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2015  Climate Shock: The Economic Consequences of a Hotter Planet, By Gernot Wagner and Martin L. Weitzman. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2015

2015  Cluster Analysis of Interregional Migration in Turkey

2015  Constructed Wetland Planning-Based Bilevel Optimization Model under Fuzzy Random Environment: Case Study of Chaohu Lake

2015  Distribution Shift for Wind Power Development in China: Strategy Analysis

2015  Do Megaregions Produce Greater Regional Convergence or Divergence? Implications for Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Investment

2015  Economic Analysis of Energy Upgrades Based on Tolerable Capital Cost

2015  Economic Performance Assessment for the Construction Industry in the Southeastern United States

2015  The Economy 2015

2015  Estimating the Economic Losses of Hurricane Ike in the Greater Houston Region

2015  Evaluating the Suitability of Using International Market Analyses to Characterize the Global Construction Industry

2015  Ex-Ante Evaluation of Public-Private Partnerships: Macroeconomic Analysis

2015  Exergoeconomic Evaluation of a Two-Pressure Level Fired Combined-Cycle Power Plant

2015  Influence of Bidding Mechanism and Spot Market Characteristics on Market Power of a Large Genco Using Hybrid DE/BBO

2015  Integration of Building Information Modeling and Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis to Support Sustainable Building Design

2015  Optimal Management of Wind Energy with Storage: Structural Implications for Policy and Market Design

2015  Overwhelming Farmland Conversion for Urban Development in Transitional China: Case Study of Shanghai

2014  Analysis Developing Mechanism of Highways and Transportation Using the Theory of Increasing Returns to Scale against the Background of MFOZ

2014  Assessing the Direct Employment Impact of Federal Economic Stimulus Funds on Construction Projects in Texas

2014  Decision-Making Process for Developing Urban Freight Consolidation Centers: Analysis with Experimental Economics

2014  Economic Assessment of Water Resources Management Strategies

2014  Economic Value of Storage in Multireservoir Systems

2014  Economics of Ion Exchange versus Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing for Minimization of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Volume

2014  Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Yield, Quality, and Costs of the Production of Native Spearmint

2014  Impact of Contract Structure and Risk Aversion on Interutility Water Transfer Agreements

2014  Impacts of Macroeconomic Fluctuations on Insolvency: Case of Korean Construction Companies

2014  Importance of Sustainability-Related Cost Components in Highway Infrastructure: Perspective of Stakeholders in Australia

2014  Increased Spending on U.S. Infrastructure Would Boost Economy, Report Says

2014  Late Payment and Nonpayment Encountered by Contracting Firms in a Fast-Developing Economy

2014  Life-Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Natural Hazards

2014  Modeling the Vulnerability of Waterway Networks

2014  Multiobjective Optimization of PV-Bat-SOFC Hybrid System: Effect of Different Fuels Used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

2014  New Method for Estimating Landslide Losses from Major Winter Storms in California and Application to the ARkStorm Scenario

2014  Optimal Hedging Rules for Reservoir Flood Operation from Forecast Uncertainties

2014  Optimal Water Allocation in Shortage Situations as Applied to an Irrigation Community

2014  Optimization of Inverted Base Pavement Designs with Thin Asphalt Surfacing

2014  Power of Screening Models for Developing Flexible Design Strategies in Hydropower Projects: Case Study of Ethiopia

2014  Proposed Method for Analyzing Infrastructure Investment Decisions Involving Rapidly Evolving Technology: Case Study of LED Streetlights

2014  Quantification of the Economic Resilience from the Community Level to the Individual Business Level: The Bay Area Case Study

2014  Quantitative Study of the Network Tendency of the Urban System in China

2014  Reconciliation of Trends in Global and Regional Economic Losses from Weather Events: 1980-2008

2014  Resource Balancing in the Design of Hub-and-Spoke Network for LTL Logistics

2014  Subdivision Infrastructure Affecting Storm Water Runoff and Residential Property Values

2014  Substructure Shake Table Testing with Force Controlled Actuators

2014  Survival Factors for Subcontractors in Economic Downturns

2014  This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate By Naomi Klein. New York City: Simon & Schuster, 2014

2013  Accounting for Network Effects in Railway Asset Management

2013  Advancing Optimization of Hybrid Housing Development Plans Following Disasters: Achieving Computational Robustness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

2013  Agroeconomic Analysis of Nitrate Crop Source Reductions

2013  Analysis of Balance between Supply and Demand in Indemnificatory Housing Based on Housing Affordability

2013  Analysis of Reasonable Energy Price Ratios in China

2013  Analysis of the Relationship between the Transportation Industry and the National Economy Based on Gray Correlation Analysis and the Input-Output Model

