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2015  Apparent Weakening in SDOF Yielding Structures Using a Negative Stiffness Device: Experimental and Analytical Study

2015  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Using Finite-Length Plastic Hinge Force-Based Beam-Column Elements

2015  Girder Load Distribution for Seismic Design of Integral Bridges

2015  Performance Assessment of Turkish Residential Buildings for Seismic Damage and Loss Estimation

2015  Potential Use of Locked Brick Infill Walls to Decrease Soft-Story Formation in Frame Buildings

2014  Comparative Study between Two Performance-Based Liquefaction Triggering Models for the Standard Penetration Test

2014  Defining Misconceptions in Earthquake Engineering Education

2014  Dynamic Lateral Stability of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings

2014  Effects of Earthquake Ground Motion Selection and Scaling Method on Performance-Based Engineering of Wood-Frame Structures

2014  Financial Seismic Risk Analysis of Building Portfolios

2014  Influence of Strain History on Postliquefaction Deformation Characteristics of Sands

2014  Influence of Structural Walls on the Seismic Performance of RC Buildings during the May 19, 2011 Simav Earthquake in Turkey

2014  In-Plane Drift Capacity of Contemporary Point Fixed Glass Facade Systems

2014  Loss of Pressure Boundary through Buckling-Induced Fracture in the Ciudad Nezahualcöyotl Pipeline

2014  Numerical Study of Shear Stress Distribution for Discrete Columns in Liquefiable Soils

2014  Procedure for the Empirical Evaluation of Lateral Spread Displacement Hazard Curves

2014  Process and Future of Data Integration within the European Earthquake Engineering Laboratories

2014  Quantitative Evaluation on Building Collapse-Induced Human Casualty for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Behavior of Controlled Rocking Steel Frames

2014  Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of a Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frame

2014  Seismic Fragility Relationships of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Equipped with Response Modification Systems

2014  Seismic Reliability Analysis of Wood Shear Walls Using Different Methods

2014  Seismic Retrofit of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames with High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Infill Panels: Large-Scale Hybrid Simulation Experiments

2014  Shake Table Tests on Suspended Nonstructural Components Anchored in Cyclically Cracked Concrete

2014  Simulated Bilinear-Elastic Behavior in a SDOF Elastic Structure Using Negative Stiffness Device: Experimental and Analytical Study

2014  Simulation of Seismic Collapse in Nonductile Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings with Masonry Infills

2014  Structure-Independent Parallel Platform for Nonlinear Analyses of General Real-Scale RC Structures under Cyclic Loading

2014  Validation of Fault Rupture-Response Spectrum Analysis Method for Curved Bridges Crossing Strike-Slip Fault Rupture Zones

2013  Advancing Earthquake Engineering Research through Cyberinfrastructure

2013  Artificial Neural Network Model for Evaluating Gravelly Soils Liquefaction Using Shear Wave Velocity

2013  A Benchmark Testing System for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Development

2013  Blast-Induced Pore Pressure and Liquefaction of Saturated Sand

2013  Development and Utilization of Structural Component Databases for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

2013  Effectiveness of Tuned Mass Dampers against Ground Motion Pulses

2013  Empirical Methodology to Estimate Seismically Induced Settlement of Partially Saturated Sand

2013  Epistemic Uncertainty, Rival Models, and Closure

2013  Equivalent-Linear Dynamic Impedance Functions of Surface Foundations

2013  Front Matter

2013  IACGE 2013, Challenges and Recent Advances in Geotechnical and Seismic Research and Practices

2013  International Efforts in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

2013  Optimum Design Strategy for H∞ Control of Time-Delayed Direct Velocity Feedback Systems

2013  Pounding Responses of an Expansion Joint in a Curved Ramp Bridge under Earthquake Conditions

2013  Seismic Control of Power Transmission Tower Using Pounding TMD

2013  Teaching Innovation through Hands-on-Experience Case Studies Combined with Hybrid Simulation

2012  Back Matter

2012  Behavior of Self-Centering Steel Plate Shear Walls and Design Considerations

2012  Earthquakes and Engineers, An International History; The head of the Oral History Series at the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

2012  Effects of Axial Load and Slope Arrangement on Pile Group Response in Laterally Spreading Soils

2012  Environmental Impact Seismic Assessment: Application of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodologies to Optimize Environmental Performance

2012  Front Matter

2012  Geotechnical Engineering State of the Art and Practice, Keynote Lectures from GeoCongress 2012

2012  Influence of Model Parameter Uncertainty on Seismic Transverse Response and Vulnerability of Steel–Concrete Composite Bridges with Dual Load Path

