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2015  Evolution of Molecular Interactions in the Interlayer of Na-Montmorillonite Swelling Clay with Increasing Hydration

2014  Dynamic Response of Steel Columns Subjected to Blast Loading

2014  Electrostatic Shield for Lunar Dust Entering Mechanical Seals of Lunar Exploration Equipment

2014  Sampling of Small Regolith Particles from Asteroids Utilizing an Alternative Electrostatic Field and Electrostatic Traveling Wave

2013  Influence of Blade Geometric Parameters on Aeroelastic Response of a Helicopter Rotor System

2013  Three-Dimensional Dynamics of a Rigid Body with Wheels on a Moving Base

2012  Electrostatic Cleaning Device for Removing Lunar Dust Adhered to Spacesuits

2012  Electrostatic Transport of Lunar Soil for In Situ Resource Utilization

2012  Experimental Performance of Steel Beams under Blast Loading

2012  Magnetic Cleaning Device for Lunar Dust Adhering to Spacesuits

2012  Nonlinear Flight Dynamics of a Flexible Aircraft Subjected to Aeroelastic and Gust Loads

2012  Poromechanical Damping of Cementitious Materials

2012  Robust Modeling of the Rocking Problem

2012  Selecting Building Materials Using System Dynamics and Ant Colony Optimization

2012  A Unified Approach to the Modeling and Control of Multi-Scale Dynamical Systems

2011  Dynamic Effects of Wind on Offshore Structures

2011  Dynamics of Rework in Complex Offshore Hydrocarbon Projects

2011  Electrostatic Cleaning System for Removing Lunar Dust Adhering to Space Suits

2011  Influence of Foundation Scour on the Dynamic Response of an Existing Bridge

2011  Steered Molecular Dynamics Study of Mechanical Response of Full Length and Short Collagen Molecules

2010  Dynamics of Resonance Orbits for Spacecrafts

2010  LPV Modeling and Gain Scheduled Bank-to-Turn Autopilot Design

2010  Multibody Dynamics Approach to the Modeling of Friction Wedge Elements for Freight Train Suspensions. I: Theory

2010  Multibody Dynamics Approach to the Modeling of Friction Wedge Elements for Freight Train Suspensions. II: Applications

2010  A New General Method for Modeling Complex Multibody Dynamical Systems

2010  Response Surface Models to Detect and Localize Distributed Cracks in a Complex Continuum

2009  Model and Control of Flexible Multibody Satellite

2009  Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Lung Tissue at the Microlevel

2009  Simulation of Dynamic Effects of Vehicles on Pavement Using a 3D Interaction Model

2009  Trajectory Analysis for Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing Reusable Launch Vehicle’s Upper Stage

2008  Collapse Study of an Unreinforced Masonry Bearing Wall Building Subjected to Internal Blast Loading

2008  Impact Mechanics and High-Energy Absorbing Materials: Review

2008  Mechanical Behavior of Metallic Hollow Sphere Materials: Experimental Study

2008  Robust Stationkeeping Control for Libration Point Quasi-Periodic Orbits

2008  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2007  μ Control for Satellites Formation Flying

2007  Dynamic Effects on Moisture Transport in Asphalt Concrete

2007  Dynamic Participation Factors for Structures Supporting Rotating Machines

2007  Field Observations of Step Dynamics on a Macrotidal Gravel Beach

2007  New Application of Dynamics in the Mixed Vehicle Flow Theory Research

2007  Reliability Evaluation of Vehicle — Bridge Dynamic Interaction

2007  Seasonal Frost Effects on the Soil — Foundation — Structure Interaction System

2007  Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Linear Elastodynamics

2007  Understanding the Dynamics of Snowpack in Washington State-Part II: Complexity of Snowpack

2006  Dynamic Behavior of Nonlinear Cable System. IV

2006  Experimental Study of Ice Jam Formation Dynamics

2006  Multiphase/Multidomain Computations using Continuum and Lattice — Boltzmann Methods

2006  New Approach to Mission Design Based on the Fundamental Equations of Motion

2006  Only Dynamics Can Absorb Dynamics

2006  Revisiting Multimode Coupled Bridge Flutter: Some New Insights

2006  Rotation Response of a Rigid Body under Seismic Excitation

2006  Use of Modal Flexibility for Damage Detection and Condition Assessment: Case Studies and Demonstrations on Large Structures