2013  Analysis on the Influence of Logistics Park Development to Regional Economic

2013  Bayesian Optimization Framework for Cost-Effective Control and Research of Non-Point-Source Sediment

2013  Comprehensive Evaluation of Heilongjiang Real Estate Market Health Status

2013  Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Neighbourhood Features amongst South African Low-Income Housing Occupants

2013  Construction in an Open Economy: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Modeling Approach and Causality Analysis—Case of North Cyprus

2013  Coordinated Development of Port and Urban Economy—Tianjin as a Case Study

2013  Coordination Mechanism of Transportation-inventory Model in Fuzzy Environment

2013  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Thin Surface Treatments in Pavement Treatment Strategies and Cycle Maintenance

2013  Crashworthiness-Enhancing Technique for W-Beam Barriers

2013  Determining Viable Sizes for Indiana Communities Based on Essential Establishments and Services

2013  Development of the Chinese Construction Industry after the Cultural Revolution: Administration Framework, Economic Growth, and Market Structure

2013  Economic Analysis of Leakage in the Bangkok Water Distribution System

2013  Economic Analysis of Logistics Market Integration in China

2013  Educational Prediction Markets: Construction Project Management Case Study

2013  Effect of High Gasoline Prices on Low-Density Housing Development

2013  An Empirical Analysis on the Effects of Chinese Real Estate Macro-Control Policy: The Case of Qingdao City

2013  Enhancing Ethics and the Competitive Environment by Accounting for Conflict of Interest in Project Procurement

2013  Evaluation on Urban Development Resources of Northeast China

2013  Exploring Partnership Models to Promote Sustainable Rural Texas Highway Infrastructure and Energy Development

2013  Factors Impeding the Access of Low-Income Earners to Loans for Housing in Nigeria

2013  Factors Influencing Households’ Transition to Home Ownership: A Review of Literature

2013  Fast Track Project Yields Economic Benefit to Community

2013  Groundwater Resource Planning to Preserve Streamflow: Where Environmental Amenity Meets Economic Welfare Loss

2013  Has Western Transport Improvement Promoted Economic Growth in China’s Sichuan Ethnic Area? Evidence from Statistical Yearbook Data from 2000 to 2010

2013  Influence of Shanghai-Kunming Passenger-Dedicated Line on Yunnan-Guizhou Regional Economic Development

2013  Market Structure, Ownership Structure, and Performance of China’s Construction Industry

2013  Modeling the Economics of Port Resiliency

2013  The North Carolina Maritime Strategy: Enhancing the North Carolina Economy through Investments in the State’s Maritime Infrastructure

2013  Optimal R&R Planning Using Advanced Quantified Risk Approach for Water Distribution Pipe

2013  Optimal Watershed Management for Reservoir Sustainability: Economic Appraisal

2013  Relationship between Water Withdrawals and Freshwater Ecosystem Water Scarcity Quantified at Multiple Scales for a Great Lakes Watershed

2013  Risk Assessment for the Housing Market in Mexico

2013  Risk-Control Factors for Transportation Financing in Economic Recession - Case Study

2013  Simulating Freight Traffic between Atlantic Canada and Québec to Support Pavement Management on New Brunswick’s Regional Highways

2013  Study on the Relationship between Transport Safety Situation and Economy Development

2013  Sustainability Through Collaboration-Based Corporate Social Responsibility

2013  Turning Green to Gold in the Construction Industry: Fable or Fact?

2013  U.S. Hurricanes and Economic Damage: Extreme Value Perspective

2013  Using the Economic and Financial Reequilibrium Model to Decrease Infrastructure Contract Incompleteness

2013  Using Thermal Units for Crop Coefficient Estimation and Irrigation Scheduling Improves Yield and Water Productivity of Corn ( Zea mays L.)

2013  What if We Don’t? An Economic View of Seismic Upgrade

2012  Adaptability Evaluation of Urban Public Transport Based on Weighted Grey Incidence Degree

2012  Agglomeration and Spread of Industry Economy and Transport Cost

2012  Analyzing the Role of National PPP Units in Promoting PPPs: Using New Institutional Economics and a Case Study

2012  Application of Modular Construction in High-Rise Buildings

2012  Applied Water Resources Systems Modeling: Visions for 2050

2012  Assessment of Damage Risks to Residential Buildings and Cost–Benefit of Mitigation Strategies Considering Hurricane and Earthquake Hazards

2012  Augmenting Owner’s Staff with As-Needed Contracts for Large Diameter Pipeline Construction Management

2012  BLCC Analysis Derived from BIM and Energy Data of Zero Net Energy Test Home