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2014  Effects of Construction-Induced Stresses on Dynamic Soil Parameters of Bootlegger Cove Clays

2014  Viscoelastic Behavior of Silica Particle Compacts under Dynamic Compression

2013  Damping of Sands for Varying Saturation

2013  Dynamic Modulus and Damping Ratio Measurements from Free-Free Resonance and Fixed-Free Resonant Column Procedures

2013  Postliquefaction Undrained Shear Behavior of Sand-Silt Mixtures at Constant Void Ratio

2012  Influencing Factors on the Dynamic Properties of Organobentonites

2012  Papers in This Issue

2012  Temperature Dependent Dynamic Properties of Oily Clay

2011  Analyses of Vertical Dynamic Properties of Ballastless Track Based on LS-DYNA

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Properties of Aqueduct-Water Coupling Systems with Rubber Bearings

2011  Dynamic Tensile Testing of Kevlar 49 Fabrics

2011  Effects of Cables on Dynamic Properties of Short-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges

2011  Eliminating Temperature Effect in Vibration-Based Structural Damage Detection

2011  In-Site Tests of Dynamic Properties and Reinforcement Effect Analysis of Hengzhai Bridge

2011  Simulation of Automobile Dynamic Properties Based on MATLAB

2010  Dynamic Property of Mucky Soil of Subgrade under Cyclic Load

2010  Effect of Cyclic Loading Frequency on Dynamic Properties of Marine Clay

2010  Static and Dynamic Properties of a Calcareous Sand from Southwest Puerto Rico

2009  Dynamic Properties of Highly Organic Soils from Montezuma Slough and Clifton Court

2009  Learning of Dynamic Soil Behavior from Downhole Arrays

2009  Nondestructive Analysis of a Concrete Tunnel Model Using a Newly Proposed Combined Stress Wave Propagation Method

2009  Regression Models for Dynamic Properties of Highly Organic Soils

2009  Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste

2009  Strain-Rate Sensitivity of a Pultruded E-Glass/Polyester Composite

2008  Colloidal Silica Gel and Sand Mixture Dynamic Properties

2008  Cyclic Shear Tests of Municipal Waste in Large Triaxial Device for Identification of Its Dynamic Properties

2008  Dynamic Properties of Coal Waste Refuse in a Tailings Dam

2008  Dynamic Properties of Naturally-Cemented Silts

2008  Dynamic Properties of Saturated Compacted Soils

2008  Evaluation of Dynamic Properties of a Calcite Cemented Gravely Sand

2008  Initial Shear Modulus of Remolded Sand-Clay Mixtures

2008  Model Uncertainty in Normalized Shear Modulus and Damping Relationships

2008  Recent Findings on the Static and Dynamic Properties of Municipal Solid Waste

2008  Relationships between In Situ and Roller-Integrated Compaction Measurements for Granular Soils

2008  Strain-Dependent Dynamic Properties of Remolded Sand-Clay Mixtures

2008  Stress Integration Approach in Resonant Column and Torsional Shear Testing for Soils

2006  Neural Networks and Principal Component Analysis for Identification of Building Natural Periods

2005  Dynamic Characteristics of Chilean Bridges with Seismic Protection

2005  Modal Property Changes of a Seismically Damaged Concrete Bridge

2005  Normalized Shear Modulus and Material Damping Ratio Relationships

2005  Walking-Induced Floor Vibration Case Studies

2003  Nonlinear Dynamic Properties of a Fibrous Organic Soil

2002  Dynamic Monitoring of Steel Girder Highway Bridge

2002  Wind Sensitivity of Recycled Plastic Soundwalls

2000  Cyclic and Damping Properties of Silicate-Grouted Sand

2000  Dynamic Soil Sensing Via Horizontally-Polarized Shear Waves

2000  On-Site Nonlinear Hysteresis Curves and Dynamic Soil Properties

2000  Six DOF Measurement in Engineering Constructions and Control Operations in Space

2000  Updating Structural System Parameters Using Frequency Response Data

1999  Effects of Low-Number Previbration Cycles on Dynamic Properties of Dry Sand

1999  Unstable Oscillations of Rectangular Cylinder at Various Mass Ratios

1998  Cyclic Characterization of OII Landfill Solid Waste

1998  The Downhole Freestanding Shear Device Concept

1998  Dynamic Properties of Sherman Island Peat

1998  Dynamic Response Analysis Procedure for Landfills with Geosynthetic Liners

1997  Low Strain Shear Moduli of Cemented Sands

1996  Comparison of Static and Dynamic Performance of Polycarbonate Filled and Unfilled Gears

1996  Dynamic Properties of Piedmont Residual Soils

1996  Dynamic Sub-Structure Method in Time Domain Using Analytical Representation of Dynamic Stiffness of Soil

1996  Effect of Degree of Weathering on Dynamic Properties of Residual Soils

1996  Inference of Dynamic Shear Modulus from Lotung Downhole Data

1996  Pulsatile Flow Circuitry for Dynamic Study of a Volume Plethysmograph

1996  A Review of Dynamic Behavior of Sector Plates and Curved Bridge Decks

1995  Geotechnical Considerations in the Seismic Response Evaluation of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

1995  In-Situ Testing Methods for Dynamic Properties of MSW Landfills

1995  Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Grouted Sand

1995  Static and Dynamic Properties of Gravelly Soils

1994  Cyclic Behavior of Gravelly Soil

1994  Dynamic Properties of Gravel Layers Investigated by In-Situ Freezing Sampling

1994  Dynamic Properties of Gravels Sampled by Ground Freezing

1994  Dynamic Response of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

1994  In-Situ Measurements of Dynamic Soil Properties and Liquefaction Resistances of Gravelly Soils at Keenleyside Dam

1993  Reduction of Dynamic Cable Stiffness to Linear Matrix Polynomial

1992  Resonant Column Testing of Dynamic Rock Properties

1992  Soil Behavior from Unconventional Loading Conditions

1991  Dynamic Properties of Light-Frame Wood Subsystems

1991  An Energy Approach to the Analysis of Partially-Saturated Flow

1988  Impulse and Random Testing of Soils

1987  Response of Offshore Towers with Pile Interaction

1986  Analytical Studies of Building Cladding

1986  Dynamic Tests of LNG Storage Tanks for Earthquake Analysis of Liquid-Tank-Pile-Soil Interaction

1986  Vibration Tests of Reservoir Structures Outlet Tower and Footbridge

1984  Continuum Models for the Dynamics of Buildings

1983  Hysteresis Identification of Existing Structures

1983  Structural Identification — Pros and Cons

1983  Young’s Modulus of Subcoal Strata by Ultrasonic Testing

1981  Dynamic Properties of Soils from In-Situ Tests

1981  Field and Laboratory Determination of Soil Moduli

1981  Similarity Solutions for Turbulent Jets and Plumes

1980  Dynamic Properties of Two Marine Clays

1980  Dynamic Shakedown in Elastic-Plastic Bodies

1980  Low Velocity Projectile Penetration of Clay

1979  Dynamic Buckling of Nonhomogeneous Cylindrical Shells

1979  Dynamic Buckling of Simple Frames under a Step-Load

1979  An Eroding Long Rod Penetrator Model for Hard Target Penetration

1979  Static and Dynamic Properties of Sand-Cement

1978  Comments on Lateral Forces — Active and Passive

1978  Cyclic Shear Strength of Variably Cemented Sands

1978  Damping in Saturated Soil

1978  Dynamic Modulus and Damping Relationships for Sands