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2015  Compressive Strength of Concrete Cores under High Strain Rates

2015  Experimental and Constitutive Study of Tensile Behavior of AZ31B Wrought Magnesium Alloy

2015  Methodological Framework for Truck-Factor Estimation Considering Vehicle-Pavement Interaction

2014  Analytical Solution for an Infinite Euler-Bernoulli Beam on a Viscoelastic Foundation Subjected to Arbitrary Dynamic Loads

2014  Assessment of Uncertainty Propagation in the Dynamic Response of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Structures Using Reachability Analysis

2014  Damage Detection of Hysteretic Structures with a Pinching Effect

2014  Determination of Pipe Pullback Loads in Horizontal Directional Drilling Using an Advanced Computational Dynamic Model

2014  Effect of Dynamic Loading and Environmental Conditions on the Bond between CFRP and Steel: State-of-the-Art Review

2014  Geometric Design Optimization for Dynamic Response Problems of Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams

2013  Advanced Modeling for Flexible Pavement Behavior under Dynamical Loadings

2013  Analysis of Elastic Support Beam on Dynamic Load

2013  Deformation of Coal Fouled Ballast Stabilized with Geogrid under Cyclic Load

2013  Development of Long Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Dynamic Strengthening

2013  Dynamic Testing of Single- and Double-Story Steel-Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel-Framed Shear Walls

2013  Effect Analysis of Soft Rock Slope Reinforced by Bolts under Blasting Dynamic Load

2013  Fatigue Reliability Assessment for Long-Span Bridges under Combined Dynamic Loads from Winds and Vehicles

2013  High Strength Glass Testing and Model Validation for Static and Dynamic Loading

2013  Impact Behavior of Concrete Bridge Deck on Girders Due to Moving Vehicles

2013  Influence of Track Support Stiffness of Ballasted Track on Dynamic Wheel-Rail Forces

2013  Lifetime Highway Bridge Traffic Load Effect from a Combination of Traffic States Allowing for Dynamic Amplification

2013  Nonlinear Effective Force Testing Using Loop Shaping Controller

2013  Performance Evaluation of RC Beams Strengthened with an Externally Bonded FRP System under Simulated Vehicle Loads

2013  Performance of Beam-to-Column Connection of a Well-Detailed RC Moment Frame Building under Pseudodynamic Loading

2013  Reliability-Based Dynamic Amplification Factor on Stress Ranges for Fatigue Design of Existing Bridges

2013  Single-Pier Bridge Lateral Stability Analysis in Dynamic Load Conditions

2013  Static and Dynamic Disproportionate Collapse Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Frame

2012  Analysis of Stochastic Dynamic Load Acting on Rough Road by Heavy-Duty Traffic

2012  Comparison of Lateral Pile Behavior under Static and Dynamic Loading by Centrifuge Tests

2012  Impact Model Tests and Simplified Analysis for Flexible Pile-Supported Protective Structures Withstanding Vessel Collisions

2012  A New Simulator to Recreate Extreme Dynamic Loads on Large-Scale Building Component and Cladding Systems

2012  Plastic Input Motion: Transformation for the Response of Yielding Oscillators

2012  Research on Rheological Dynamic Characteristics of Marine Deposit Soft Soil in Xiamen

2011  Analysis of Influence of Lateral Free Clearance of Axle Box Bearings on Heavy Haul Locomotive

2011  Energy-Based Method for Analyzing the Collapse Characteristics of Silt Subjected to Changes of Principal Stress Orientation

2011  Evaluation of Connection Strength of Geogrid to Gabion Wall

2011  Experimental Dynamic Response of a Short-Span Composite Bridge to Military Vehicles

2011  An Experimental Investigation of Soil Arching under Dynamic Loads

2011  Health State Evaluation for Multi-Span Double-Curvature Arch Bridge Based on Static-Dynamic Load Testing

2011  High-Strain Dynamic Load Testing at the Bahia-San Vicente Bridge: Evaluation of Results against Design Values

2011  Modified Microplane Model for Reinforced Concrete under Static and Dynamic Loadings

2011  Remaining Life Prediction of Asphalt Pavement under Dynamic Load

2011  Static and Dynamic Axial Response of Drilled Piers. I: Field Tests

2011  Static and Dynamic Axial Response of Drilled Piers. II: Numerical Simulation

2011  Transient Response of Supported Beams to Moving Forces with Sinusoidal Time Variation

2011  Vandal Loads and Induced Vibrations on a Footbridge

2010  3D-FE Simulation Study of Structural Response Analysis for Pavement-Subgrade Systems Subjected to Dynamic Loads

