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2015  Performance of Posttensioned Seismic Retrofit of Two Stone Masonry Buildings during the Canterbury Earthquakes

2015  The Right Mix

2014  Braced Ductile Shear Panel: New Seismic-Resistant Framing System

2014  Experimental Behavior of Steel Fixed Bearings and Implications for Seismic Bridge Response

2014  Improved Geometric Design of Earthquake-Resistant RC Slender Structural Walls. I: Parametric Study

2014  Improved Geometric Design of Earthquake-Resistant RC Slender Structural Walls. II: Design Implications

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Behavior of Controlled Rocking Steel Frames

2014  Seismic Design of Piers and Wharves

2014  Seismic Response Prediction of Self-Centering, Concentrically-Braced Frames Using Genetic Programming

2014  Using a Lumped Mass, Nonuniform Stiffness Beam Model to Obtain the Interstory Drift Spectra

2013  Blast and Earthquake Resistant Bridge Pier Concept: Retrofit and Alternative Design Options

2013  Comparison of Bridge Earthquake Resisting System Design in a Moderate Seismic Zone

2013  Demonstration of Compatible Yielding between Soil-Foundation and Superstructure Components

2013  Earthquake-Resisting System Optimization and Pushover Analysis in Seismic Design of Approach Spans of New South Park Bridge

2013  Effect of Shear Wall Area to Floor Area Ratio on the Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

2013  Effectiveness of Tuned Mass Dampers against Ground Motion Pulses

2013  Large-Scale Experimental Studies of Structural Control Algorithms for Structures with Magnetorheological Dampers Using Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2013  Seismic Control of Power Transmission Tower Using Pounding TMD

2013  Shear and Friction Response of Nonseismic Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearings Subject to Seismic Demands

2013  A Study on Behavior of Ductile Iron Earthquake-Resistant Pipeline in the Deformed Road at the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

2013  Use of Mechanical Couplers in Concrete Columns

2012  Collapse Behavior and Ultimate Earthquake Resistance of Weak Column Type Multi-Story Steel Frame with RHS Columns

2012  NewsBriefs: Cloaking Technique May Make Buildings ’Invisible’ to Earthquakes (Science Daily)

2012  Performance Control: New Elastic-Plastic Design Procedure for Earthquake Resisting Moment Frames

2012  Seismic Performance Analysis of the Existing Masonry Structure of Beijing Rural Suburbs

2012  Unbonded Prestressed Columns for Earthquake Resistance

2011  Cyclic Behavior of Asphalt Concrete Used as Impervious Core in Embankment Dams

2011  Damage-Based Design Earthquake Loads for Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Inelastic Structures

2011  Effective Stiffness of Squat Structural Walls

2011  Innovative Design and Construction of a High RCC Gravity Dam in High Seismic Intensity Region

2011  Letters

2011  Seismic Behavior of a Coupled Wall System with HPFRC Materials in Critical Regions

2011  Turning Disaster into Knowledge

2010  Improved Decentralized Method for Control of Building Structures under Seismic Excitation

2010  Seismic Behavior Analysis for Intake Tower of Luding Hydropower Station

2010  Seismic Design of Flexible Cantilevered Retaining Walls

2009  Design Concepts for Damage-Free Seismic-Resistant Self-Centering Steel Concentrically Braced Frames

2009  Frame Element for Metallic Shear-Yielding Members under Cyclic Loading

2009  NewsBriefs: Tougher Chinese Earthquake Laws Passed

2009  An Overview of Self-Centering Steel Moment Frames

2009  Performance Based Design of Seismic Isolated Bridges in Near-Fault Zones Using Elastic-Gap Devices

2009  Performance of Template School Buildings during Earthquakes in Turkey and Peru

2009  Quantitative Comparison of Optimization Approaches for the Design of Supplemental Damping in Earthquake Engineering Practice

2009  Reconsideration of Seismic Performance and Design of Beam-Column Joints of Earthquake-Resistant Reinforced Concrete Frames

2009  Reflection on the Earthquake Design Practice in Hong Kong through a Time History Analysis

2009  Seismic Site Response for an LNG Facility—Analyses and Lessons Learned

2008  Control of Civil Structures Using a Semiactive Stiffness System Based on Variable Amplification

2008  Energy Dissipation Systems for Seismic Applications: Current Practice and Recent Developments

2008  Evaluation of the Design, Planning, Construction Phases, and Structural Content of Permanent Residential Dwellings Built after the 1999 Eastern Marmara Earthquakes in Turkey

