reduces Great Pyramid Build Effort by More Than 98%

2011  Irrigation with Magnetized Water: A Novel Tool for Improving Crop Production in Egypt

2011  Optimal Multipurpose-Multireservoir Operation Model with Variable Productivity of Hydropower Plants

2011  Vulnerability Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Groundwater Salinity in the Nile Delta Coastal Region—Egypt

2010  Evaluation and Adaptation of the EGM2008 Geopotential Model along the Northern Nile Valley, Egypt: Case Study

2010  Excavation Game: Computer-Aided-Learning Tool for Teaching Construction Engineering Decision Making

2010  A mixed-use development comprising office, retail, and hotel space is being planned for Cairo, Egypt.

2010  Site Characterization of Clay Deposits in Northeast Nile Delta

2009  Arbitral Tribunal Proceedings Case Study: Egyptian Large-Scale Construction Project

2009  A Blueprint for Advancing Hydrologic Predictability in Developing Countries: A Case Study for the Nile River Basin

2009  Crossing the Nile

2009  Inflatable Design Makes Performance Venue Mobile

2009  LNG Tanks at Damietta on Drilled Shafts Designed and Tested Using Mnard PMT

2009  On the Local-Scale Spatial Variability of Daily Rainfall in the Highlands of the Blue Nile: Observational Evidence

2008  An Ancient Struggle: A Game Theory Approach to Resolving the Nile Conflict

2008  Causes of Delay in Building Construction Projects in Egypt

2008  Egyptian Collapsible Soils and Their Improvement

2008  The Environmental Management of Coastal Areas in Egypt: Strategy and Urban Development

2008  An Environmental Security and Water Resources Management System Using Real Time Water Quality Warning and Communication for the Nile River

2008  Financial and Operational Performance Assessment of Water/Wastewater Utilities: Comparative Study

2008  A Prototype Activity Based Scheduling Model with a Household Kernel Agent DASHA: Cairo a Case Study

2008  Safety Performance in the Egyptian Construction Industry

2008  Sustainable Development of Mobility in Alexandria Metropolitan Area

2008  Total Quality Management Implementation in the Eqyptian Construction Industry

2007  Dispute Review Boards: Expected Application on Egyptian Large-Scale Construction Projects

2007  Performance Evaluating Model for Construction Companies: Egyptian Case Study

2006  Advanced Monitoring Systems: A Tale of Trains and an Egyptian Wall

2006  Model for Environmental Risk Assessment of Tourism Project Construction on the Eqyptian Red Sea Coast

2006  People: Biggs to Develop Restoration Guidelines for Monuments in Egypt

2006  Study of the Infiltration of Water Through Collapsible Soil

2005  Building the Great Pyramid in about 385 Days: A Case Study in Energy Management

2005  Estimating the Acceptability of New Formwork Systems Using Neural Networks

2005  Foundation and Structural Design of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

2005  Intelligent Selection of Concrete Bridge Construction Methods in Egypt

2005  Structures: Grand Museum of Egypt to Complement Giza Pyramids

2005  Urban Planning: Park Flourishes in Ancient Cairo Landfill

2004  Cost/Benefit Analysis of Oily Water Discharge Regulations in Egypt

2004  De-Silting Lake Nasser with Slurry Pipelines

2004  History and Engineering of the Suez Canal: 1926 BC to 1869 AD

2004  Khufu and Kukulcán

2004  Productivity Analysis for Boulac’s Wastewater Microtunnels in Egypt

2004  Sand Transport in Nile River, Egypt

2003  Chance-Constrained Genetic Algorithm for Water Supply and Irrigation Canal Systems Management

2003  Constructing on the Inconstructible

2003  Footbridge: Project to Implement Management Functions at AASTMT

2003  Use of Grouting to Reduce Deformations of an Existing Tunnel Underpassed by Another Tunnel

2002  Application of Permeable Groins on Tourist Shore Protection

2002  Celebrating the Greatest Profession: Unraveling the Mystery

2002  Multicriteria Siting and Sizing of Desalination Facilities with Geographic Information System

2002  Problems Facing Parties Involved in Build, Operate, and Transport Projects in Egypt

2002  Six 2002 OCEA Finalists Are Chosen

2001  Ancient Concept, Modern Context

2001  Constructability Improvement of Bridges Using Stepping Formwork

2001  Drainage along the River Nile edited by H. J. Nijland

2001  Evaluating Contaminants Removal Rates in Sub-Surface Flow Constructed Wetland in Egypt

2001  Geotechnical Engineering: Researchers Unravel Mystery of Eroding Egyptian Monuments

2001  Lake Manzala Engineered Wetland, Egypt

2001  Model Study to Optimize the Hydraulic Performance of the New Naga Hammadi Barrage Stilling Basin

2001  Natural Factors Affecting the Distribution of Heavy Metals in an Industrial Drain in Cairo, Egypt

2001  New Petroleum Products Terminal Port of El-Dekheila, Alexandria, Egypt

2001  A Self-Calibrated Water Surface Profile Computer Model for the Nile River in Egypt

2001  Study of Drain Pollution Sources in Egypt

2000  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Water Demand Management Measures: A Multi-Sector Approach

2000  Improving Forecasts of Nile Flood Using SST Inputs in TFN Model

2000  Tunneling beneath Cairo

2000  Valuing Water in a Desert City: Economic Analysis of Infrastructure Investments in Cairo, Egypt

2000  Waterhammer Protection for the Toshka Pumping System

1999  ASCE, Egyptians Mark World’s Oldest Paved Road

1999  Cable-Stayed Crossing Creates Road Link over Suez Canal

1999  The Forest for the Concrete

1999  The Forest for the Concrete

1999  Groups to Prevent Flooding in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings

1999  New Method for Construction of Diaphragm Walls

1999  Program Management B.C.

1999  Pyramid Assessments

1999  Pyramid Assessments

1999  Pyramid Assessments

1999  Pyramid Assessments