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2015  Investigation of the Effects of DEM Creation Methods on the Performance of a Semidistributed Model: TOPMODEL

2009  Improved Model Applying the 6-Sigma Methodology to Evaluate Leaking Water Faucets

2009  Investigation on the Dimensions and Shape of a Submerged Vane for Sediment Management in Alluvial Channels

2009  Lessons Learned from Field and Laboratory Testing of a DBR Project

2009  Optimal and Postirrigation Volume Balance Infiltration Parameter Estimates for Basin Irrigation

2009  Performance of a Bioretention Area and a Level Spreader-Grass Filter Strip at Two Highway Sites in North Carolina

2009  Structured Application of the Two-Point Method for the Estimation of Infiltration Parameters in Surface Irrigation

2008  Flood Inundation Modeling with an Adaptive Quadtree Grid Shallow Water Equation Solver

2007  Economic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Columns Reinforced with Prefabricated Cage System

2007  Performance Monitoring of Remediation Technologies for Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Review

2006  Experimental Data and Theoretical Analysis of Particle Removal Efficiency in a Novel Hydraulic Separation Unit

2005  Comparison of Water Distribution Uniformities between Increased-Discharge and Continuous-Flow Irrigations in Blocked-End Furrows

2005  Predicting Soil Salinnity under Varoius Strategies in Irrigation Systems

2004  Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Studies of Irrigation Efficiency in Andalusia

2004  Centrifuge Model Study of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups in Clay

2002  Efficiency Limits for Slip-on Type Buckle Arrestors for Offshore Pipelines

2002  Wireless Power Transmission Antennas: Peculiarities for the Space Power Systems

2001  Analysis and Design of Furrow Irrigation Systems

2001  Analytical Solution for Normal Irrigation Distribution Parameters

2001  A Concept for Assessing Soil Compaction Efficiency

2001  Irrigation Scheduling Using Mixed-Integer Linear Programming

2001  Regional Alfalfa Yield, ETc, and Water Value in Western States

2001  Tall Building to Use Wind Power for Energy Efficiency

2001  Understanding Concepts of Efficiency and Effectiveness in Architectural Facilities Space Planning and Design

2000  Analysis and Modeling of Container Terminals Operations

2000  Benefits of Flexible Irrigation Water Supply

2000  Efficiency of Jet Pumps

2000  Entropy-Based Assessment of Water Quality Monitoring Networks

2000  An Improved Multi-Path Assignment Model Based on New Definitions of Efficient Links and Efficient Paths

2000  Improvement Teams for Construction Administration

2000  Improving Standard Bridges with Attention to Cast-in-Place Substructure

2000  Mobile Schedule Tracking Technology at the Jobsite

2000  Optimal Design of Parabolic-Bottomed Triangle Canals

2000  Stilling Basins for Pipe Outlets Using Wedge-Shaped Splitter Block

2000  Water Distribution Management in Small West African Canal Systems

2000  Water Reuse in Sequential Basin Irrigation

2000  Water Well Efficiency

1999  Baffle Sluice Modules with Improved Performance

1999  Comparison of Pollutant Removal Efficiency for Two Residential Storm Water Basins

1999  Controlling Irrigation Water Flow to Mole Drains

1999  Corps Realigns Management of Laboratories to Gain Efficiencies

1999  Energy-Efficient Glass Structure to House London Assembly

1999  Grass ET Estimates Using Penman-Type Equations in Central Sudan

1999  Impact of Change Orders on Labor Efficiency for Electrical Construction

1999  Impact of Change Orders on Labor Efficiency for Mechanical Construction

1999  Modeling of Evaporation Reduction in Drip Irrigation System

1999  More Efficient Aluminum I Beam Shapes

1999  Offtake Sensitivity, Operation Effectiveness, and Performance of Irrigation System

1999  Response of ASCE Task Committee Test Cases to Open-Loop Control Measures

1999  Sediment Removal Efficiency of Settling Basins

1999  Simulating Furrow Irrigation with Different Inflow Patterns

1998  Correcting Spillway Design Deficiencies

1998  Detroit Downtown People Mover: Ten Years After

1998  Does Filtration Efficiency Affect Measurements of Particle Chemical Composition?

1998  Effect of In-Lake Water Quality on Pollutant Removal in Two Ponds

1998  Forum

1998  Intake Canal Modifications Improve Power Plant Efficiency

1998  Intermodal Transportation Simulation System: ”A New Prototype for the 21st Century”

1998  INTRANET: Short-Term Benefits within a Construction Management Firm

1998  Managing Water Scarcity for Sustainable Irrigation in the Southern Mediterranean Region

1998  New Ideas for Increasing Wharf Productivity

1998  Probabilistic Management Model for Water Quality

1998  Quantifying the Emissions Benefits of Transportation Efficiency and SOV Travel Reduction Programs

1998  Review of the Issues Related to Extraterrestrial Drilling

1998  Seminar Review: Applying Technology in Project Management and Product Design

1998  Wastewater Treatment with Zero Dissolved Oxygen

1997  Accuracy of Irrigation Efficiency Estimates

1997  Corps of Engineers Implementation of President Clinton’s Climate Change Action Plan

1997  Diagnostic Evaluation of Turbine Efficiency Profiles and Data

1997  Discussion on Surface Roughness in Hydraulic Machines

1997  Efficiency of Local River Restorations - Results from Numerical Modelling and Monitoring

1997  Irrigation Performance Measures: Efficiency and Uniformity

1997  Management Strategies for Contractors

1997  Methods for Determining NAPL Source Zone Remediation Efficiency of In-Situ Flushing Technologies

1997  Modeling and Evaluation of the Externally-Fired Combined Cycle Using Aspen

1997  Modernization and Performance Improvements of Vertical Pelton Turbines

1997  Nantahala Control Upgrades Provide Cost Savings

1997  New Approach in Small Hydro: Improve Profitability for Hydropower Developers

1997  Old Problems, New Techniques: Using Computational Fluid Dynamics to Find the Missing Flow

1997  Pelton Turbine Jet Dispatcher

1997  Power Exchange Evaluation Within a Decision Support System

1997  Short Payback Period of Turbine Control and Monitoring Systems for Low Head Powerstations

1997  Surface Collector Impact Upon Turbine Efficiency

1997  Test Stand for Micro-Turbines: Design and Implementation Process

1997  Water Quality as Design Criterion in Drainage Water Management Systems

1997  Winery Wastewater Treatment Efficiency as it Depends on Depth and Distance in a Subsurface Flow Wetland

1996  BMP for Control of Agricultural Nonpoint Source Flow

1996  Computer Optimization of a Groundwater Treatment Facility

1996  Design of Global Control Algorithm for Irrigation Canals

1996  Efficiencies of Drainage Systems and Improved Water Management

1996  The Financial-Economic Evaluation of ATT Systems in Road Freight Transport

1996  Modeling Microtopography in Basin Irrigation

1996  Optimum On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency for Sustainable Agriculture

1996  Rethinking Well Efficiency

1996  Water Crisis in Developing World: Misconceptions about Solutions

1995  21st Century Advanced Hydropower Turbine System

1995  3D Cam Controls: Operation, Installation and Benefits at The Dalles and John Day Dams in Northern Oregon

1995  Approximate Index Testing Using Real-Time Hydro Monitoring

1995  ASCE Backs Bill to Move Transportation Trust Funds Off Federal Budget

1995  Bridge Management and Life Cycle Cost