2008  On-Line Learning Failure-Tolerant Neural-Aided Controller for Earthquake Excited Structures

2008  Overview of Earthquake Resisting System Design and Retrofit Strategy for Bridges in Illinois

2008  Scenario Earthquake for Key Engineering Structures

2008  Seismic Performance Evaluation of a Large-Scale Composite MRF Using Pseudodynamic Testing

2008  Underwater Shake Table Tests on Waterfront Structures Protected with Tire Chips Cushion

2008  Vibration Controller Design for Confined Masonry Walls by Distributed Genetic Algorithms

2007  Behavior and Design of Posttensioned Steel Frame Systems

2007  Closed-Form Sensitivity of Earthquake Input Energy to Soil-Structure Interaction System

2007  Deformation Capacity and Shear Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composite Flexural Members Subjected to Displacement Reversals

2007  Earthquake Input Energy to Two Buildings Connected by Viscous Dampers

2007  Earthquake Resistant Design of Tilt-Up Buildings with Segmented Walls

2007  Earthquake Resistant Post-Tensioned Connections to Concrete Filled HSS Columns

2007  Effect of Underground Structures in Earthquake Resistant Design of Surface Structures

2007  Effectiveness of Rehabilitation on Seismic Behavior of Masonry Piers

2007  Finite-Element Analysis of a Composite Frame under Large Lateral Cyclic Loading

2007  Full-Scale Test of Composite Frame under Large Cyclic Loading

2007  Large Scale Tests and Micromechanics-Based Models to Characterize Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue in Welded Structural Details

2007  Seismic Assessment of Concentrically Braced Steel Frames with Shape Memory Alloy Braces

2007  Seismic Strengthening of Rocking-Critical Masonry Piers

2007  Viscous Heating of Fluid Dampers under Small and Large Amplitude Motions: Experimental Studies and Parametric Modeling

2006  Application of Internally Damped Shearbeam Model to Analysis of Buildings under Earthquakes: Robust Procedure for Quick Evaluation of Seismic Performance

2006  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Column — Steel Beam Roof Level T-Connections under Displacement Reversals

2006  A Cautionary Tale

2006  Inelastic Spectrum-Based Approach for Seismic Design Spectra

2006  Seismic Behavior of Sheathed Cold-Formed Structures: Numerical Study

2006  Seismic-Resistant Weld-Free Steel Frame Buildings with Mechanical Joints and Hysteretic Dampers

2005  Amplification System for Supplemental Damping Devices in Seismic Applications

2005  Building Structures with Damping Systems: From Research to Design Practice

2005  Continuum Based Micro-Models for Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Initiation in Steel Structures

2005  Earthquake Engineering: Bay Area Rapid Transit Retrofit Moves Ahead

2005  Earthquake Resistant Design and Rehabilitation of Masonry Historical Structures

2005  Experimental Evaluation of Adaptive Elastomeric Base-Isolated Structures using Variable -Orifice Fluid Dampers

2005  Non-Bouc Degrading Hysteresis Model for Nonlinear Dynamic Procedure Seismic Design

2005  Numerical Evaluation of Adaptive Base-Isolated Structures Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motions

2005  Quincha Construction in Peru

2004  Adapting the CQC3 Rule for Three Seismic Components with Different Spectra

2004  Airports: Sea-Tac Terminal Opens despite Turbulence

2004  Application of a Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Damper distribution within the Nonlinear Seismic Benchmark Building

2004  Evaluating Earthquake Safety in Mid-American Communities

2004  Making Choices about Earthquake Performance

2004  Materials: Polystyrene Panels to shelter Families in Afghanistan

2004  Seismic Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings with Flexible Floor Diaphragms

2004  Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Column-Steel Beam Subassemblies and Frame Systems

2004  Seismic Vulnerability of Post-Islamic Monumental Structures in Iran: Review of Historical Sources

2004  Similitude Law of Prefracture Hysteresis of Steel Members

2004  Technology: Ground Monitoring System May Prevent Massive Losses in Natural Disasters

2003  Earthquake Damage Resistant Architectural Glass Panels

2003  Earthquake-Resistant Property of Prefabricated High-Strength Concrete Pile

2002  Behavior of Circular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Columns

2002  Cyclic Behavior of Headed Stud Shear Connectors

2002  Earthquake Engineering: Wood-Frame Structures are Shaken for a Ride