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2015  Modeling and Optimization of Octostrut Vibration Isolation Platform by FRF-Based Substructuring Method

2015  Scramjet Isolator Shock-Train Leading-Edge Position Modeling Based on Equilibrium Manifold

2015  Transient Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Complex Parachute Inflation with Fixed Payload

2014  Active Control for a Distributed Mass Damper System

2014  Probabilistic Calibration of a Dynamic Model for Predicting Rainfall-Controlled Landslides

2014  Real-Time Dynamic Model Updating of a Hysteretic Structural System

2014  Strain-Rate Effects in Shear Highlighted by a Dynamical Systems Model

2013  Aircraft Turbine Engine Control Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Dynamic Model of Subgrade Using a Coupled Vehicle-Track-Subgrade Method

2013  Influence of Unreinforced Masonry Infill Panels on the Robustness of Multistory Buildings

2013  Research on Vehicle Turning Dynamic Simulation and Stability Analysis

2013  Shear Stress-Strain Curves Based on the G/Gmax Logic: A Procedure for Strength Compatibility

2012  Development of a Reliability Based Dynamic Model of Urban Water Supply System: A Case Study

2012  Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of the Internal- and External-Driven Spherical Robot

2012  Dynamic System Model to Predict Global Sea-Level Rise and Temperature Change

2012  Dynamics Equations of Relative Motion around an Oblate Earth with Air Drag

2012  Evaluating Construction Methods for Low Carbon Emissions Using System Dynamics Modeling

2012  Evaluating Recovery Reliability of a Road Network during an Incident

2012  GIS-Based Computational Method for Simulating the Components of 3D Dynamic Ground Subsidence during the Process of Undermining

2012  Impact of Public Policy and Societal Risk Perception on U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Construction

2012  Statistical and Dynamical Climate Predictions to Guide Water Resources in Ethiopia

2011  Applying Optimal Control Model to Dynamic Equipment Allocation Problem: Case Study of Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam Construction Project

2011  A Car-Following Dynamic Model on Equilibrium

2011  Distributed Mass Damper System for Integrating Structural and Environmental Controls in Buildings

2011  Dynamic Modeling of Storm Surge and Inland Flooding in a Texas Coastal Floodplain

2011  Editor’s Note

2011  Finite-Dynamic Model for Infinite Media: Corrected Solution of Viscous Boundary Efficiency

2011  Integrated Systems Dynamics Model for TMDL Policy Assessment: A Lake Allegan Case Study

2011  Models for Optimization of Energy Consumption of Pumps in a Wastewater Processing Plant

2011  A New Car-Following Dynamic Model and Stability Analysis

2011  Port and Economy Relationship Analysis by System Dynamics

2011  Special Issue on Nanomechanics of Solids and Interfaces with Molecular Dynamic Simulations

2011  A System Dynamics-Based Model for the Interaction between Comprehensive Transportation System and District Economy

2011  Virtual Wind Speed Sensor for Wind Turbines

2010  Comparison of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Water Quality Evaluation in the Chesapeake Bay

2010  Dynamic Model of an Astronaut Equipped with a Manned Maneuvering Unit in Virtual Reality

2010  Empirical Modeling Methodologies for Construction

2010  Estimation of CO2 Mitigation Potential from Freight Transport Based on System Dynamics Model—A Case Study of Beijing, China

2010  Morphology and Substrate Control on the Dynamics of Flowlike Landslides

2010  Quasi-Steady Solution of Rotor-Dynamic Forces Generated by Discharge-to-Suction Leakage Flows in Centrifugal Pumps

2010  A System Dynamics Model of the Interaction between Port and City Based on the Green Concept

2010  System Dynamics Modeling of a Safety Culture Based on Resilience Engineering

2010  Train Dynamic Model of Delay Propagation in Railway Operation

2009  Dynamic Model of Transit Signal Priority on Colored Time Petri Net

2009  Dynamic Modeling of Bentazon Removal by Pseudo-Moving-Bed Granular Activated Carbon Filtration Applied to Full-Scale Water Treatment

