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2015  3D Finite-Deformation Beam Model with Viscous Damping: Computational Aspects and Applications

2014  Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Concrete-Filled Crisscross Steel Tubular Columns Subjected to Earthquake Loads

2014  Factor of Safety in Slopes under Earthquake Loading

2014  Numerical Seismic Performance of an Innovative CFS Midrise Building Designed Using DDD

2014  Repair of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Containing Buckled and Fractured Reinforcement by Plastic Hinge Relocation

2014  Seismic Design of Rocking Shallow Foundations: Displacement-Based Methodology

2014  Time-Dependent Behavior of FRP Retrofitted RC Columns after Subjecting to Simulated Earthquake Loading

2014  Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers (VCDs) and Viscoelastic-Plastic Coupling Dampers (VPCDs) for Enhanced Efficiency and Resilience of High-Rise Buildings

2013  ASCE-JSCE Collaboration

2013  Breakwaters

2013  Bridge Performance

2013  Building Structural Performance

2013  A Classification of Building Damage Patterns Caused by Tsunami

2013  Debris Loading

2013  Designing High-Precision Fast Nonlinear Dam Neuro-Modelers and Comparison with Finite-Element Analysis

2013  Dynamic Nonlinearity and Nonlinear Single-Degree-of-Freedom Model for Cable Net Glazing

2013  Economic Impacts and Initial Recovery Efforts

2013  Estimation of Resistance Factors for Reliability-Based Design of Shallow Foundations in Cohesionless Soils Under Earthquake Loading

2013  Experimental Evaluation of p-y Curves Considering Development of Liquefaction

2013  Failure Mode Analysis

2013  Findings and Recommendations

2013  Front Matter

2013  Index

2013  Introduction

2013  March 11, 2011, Great East Japan Earthquake and Tohoku Tsunami

2013  Other Structures

2013  Piers, Quays, and Wharves

2013  Pre-Survey Preparatory Research

2013  Risk-Based Approach for Optimum Maintenance of Bridges under Traffic and Earthquake Loads

2013  Scour Effects

2013  Seawalls and Tsunami Barriers

2013  Seismic Behavior of a Modern Concrete Coupled Wall

2013  Seismic Performance of an Innovative Light-Frame Cold-Formed Steel Frame for Midrise Construction

2013  Seismic Performance of Earth Embankment Using Simple and Advanced Numerical Approaches

2013  Seismic Performance of Steel Self-Centering, Moment-Resisting Frame: Hybrid Simulations under Design Basis Earthquake

2013  Spreadsheet Log of Structures and Coastal Seawalls Investigated

2013  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Performance of Structures under Tsunami Loads

2013  Tsunami Flow Velocity

2013  Tsunami Warning and Evacuation

2012  Case Study of Strategies for Seismic Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Multicolumn Bridge Bents

2012  Construction of Lightweight Concrete Partitions Using Textile Waste

2012  Liquefaction of Dense Sand under Earthquake Loading

2012  Response Spectral Characteristics and Reliabilities of Linear Structures to Both Intensity and Frequency Content Time-Varying Earthquake Loads

2012  Risk Assessment of Transmission System under Earthquake Loading

2012  Three-Dimensional Analysis of Underground Tunnels in Liquefiable Soil Subject to Earthquake Loading

2012  Use of the Extended Consecutive Modal Pushover Analysis Method to Optimize the Design Process

2011  Analysis of Shear-Critical Reinforced Concrete Plane Frame Elements under Cyclic Loading

2011  Damage-Based Design Earthquake Loads for Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Inelastic Structures

2011  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Components in Support of Collapse Prediction of Steel Moment Frames under Earthquake Loading

2011  EPS Seismic Buffers for Earthquake Load Attenuation against Rigid Retaining Walls

2011  Evaluation of Combination Rules for Orthogonal Seismic Demands in Nonlinear Time History Analysis of Bridges

2011  Numerical Prediction of the Dynamic Behavior of Two Earth Dams in Italy Using a Fully Coupled Nonlinear Approach

2011  Prototype Model Tests of Ground Fissures under Dynamic Earthquake Effects in Xi’an, China

2011  Seismic Response Spectra for Probabilistic Analysis of Nonlinear Systems

2011  Static and Dynamic Axial Response of Drilled Piers. II: Numerical Simulation

2011  Strain Localization Effect on System Reliability Based Design of Bridge Abutments under Earthquake Loading

2010  Compression Performance of Steel Pipelines with Welded Slip Joints

2010  Effect of Saturation on Cyclic Volumetric Change of Compacted Silty Sands

2010  Finite-Element Simulations of Full-Scale Modular-Block Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls under Earthquake Loading

