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2015  Influence of Strake Wing on Unsteady Characteristics of an Aircraft Undergoing Lateral Motions

2015  Precision Study for Dynamic Modulus Testing of Asphalt Concrete Using Independent Assurance Testing

2015  Shake Table Seismic Performance Assessment of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Block Shear Walls

2015  Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Moisture Damage in Asphalt Concrete

2014  Blast Performance of Single-Span Precast Concrete Sandwich Wall Panels

2014  Dynamic Behavior of the Palazzo Lombardia Tower: Comparison of Numerical Models and Experimental Results

2014  Dynamic Progressive Collapse of an RC Assemblage Induced by Contact Detonation

2014  Experimental Testing and Numerical Simulation of a Six-Story Structure Incorporating Two-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Energy Sink

2014  Realization of a Strongly Nonlinear Vibration-Mitigation Device Using Elastomeric Bumpers

2014  Seismic Performance Assessment of Partially Grouted, Nominally Reinforced Concrete-Masonry Structural Walls Using Shake Table Testing

2013  Blast-Induced Pore Pressure and Liquefaction of Saturated Sand

2013  Evaluation of Low Cost Dynamic Exciters for Controlled Dynamic Testing of Bridges

2013  Seismic Response Characteristics of Saturated Sand Deposits Mixed with Tire Chips

2012  A Comparison of Dynamic Testing Methods for Evaluating a Truss Bridge

2012  Development and Investigation of a Slotted Beam Impact Experiment for Intermediate Strain Rates

2012  Impedance Control As a Strategy for Alleviating Actuator-Structure Interaction in Dynamic Testing

2012  Nondestructive Assessment of Axial Load–Deflection Behavior of Drilled Shafts for a Suspension Bridge

2012  Practical Approach for Estimating Distribution Factor for Load Rating: Demonstration on Reinforced Concrete T-Beam Bridges

2012  Quasi-Static and Dynamic Tests of a Smart Hybrid Brace

2012  Real-Time Dynamic Substructuring Testing of a Bridge Equipped with Friction-Based Seismic Isolators

2012  Static and Dynamic Testing of H-Piles at the Bechara Project in San Juan, PR

2012  Wind Uplift Performance of Composite Metal Roof Assemblies

2011  Assessment of Retrofitting Interventions to Reinforced Concrete Bridges Using Dynamic Testing

2011  Dynamic Tensile Testing of Kevlar 49 Fabrics

2011  Dynamic Test and Analysis of T-type Rigid Bridge Damage due to Excess Vibration

2011  Dynamic Testing and Structural Identification of the Hypo Bank Office Complex. I: Experiments

2011  Engineering Aspects in Evaluation of Pile Capacity by Dynamic Testing

2011  Experimental Assessment of Dynamic Responses Induced in Concrete Bridges by Permit Vehicles

2011  Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Using Shake Tables and Dynamic Actuators

2011  Wind Analysis of a Suspension Bridge: Identification and Finite-Element Model Simulation

2010  Dynamic Analysis of a Composite Cable-Stayed Bridge: Escaleritas Viaduct

2010  Dynamic Identification of a Concrete Bridge with Orthotropic Plate-Type Deck

2010  Dynamic Testing of Constructed Facilities

2010  Dynamic Testing of Frictional Bearings

2010  Effect of Fastener-Deck Strength on the Wind-Uplift Performance of Mechanically Attached Roofing Assemblies

2010  Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Prefabricated Vertical Drains Using Full-Scale In Situ Staged Dynamic Testing

2010  Linearly Implicit Time Integration Methods for Real-Time Dynamic Substructure Testing

2010  Out-of-Plane Seismic Performance and Detailing of Brick Veneer Walls

2010  Track Integration Quality Index

2010  Vibration Serviceability of a Building Floor Structure. I: Dynamic Testing and Computer Modeling

2009  Dynamic Characterization Test of the New Law Court in Naples

2009  Empirical Research on Urban Rail Transit Operation Performance Based on FCE–AHP

2009  Experimental Response of Piles in Sand under Compound Motion

2009  Experimental Studies on Real-Time Testing of Structures with Elastomeric Dampers

2009  Load Performance of In Situ Corrugated Steel Highway Culverts

2009  Output-Only Dynamic Testing of Rameses II Colossus by Singular Value Decomposition

2009  The Structure Evaluation and Reinforcement of Cantilever Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2009  Study on Dynamic Indirect Tension Test of Hard Asphalt Mixture