2009  Intrinsic Damping: Modeling Techniques for Engineering Systems

2009  Mathematical Model to Generate Asymmetric Pulses due to Human Jumping

2009  Modeling and Simulation on the Vibration Comfort of Railway Sleeper Carriages

2009  Modeling the Dynamics of Heavy Equipment Management Practices and Downtime in Large Highway Contractors

2009  Multiperiod Competition in an Electric Power Network and Impacts of Infrastructure Disruptions

2009  Statistical — Dynamical Approach for Streamflow Modeling at Malakal, Sudan, on the White Nile River

2008  Capturing Nonlinear Vibratory Roller Compactor Behavior through Lumped Parameter Modeling

2008  Case Study of the Big Bay Dam Failure: Accuracy and Comparison of Breach Predictions

2008  Distributed Simulation with Cellular Automata Using the Multispin Coding Technique

2008  Dynamic Model for Evaluation of Advanced Traveler Information System

2008  Dynamic Model of Traffic Flow on On-Ramp Junction of City Expressway

2008  A Dynamic Multiple Objective Model of Location Problem of Emergency Logistics Distribution Centers

2008  An Efficient Finite Element Dynamic Sub-Modeling Approach Using the Local Mesh Refinement Technique

2008  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Best Management Practices Using Dynamic Modeling

2008  Hierarchical Patch Dynamics Modeling of Near-Well Dynamics in Complex Regional Groundwater Systems

2008  Improved Control of Pressure Reducing Valves in Water Distribution Networks

2008  Managing Tipping Point Dynamics in Complex Construction Projects

2008  Model Conversion Technique for Structural Dynamic Systems

2008  Response of Multilayer Foundation System beneath Railway Track under Cyclic Loading

2007  A Dynamic Model of the Two-Route Traffic Flow

2007  Dynamic Model on Urban Land-Use and Transportation System

2007  Modeling Excavation Process Using Dynamic Modeling Approach

2007  Nonlinear Dynamical Model for Hysteresis Based on Nonconvex Potential Energy

2007  Robust Control of Spacecraft Formation Flying

2007  Structural Response of Concrete Pavements under Moving Truck Loads

2007  System Dynamics Modeling of the Conjunctive-Use of Surface and Subsurface Water

2007  Unified View of Sediment Transport by Currents and Waves. IV: Application of Morphodynamic Model

2006  Application of a Morphodynamic Modelling System to an Idealized Inlet

2006  Compilation of a Map of Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in Eastern Canada using Geographic Information System

2006  Continuum Modeling of an Innovative Space-Based Radar Antenna Truss

2006  Even When It Rains You Need to Drought Plan: Dynamic Modeling Application to Water Supply Planning in Virginia

2006  Long-Term Dynamic Modeling Approach to Quantifying Attached Algal Growth and Associated Impacts on Dissolved Oxygen in the Lower Truckee River, Nevada

2006  On the Comparison of Timoshenko and Shear Models in Beam Dynamics

2006  Optimization of an Unstructured First-Order Kinetics Model of Cyclically Operated Bioreactors

2006  Simple Dynamic Model for Fender Pile Analysis and Design

2006  Simplified Model for Vertical Vibrations of Surface Foundations

2005  Bitwise Implementation of a Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata Biofilm Model

2005  Development of An Analytical Database to Support a Fast Running Progressive Collapse Assessment Tool

2005  A Dynamic Boolean Model of Roll-over Financing for Residential Real Estate Development in China

2005  Dynamic Model for Calculating Infiltration of Rain Water through an Unsaturated Zone, and Its Application to Environmental Protection Agency’s PRESTO Model

2005  Dynamic Modeling of an Evapotranspiration Cover

2005  Observations and Analysis of Pile Groups in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground in Centrifuge Tests

2005  Parameter Sensitivity and Predictive Uncertainty in a New Water Quality Model, Q²

2004  Designing Safe Systems: Using System Dynamics to Understand Complexity

2004  Dynamic Modeling for Construction Innovation

2004  Dynamic Modeling of Large-Scale Magnetorheological Damper Systems for Civil Engineering Applications

2004  Dynamic Strength Criterion for Concrete

2004  Model for Lateral Excitation of Footbridges by Synchronous Walking

2004  Simulating Urban Growth in a Developing Nation’s Region Using a Cellular Automata-Based Model

2004  System Dynamics Modeling and Valuation of Ecosystem Services

2004  The Uses of Sediment Transport and Morphodynamic Modeling in Stream Restoration

2003  Analytical Model to Determine the Influence of Horizontal Alignment of Two-Axle Heavy Vehicles on Upgrades

2003  Comparing Driver Information Systems in a Dynamic Modeling Framework

2003  Dynamic Model for Monitoring Landslides with Emphasis on Underground Water in Trabzon Province, Northeastern Turkey

2003  Dynamic Modeling of Pressure Reducing Valves