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2014  Adsorption Characteristics of Modified Wheat Husk for the Removal of a Toxic Dye, Methylene Blue, from Aqueous Solutions

2014  Biosorption and Biodegradation of Chromium Complex Dye Using Aspergillus Species

2014  Preparation of Highly Effective Hybrid Adsorbent by Anionic Dye Wastewater and Its Use in Cationic Dye Wastewater

2014  Water as Warning Medium: Food-Grade Dye Injection for Drinking Water Contamination Emergency Response

2013  Comparative Study Using Chemical Wet Oxidation for Removal of Reactive Black 5 in the Presence of Activated Carbon

2013  Photodegradation of Dyes Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube and Ferrous Ion

2013  Synthesis of Amine-Functionalized Magnetic Ferrite Nanoparticle and Its Dye Removal Ability

2012  Food-Grade Dye Injection: A Novel Alerting Mechanism for Consumers Warning of Drinking Water Contamination

2012  Interior Humidity of Concrete under Dry-Wet Cycles

2012  Visible Light Catalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange in Aqueous Solution by Bi 4 TaO 8 X (X= Cl, Br, I)

2011  Iron-Activated Persulfate Oxidation of an Azo Dye in Model Wastewater: Influence of Iron Activator Type on Process Optimization

2011  Near-Field Mixing Downstream of a Multiport Diffuser in a Shallow River

2011  Transverse Mixing in an Unregulated Northern River

2010  Biosorptive Color Removal: Applicability of Equilibrium Isotherm Models

2010  Decolorization and Mineralization of Remazol Red F3B by Fenton and Photo-Fenton Processes

2010  Development of a Kinetic Model for the Biosorption of Cationic Dyes by Dead Macrofungi

2010  Experimental Study on Color Removal from Textile Industry Wastewater Using the Rotating Biological Contactor

2010  Photocatalytic Degradation of Orange II in Aqueous Iron-Rich Montmorillonite Solutions

2010  Textile Dye Removal in Single-Phase and Two-Phase Anaerobic Biotreatment Systems

2010  An Unsteady Optimization Algorithm for Water Distribution Systems Including Hydraulics and Water Quality Criteria

2009  Capacity of Activated Carbon Derived from Peach Stones by K2CO3 in the Removal of Acid, Reactive, and Direct Dyes from Aqueous Solution

2009  Equilibrium and Kinetic Study on Reactive Dyes Adsorption by Palm Kernel Shell-Based Activated Carbon: In Single and Binary Systems

2009  Mass Transport in Shallow Turbulent Wake Flow by Planar Concentration Analysis Technique

2007  Adsorption and Precoat Filtration Studies of Synthetic Dye Removal by Acid Mine Drainage Sludge

2007  Performance of Biopolymer in Relation to Removal of Reactive Azo-Dyes

2007  Simulations of Dye Releases off the Coast of New Jersey: Development and Validation of an Ocean Outfall Mixing Model

2006  Applicability of Equilibrium Isotherm Models for the Biosorptive Uptakes in Comparison to Activated Carbon-Based Adsorption

2006  Comparison of SF6 and Fluorescein as Tracers for Measuring Transport Processes in a Large Tidal River

2006  Dyed Microspheres for Quantification of UV Dose Distributions: Photochemical Reactor Characterization by Lagrangian Actinometry

2006  Electrolytic Treatment of Azo Dye Wastewaters: Impact of Matrix Chloride Content

2006  Evaluation of Decolorization, Mineralization, and Toxicity Reduction of an Azo Dye C.I. Reactive Black 5 in a Countercurrent Bubble Column by Ozone

2006  Fenton and Electro-Fenton Methods for Oxidation of H-Acid and Reactive Black 5

2006  Potential Utilization of Sugar Industry Waste for Removal of Color from Textile Industry Effluent

2005  Dye Tracing Sewage Lagoon Discharge in a Sandstone Karst, Askov, Minnesota

2005  Error and Technique in Fluorescent dye Tracing

2005  Large Plot Tracing of Subsurface Flow in the Edwards Aquifer Epikarst

2005  Modeling the Effect of Ozonation on Acid Yellow 17 Dye in a Semi-Batch Bubble Column

2005  Photocatalytic Decolorization of Lanasol Blue CE Dye Solution Using a Flat-Plate Reactor

2005  Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst

2005  Spectral Deconvolution and Quantification of Natural Organic Material and Fluorescent Tracer Dyes

2005  Springshed Mapping in Support of Watershed Management

2003  Adsorption of Negatively Charged Azo Dyes onto Surfactant-Modified Sepiolite

2003  Anaerobic Treatment of Synthetic Textile Wastewater Containing a Reactive Azo Dye

2003  Chapman Mountain Dye Trace Investigations, City of Huntsville, Alabama

2003  Effects of Humic Materials on Photodegradation of Chlorinated Aromatic Dye in Surfactant Solution

2003  Empirical Determination of Tracer Mass for Sink to Spring Tests in Karst

2003  Fortran Processing of Fluorometric Data Logged by a Turner Designs Field Fluorometer

2003  Investigation of Fluorescent Dyes as Partitioning Tracers for Subsurface Nonaqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) Characterization