2010  Investigation of Tire Chips-Sand Mixtures As Preventive Measure against Liquefaction

2010  Modeling Residual Displacements of Concrete Bridge Columns under Earthquake Loads Using Fiber Elements

2010  Optimum Design of Bridge Abutments under Seismic Conditions: Reliability-Based Approach

2010  Pile Diameter Effect on Bending Behaviour of Piles in Clay under Earthquake Loads

2009  Analysis and Testing of Container Cranes under Earthquake Loads

2009  Behavior of Soft Clays under Earthquake Loading Conditions

2009  Numerical Simulation of Nonstationary Earthquake Field Compatible with Prescribed Response Spectrum

2009  Prediction of Fatigue Life of Welded Beam-to-Column Connections under Earthquake Loading

2009  Seismic Isolators of Variable Stiffness for Earthquakes with Strong Long-Period Components

2009  Seismic Reliability Analysis of Diagonal-Braced and Structural-Panel-Sheathed Wood Shear Walls

2009  Seismic Risk Assessment of Gravity Load Designed Reinforced Concrete Frames Subjected to Mid-America Ground Motions

2009  Semiactive Viscous Tensile Bracing System

2008  Design of Reinforced Concrete Chimneys for Earthquake Forces

2008  Overview of Earthquake Resisting System Design and Retrofit Strategy for Bridges in Illinois

2008  Piles under Earthquake Loads

2008  Reliability-Based Analysis and Design of Strip Footings against Bearing Capacity Failure

2008  Response of Clay-Pile System under Earthquake Loading

2007  Development and Validation of a Generalized Biaxial Hysteresis Model

2007  Dynamic Collapse Simulation of 3-Bay RC Frame under Extreme Earthquake Loadings

2007  Factored Modal Combination for Evaluation of Earthquake Load Profiles

2007  Failure Mode of Reinforced Embankment under Earthquake Loading

2007  Implications of Design Assumptions on Capacity Estimates and Demand Predictions of Multispan Curved Bridges

2007  Statistical Significance of Less Common Load Combinations

2006  Damage Prediction for Wood Shear Walls Subjected to Simulated Earthquake Loads

2006  Experimental Behaviour of Hollow and Filled RHS Bracing Members Under Earthquake Loading

2006  Granular Material Silos under Dynamic Excitation: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation

2006  Holistic Approach for Assessing the Vulnerability of Buried Pipelines to Earthquake Loads

2006  Inelastic Analysis of Fixed Offshore Platforms for Earthquake Loading

2006  Joint First-Passage Probability and Reliability of Systems under Stochastic Excitation

2006  Reliability of Shallow Foundations Subjected to Multidirectional Seismic Loading

2006  A Simplified Formula for Estimating Real-Time Pore Water Pressure of Anisotropically-Consolidated Saturated Sands under Random Earthquake Loads

2005  Damage-Based Seismic Reliability Concept for Woodframe Structures

2005  Evaluation of As-Built, Retrofitted, and Repaired Shear-Critical Hollow Bridge Columns under Earthquake-Type Loading

2005  Nonlinear Interaction of Soil–Pile in Horizontal Vibration

2005  Parametric Studies on the Behavior of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls under Earthquake Loading

2005  Seismic Lateral Response of Piles in Liquefying Soil

2005  Strength-Based Seismic Reliability of Wood Shear Walls Designed According to American Forest and Paper Association/American Society of Civil Engineers 16

2004  Assessment of Steel and Fiber Reinforced Plastic Jackets for Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Columns with Structural Flares

2004  Experimental Investigation of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Walls in Flexure

2004  Fuzzy Controller for Seismically Excited Nonlinear Buildings

2004  Reliability of Uncertain Inelastic Structures under Earthquake Excitation