2010  Analysis of Particle Shape Using Fractals

2010  Crushing of Particles under Simulated Static and Centrifuge Forces

2010  Design of Dynamically Wind-Loaded Helical Piers for Small Wind Turbines

2010  Dynamic Damping Modeling of Composite with Carbon Nano Fiber Paper

2010  Effect of Dynamic Loading on Biological Nutrient Removal in a Pilot-Scale Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Bioreactor

2010  Effect of Hanger Flexibility on Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridges

2010  Evaluation of the Effect of Pavement Roughness on Skid Resistance

2010  Foundations for Dynamic Loads

2010  Interface Behavior of a Bimaterial Plate under Dynamic Loading

2010  Loads on Track, Ballast Fouling, and Life Cycle under Dynamic Loading in Railways

2010  Mixed Finite-Element Modeling of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Members and Frames under Static and Dynamic Loads

2010  Nonlinearity Identification of a Model Structure Equipped with SMA Wires Using Vibration Measurements

2010  Numerical Simulation of Pile-Soil-Structure Interaction under Dynamic Loading

2010  Reduction in Factor of Safety for Various Landslide Repair Works with Earthquake Induced Ground Shaking

2010  Sensitivity of Model Parameter on Dynamic Behavior Simulation of HPC

2010  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to MDOF Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2010  Static and Dynamic Models for CAPWAP Signal Matching

2009  Case Study: Planar Kinematics of Dragline for Efficient Machine Control

2009  Correlations among Pavement Surface Roughness, Moving Dynamic Vehicle Loads, and Concrete Pavement Performance

2009  Determination of Dynamic Track Modulus from Measurement of Track Velocity during Train Passage

2009  Dynamic Loads in the Fan Containment Structure of a Turbofan Engine

2009  Effects of Long-Term Dynamic Loading and Fluctuating Water Table on Helical Anchor Performance for Small Wind Tower Foundations

2009  Identification of a Distribution of Stiffness Reduction in Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges Subjected to Moving Loads

2009  Mathematical Model to Generate Asymmetric Pulses due to Human Jumping

2009  A Probabilistic Model for the Estimation of Shear Capacity of Bridge Piers Subjected to Dynamic Loading

2009  Simulation and Amelioration of Wu-Bauer Hypoplastic Constitutive Model under Dynamic Load

2009  Study on the Method to Calculate Rutting of Asphalt Pavement Based on the Dynamic Load Coupled between the Road and Vehicle

2009  Transmitting Artificial Boundary of Attenuating Wave for Saturated Porous Media

2008  Analysis of Post-Installation Dynamic Load Test Data for Capacity Evaluation of Deep Foundations

2008  Characterization of 2024-T351 Aluminum for Dynamic Loading Applications

2008  Dynamic Loads in the Fan Containment Structure of a Turbofan Engine

2008  Dynamic Response of a Highway Bridge Subjected to Moving Vehicles

2008  Failure Mechanisms of Landfills under Dynamic Loading

2008  Field Investigation of a Sandwich Plate System Bridge Deck

2008  General Realization Algorithm for Modal Identification of Linear Dynamic Systems

2008  Gusset Plate Connections to Circular Hollow Section Braces under Inelastic Cyclic Loading

2008  Human Jumping and Bobbing Forces on Flexible Structures: Effect of Structural Properties

2008  Static and Dynamic Load Tests on Driven Polymeric Piles

2008  Statistical Model of Crowd Jumping Loads

2008  Study of the Performance of Cement-Stabilized Aggregate Mixture under Dynamic Load

2007  Development of Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Decision Model by Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)

2007  Durability of Soil — Cements against Fatigue Fracture

2007  Dynamic Load Effects on Coulomb Friction Contact Surfaces

2007  Dynamic Load Simulator: Actuation Strategies and Applications

2007  Equivalent Wheel Load Approach for Slender Cable-Stayed Bridge Fatigue Assessment under Traffic and Wind: Feasibility Study

2007  Evaluation of In Situ Modulus of Compacted Subgrades Using Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer and Plate-Bearing Load Test

2007  Lateral Walking-Induced Forces on Footbridges

2007  Possible Stress Path of HCA for Cyclic Principal Stress Rotation under Constant Confining Pressures

2007  Response of Beams to Shock Loading: Inelastic Range

2006  Accurate Representation of External Force in Time History Analysis

2006  Dynamic Load Balancing Techniques for Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2006  The Effect of the Consolidation Ratio of Sands on Dynamic Shear Modulus and Response Spectrum of Soil Layer

2006  Energy Evaluation for Ramberg — Osgood Hysteretic Model

2006  Fatigue Damage of Steel Bridges Due to Dynamic Vehicle Loads