2006  Using System Dynamics to Simulate the Hsinchu Region Development and Water Resources

2006  A Watershed Nutrient Management Model: System Dynamics and Transport Rates Approach

2005  Approximate Floor Acceleration Demands in Multistory Buildings. I: Formulation

2005  Approximate Floor Acceleration Demands in Multistory Buildings. II: Applications

2005  Improvement of Eigensolution Method for Nonproportionally Damped Systems by Step Length

2005  Low-Velocity Impact Dynamic Behavior of Laminated Composite Nonprismatic Folded Plate Structures

2005  On-Line Educational Shake Table Experiments

2005  Train-Induced Vibration Control of High-Speed Railway Bridges Equipped with Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers

2004  Analytical Solution of Direct Dynamics Problem in Cylindrical Coordinates

2004  Feasibility of Assessing Bond Condition of Asphalt Concrete Layers with Dynamic Nondestructive Testing

2004  Hybrid Feedback-Least Mean Square Algorithm for Structural Control

2004  Modal Scaling from Known Mass Perturbations

2004  Modeling of Vegetation-Erosion Dynamics in Watershed Systems

2004  Parameter Estimation for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Modal Analysis of Large Structures

2004  Wavelet-Hybrid Feedback-Least Mean Square Algorithm for Robust Control of Structures

2003  Dynamic Behavior of Orthotropic Rectangular Plates under Moving Loads

2003  Dynamic Characteristics of Infinite and Finite Railways to Moving Loads

2003  Dynamics of Cable Structures

2003  Linear Stochastic Dynamical System under Uncertain Load: Inverse Reliability Analysis

2003  Uncertain Dynamical Systems in the Medium-Frequency Range

2002  Addendum to “Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?—Simple Analysis”¹

2002  Along-Wind Load Effects on Tall Buildings: Comparative Study of Major International Codes and Standards

2002  Generalized-α Time Integration Solutions for Hanging Chain Dynamics

2002  Nonclassical Modes of Unrestrained Shear Beams

2002  Structural Damage Identification using Modal Data. I: Simulation Verification

2001  Ancient Chinese Timber Architecture. II: Dynamic Characteristics

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  Modeling Dynamic Processes in Space and Time -- A Spatial System Dynamics Approach

2001  Nonlinear Wave Dynamics in Surf and Swash Zones

2001  Surf Beat Generation by a Time-Varying Breakpoint

2000  Analytical Description of Multidegree Bilinear Hysteretic System

2000  Computation of Eigenvector Derivatives Using HPDF Expression

2000  Cyclic Behavior and Liquefaction of Sand Using Disturbed State Concept

2000  Damage Localization by Directly Using Incomplete Mode Shapes

2000  Dynamics of AGT Vehicle with Single-Axle Bogies

2000  Editorial

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Evaluation of Highway Consistency and Safety: Practical Application

2000  Fluid Dynamics and Virtual Fish Help Designers Develop Friendlier Turbines

2000  Fully Coupled Model of Ice-Jam Dynamics

2000  Green’s Functions for Two-and-a-Half-Dimensional Elastodynamic Problems

2000  Increased Damping in Cantilevered Traffic Signal Structures

2000  Material Constitutive Law for Large Strains and Strain Rates

2000  MORWIN: Collaborative Modeling of Coastal Morphodynamics

2000  New Point Estimates for Probability Moments

2000  Nonideal Constraints and Lagrangian Dynamics