2003  Quarrying Impacts on Groundwater Flow Paths

2003  Seasonal Variations of the Sensitivity of Groundwater in the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer, Kentucky, USA

2003  Turbulence Measurements of Dye Concentration and Effects of Secondary Flow on Distribution in Open Channel Flows

2002  Effect of pH and Gas-Phase Ozone Concentration on the Decolorization of Common Textile Dyes

2002  Measurement of Flow at a Submerged Water Intake Using Dye Imaging and ADV

2002  Ozonation of Spent Reactive Dye-Baths: Effect of HCO\p2?3/CO2-3 Alkalinity

2002  Rough-Surface and Its Application to DEM Simulation of Compression Test of Particles

2001  Mechanism of Decolorization of Azo Dyes in Anaerobic Mixed Culture

2001  Photoreductive Model of Disperse Orange 11 in Aqueous Acetone and Triethylamine

2000  H2O2/UV-C and Fe2+/H2O2/UV-C versus TiO2/UV-A Treatment for Reactive Dye Wastewater

2000  Oxidative Decolorization of Reactive Dye Solution Using Fly Ash as Catalyst

2000  Treatment and Decolorization of Dyes in Anaerobic Baffled Reactor

1999  Underground Leakage into Freezing Ground

1998  Estimating Flow Velocities Through a Natural Wetland

1998  Evaluation of Membrane Filtration and Ozonation Processes for Treatment of Reaction Dye Wastewater

1997  Computation of Dye Concentration in Shallow Recirculating Flow

1997  Cooling Lake Simulations Compared to Thermal Imagery and Dye Tracers

1996  The Fabric Dyers’ Use of Recycled Water

1995  Application of Video Image Processing in the Study of Environmental Flows

1995  Dye Concentration Distribution in a Turbulent Wake Using Video Imaging Technique

1995  River-Induced Transport in Kootenay Lake

1994  Continuous Treatment of Textile Water by Ozonation and Coagulation

1994  Effect of Acid Orange 7 on Nitrification Process

1994  Initial Dilution of Southeast Florida Ocean Outfalls

1993  Ballast Water Treatment Effluent Dispersion Studies

1993  Full-Field Dye Concentration Measurement Within Saturated/Unsaturated Thin Slabs of Porous Media

1993  Sorption and Desorption of Dyes by Sulfonated Coal

1993  Variability of Hydraulic Response of Constructed Wetlands

1992  Measuring Ozone by Indigo Method: Interference of Suspended Material

1992  Using a Dye Study for Defining Diffusion in a Water Quality Model

1991  Bedload Transport Measurement by Imaging of Tracers

1991  Dye-Concentration Distribution in Shallow Recirculating Flows

1991  Gas Transfer Measurements on an Ice-Covered River

1991  Investigation of Beach Contamination Using Tracer

1990  Effect of Buoyancy on Transverse Mixing in Streams

1990  Random Sheets, Random Strings, and Oceanic Dye Dispersion

1990  Three-Resistance Transport Model for Adsorption Dye onto Bagasse Pith

1989  Flushing Behaviour of a Coastal Marina

1989  Measurement of Upwelling Flow from Air Diffuser

1989  Quantitative Dye-Tracing of Karst Ground-Water Flow

1988  Dye-Sensitized Photochemical Reduction of PCBs

1988  Mass Transport Modeling of Pearl Harbor

1988  Pesticide and Nitrate Movement Under Conservation and Conventional Tilled Plots

1987  Use of Tracers in Sediment Transport Studies

1984  Fluorescent Tracer Mixing Experiments in Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary

1983  Field Calibration of Stream-Tube Dispersion Model

1983  Residence Time: Application to Small Boat Basins

1982  Real Time Simulation of Conductivity in River-Lake Systems

1981  Flushing Study of South Beach Marina, Oregon

1981  Modeling Transverse Mixing in Natural Streams

1980  Estuarine Circulation from Dye-Buoy Photogrammetry

1979  Dye-Vector Flow Visualization—Cooling Water Model