2012  Method for Probabilistic Displacement-Based Design of RC Structures

2012  Optimal Intensity Measures for Probabilistic Seismic Response Analysis of Bridges on Liquefiable and Non-Liquefiable Soils

2012  Parallelized Implicit Nonlinear FEA Program for Real Scale RC Structures under Cyclic Loading

2012  Robust Modeling of the Rocking Problem

2012  Rotational Stiffness of Exposed Column Base Connections: Experiments and Analytical Models

2012  Seismic Behavior of Low Earthquake-Resistant Arch-Shaped Roof Masonry Houses Retrofitted by PP-Band Meshes

2012  Vulnerability of Reinforced-Concrete-Frame Buildings and Their Occupants in the 2009 L’Aquila, Italy, Earthquake

2011  Geo-Risk 2011, Risk Assessment and Management

2011  Modal-Pushover-Based Ground-Motion Scaling Procedure

2011  Modeling Seismic Wave Propagation and Amplification in 1D/2D/3D Linear and Nonlinear Unbounded Media

2011  Modular Construction of Steel Plate Shear Walls for Low and Moderate Seismic Regions

2011  Near-Fault and Far-Field Strong Ground-Motion Simulation for Earthquake Engineering Applications Using the Specific Barrier Model

2011  Reliability of VS,30 Evaluation from Surface-Wave Tests

2011  Seismic Behavior of a Coupled Wall System with HPFRC Materials in Critical Regions

2011  Seismic Collapse Safety of Reinforced Concrete Buildings. I: Assessment of Ductile Moment Frames

2011  Seismic Collapse Safety of Reinforced Concrete Buildings. II: Comparative Assessment of Nonductile and Ductile Moment Frames

2011  Use of Nonlinear Analysis in the Context of the ASCE 7 Seismic Load Provisions

2011  Use of Wavelet-Based Damage-Sensitive Features for Structural Damage Diagnosis Using Strong Motion Data

2010  Back Matter

2010  Capacity Design of Intermediate Horizontal Boundary Elements of Steel Plate Shear Walls

2010  Dimensional Analysis of the Earthquake Response of a Pounding Oscillator

2010  Front Matter

2010  Learning from Construction Failures due to the 2009 L’Aquila, Italy, Earthquake

2010  Model Development and Validation for Intelligent Data Collection for Lateral Spread Displacements

2010  Practical Formulas for Frequency Domain Analysis of Earthquake-Induced Dam-Reservoir Interaction

2010  Simplified Direct Displacement Design of Six-Story Woodframe Building and Pretest Seismic Performance Assessment

2010  Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

2009  Application of Energy Balance Concept in Seismic Evaluation of Structures

2009  Construction of Engineering Domain Ontology through Extraction of Knowledge from Domain Handbooks

2009  Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Boundary Frame Moment Resisting Action

2009  Exploring the Effectiveness of Chinese-to-English Machine Translation for CLIR Applications in Earthquake Engineering

2009  Free Vibration of Three-Dimensional Orthotropic Uniform Shear Beam-Columns with Generalized End Conditions

2009  Impact of Code Requirements in the Central United States: Seismic Performance Assessment of a Reinforced Concrete Building

2009  Interaction of Shallow Foundations with Reverse Faults

2009  Investigation of Effects of Nonlinear Static Analysis Procedures to Performance Evaluation on Low-Rise RC Buildings

2009  Linear Analysis of Ordinary Bridges Crossing Fault-Rupture Zones

2009  Mitigation of Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Deformation in a Sloping Stratum: Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation

2009  Nonlinear Analysis of Ordinary Bridges Crossing Fault-Rupture Zones

2009  Nonlinear Viscoelastic Wave Propagation: An Extension of Nearly Constant Attenuation Models

2009  Optimization and Multihazard Structural Design

2009  Seismic Fragility Analysis and Retrofit of Conventional Residential Wood-Frame Structures in the Central United States

2009  Seismic Performance Evaluation of Facilities: Methodology and Implementation

2009  Special Perforated Steel Plate Shear Walls with Reduced Beam Section Anchor Beams. II: Analysis and Design Recommendations

2009  TCLEE 2009, Lifeline Earthquake Engineering in a Multihazard Environment

2009  Upgrading a Lifeline for Seismic Safety through Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering—A Case Study at Anchorage International Airport

2008  Airports

2008  Analytical Model of Ground Motion Pulses for the Design and Assessment of Seismic Protective Systems

2008  ASCE-31 and ASCE-41: What Good Are They?