2008  Dynamic Fragmentation of an Ultrahigh-Strength Concrete during Edge-On Impact Tests

2008  Dynamic Testing for Structural Identification of a Bridge

2008  Dynamic Testing of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge

2008  Earthquake Response Control and Dynamic Tests Research on Bridge and Building Complex Structural System

2008  The Easy Button for Driven Pile Setup: Dynamic Testing

2008  Full-Scale Test and Analysis of a Curved Steel-Box Girder Bridge

2008  Hybrid Seismic Response Simulation on a Geographically Distributed Bridge Model

2008  In-Situ Load Testing of Corrugated Steel Pipe-Arch Culverts

2008  Optimizing the Wind Uplift Resistance of Mechanically Attached Roof Systems

2008  Research on Dynamic Testing of Straddle-Type Monorail Transit System in Chongqing City

2008  Seismic Performance of a Transfer Plate Structure

2008  Self-Centering Energy Dissipative Bracing System for the Seismic Resistance of Structures: Development and Validation

2007  Adaptive Control Strategy for Dynamic Substructuring Tests

2007  Bidirectional Pseudodynamic Tests of Bridge Piers Designed to Different Standards

2007  Capabilities of the NEES @ UCLA Mobile Dynamic Structural Testing Laboratory

2007  Dynamic and Static Behavior of a Curved-Girder Bridge with Varying Boundary Conditions

2007  Enhanced, Unconditionally Stable, Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm

2007  Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Strengthening Intervention by CFRP on MRWA Bridge No. 3014

2007  Midply Wood Shear Wall System: Performance in Dynamic Testing

2007  Modal Testing and Finite-Element Model Updating of a Lively Open-Plan Composite Building Floor

2007  Structural Response of Concrete Pavements under Moving Truck Loads

2007  Wave Propagation Due to Sinusoidal Excitation in Nonlinear One-Dimensional Soil Column

2006  Comparison of Tests of a Nonlinear Structure using a Shake Table and the EFT Method

2006  Correlation between Cyclic Resistance Ratios of Intact and Reconstituted Offshore Saturated Sands and Silts with the Same Shear Wave Velocity

2006  Degradation of Sands due to Combined Sinusoidal Loading

2006  Dynamic Characteristics and Effective Stiffness Properties of Honeycomb Composite Sandwich Structures for Highway Bridge Applications

2006  Effects of Connection Fractures on Global Behavior of Steel Moment Frames Subjected to Earthquakes

2006  Event-Driven Control System for Geographically Distributed Hybrid Simulation

2006  Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Effects for a Selected Highway Bridge

2006  Fundamental Frequency Testing of Reinforced Concrete Beams

2006  Granular Material Silos under Dynamic Excitation: Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation

2006  Impact of Specimen Geometry on Dynamic Modulus Measurement Test Setup

2006  New Design Procedure for Wind Uplift Resistance of Architectural Metal Roofing Systems

2006  Overview of Vibrational Structural Health Monitoring with Representative Case Studies

2006  Stiffness Assessment through Modal Analysis of an RC Slab Bridge before and after Strengthening

2006  Vibration Performance of a Large Cantilever Grandstand during an International Football Match

2005  Assessment of Soil Stiffness Properties by Dynamic Tests on Bridges

2005  Dynamic and Static Tests of Bridges and Viaducts of the Rosario-Victoria Highway Link Project

2005  Full-Scale Application of a Dynamic Model for High-Rate Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

2005  In-Plane Seismic Response of URM Walls Upgraded with FRP

2005  Nondestructive Assessment of Timber Bridges Using a Vibration-Based Method

2005  Nonlinear System Modeling and Velocity Feedback Compensation for Effective Force Testing

2005  Overview of System Identification and Case Studies Using Vibrational Techniques

2005  Performance and Cost Evaluations of Synthetic Resin Technology for the Removal of Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether from Drinking Water

2005  Review of Random Vibrations: Analysis of Structural and Mechanical Systems by Loren D. Lutes and Shahram Sarkani

2005  Seismic Interaction between Flexible Conductors and Electrical Substation Equipment

2005  Using Inclinometers to Measure Bridge Deflection

2004  Constant Force Shaking of a Group of Four Drilled Shafts

2004  Dynamic Strength Criterion for Concrete

2004  Dynamic Testing of a Masonry Structure on a Passive Isolation System

2004  Dynamic Testing of Reinforced Concrete Beams Damaged and Repaired with Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2004  Incorporating Set-Up and Support Cost Distributions into Driven Pile Design