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2015  Development and Feasibility Analysis of Bagasse Ash Bricks

2014  High Fidelity Computations of Grain Silo Explosions and Resulting Blast/Debris Loads on Nearby Structures

2014  Mitigation of Mine Tailings Dust with Green Biopolymer

2012  Cement Kiln Dust Stabilization of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

2012  Effectiveness of Cement Kiln Dust in Stabilizing Recycled Base Materials

2012  Further Analysis on the Mystery of the Surveyor III Dust Deposits

2012  Preliminary Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Highway Runoff

2011  Development and Study of the Strength of Self-Compacting Mortar Mixes Using Local Materials

2011  Impact of Fine Materials Content on the Transport of Dust Suppressants in Gravel Road Wearing Courses

2011  Microbiologically-Induced Soil Stabilization: Application of Sporosarcina pasteurii for Fugitive Dust Control

2011  Stabilized Soils Incorporating Combinations of Rice Husk Ash and Cement Kiln Dust

2010  Active Dust Mitigation Technology for Thermal Radiators for Lunar Exploration

2010  Case Study to Identify Barriers and Incentives to Implementing an Engineering Control for Concrete Grinding Dust

2010  Decay of Reactivity in Forsterite Due to UV Radiation

2010  Dust-Tolerant Power Connector Test Results

2010  Hazards and Opportunities of Lunar Dust and Regolith

2010  Important Considerations for Lunar Soil Simulants

2010  Investigation of Laboratory Procedure for Evaluating Chemical Dust Palliative Performance

2010  Laboratory Validation of Coal Dust Fouled Ballast Discrete Element Model

2010  Lunar Dust Particles Blown by Lander Engine Exhaust in Rarefied and Compressible Flow

2010  Stabilization and Erosion Control of Slopes Using Cement Kiln Dust

2009  Dust Measurement to Determine Effectiveness of Rural Dust Strategies

2009  Engineering Properties and Moisture Susceptibility of Silty Clay Stabilized with Lime, Class C Fly Ash, and Cement Kiln Dust

2009  Full-Scale Testing of Chemical Dust Palliatives in a Semicontrolled Environment

2009  Geotechnical Properties of Controlled Low Strength Materials (CLSM) Using Waste Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD)

2009  Influence of Cement Kiln Dust on Strength and Stiffness Behavior of Subgrade Clays

2009  Lunar Dust Levitation

2009  Short-Term Electrical Conductivity and Strength Development of Lime Kiln Dust Modified Soils

2008  Characterization of Lunar Dust for Toxicological Studies. I: Particle Size Distribution

2008  Characterization of Lunar Dust for Toxicological Studies. II: Texture and Shape Characteristics

2008  Discrete Element Modeling of Triboelectrically Charged Particles

2008  Geotechnical Properties of Palouse Loess Modified with Cement Kiln Dust and Portland Cement

2008  Lagrangian Trajectory Modeling of Lunar Dust Particles

2008  Modeling of Coagulation of Charged Dust

2008  NewsBriefs: Researchers Follow Dust Storms Occurring at Sea (British Broadcasting Corporation)

2008  Ranking Adhesion Forces for Charged Lunar Dust Particles on Conducting Surfaces

2008  Study of the Effectiveness of Cement Kiln Dusts in Stabilizing Na-Montmorillonite Clay

2007  Activations and Properties of Cementitious Materials Made with Cement-Kiln Dust and Class F Fly Ash

2007  Comparative Fractional Efficiency Predictions by Selected Cyclone Simulation Models

2007  Engineering Behavior and Microstructure of Soil Stabilized with Cement Kiln Dust

2007  Portwide Storm Water Pollution Prevention and Dust Control Program

2007  Prevention Efficiencies of Woven Straw to Reduce PM10 Emissions from Exposed Area

2007  Test of Chlorides Mixed wtih CaO, MgO, and Sodium Silicate for Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

2006  Charged Dust Dynamics near the Lunar Surface

2006  Evaluation of Dust Palliatives for Unpaved Roads in Arid Climates

2006  A Layered Architecture for Mitigation of Dust for Manned and Robotic Space Exploration

2006  Metallic Characterization of Foundry By-Products per Waste Streams and Leaching Protocols

2006  Morphology and Physical Characteristics of Apollo 17 Dust Particles

2006  Submicron Particle Size Distribution of Apollo 11 Lunar Dust

2005  Artificial Soil Aids in Waste Containment

2005  Characterization of Lead Dust Emissions at a Recreational Firing Ranges

2005  Reduction of Particle Reentrainment using Porous Fence in Front of Dust Samples

2004  Long-Term Solidification/Stabilization and Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure for an Electric Arc Furnace Dust

2004  Measurements of dust deposition in arid and semi-arid regions, China

2003  Stabilization of Electrical Arc Furnace Dust with Low-Grade MgO Prior to Landfill

2002  Enhancement of Electric Arc Furnace Dust by Recycling to Electric Arc Furnace

2002  Evaluation of Dusting for Preventing Ice Jams

2002  Gecko-Tech in Planetary Exploration and Base Operations

2002  Impacts of Dust Suppressant Application on the Quality of Urban Runoff from Disturbed Lands

2002  Laboratory Study of Dust Palliative Effectiveness

2002  Martian Dust Devil Exploration Simulator

2002  Prediction of Size Distribution of Particles Penetrating Dry Cyclone Separators

2002  Profile Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metals in Size Fractionated Highway Dust and Runoff Samples

2002  Rainfall Simulation on Disturbed Lands Treated with Dust Suppressants: Hydrologic Impacts

2002  Rapid Performance Evaluation and Optimal Sizing of Dry Cyclone Separators

2002  Review of Martian Dust Composition, Transport, Deposition, Adhesion, and Removal

2002  Strengths of Cement Kiln Dust Concrete

2001  Dust Suppression Using Truck-Mounted Water Spray System

2000  Comparative Evaluation of Stabilized Subbase Courses

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Evaluation Plan for the Group Evaluation of Soil Stabilization and Dust Suppression Products

2000  Experimental Road Dust Measurement Device

2000  Understanding Environmental Leachability of Electric Arc Furnace Dust

2000  What We Can Expect to Learn from Robotic Exploration of a Comet Nucleus Surface

1998  Evaluation of Coke Dust-Modified Asphalt Using Superpave

1998  Surface Cleanliness Based Dust Adhesion Model

1997  Dusting Procedures for Advance Ice-Jam Mitigation Measures

1997  Relative Effectiveness of Road Dust Suppressants

1996  Adhesion and Aerodynamic Resuspension of Fibrous Particles

1996  Air Quality at a Zinc/Lead Mine in Arctic Alaska

1996  Terraforming Mars

1995  Admixtures and Fibres for Shotcrete in JAPAN

1995  Eolian-Deposited Minerals Around Drill Hole USW SD-9, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1995  Soil Modification by Cement Kiln Dust

1994  Cement Plant CKD Recovery System

1994  Dust Levitation on the Moon

1994  Effects of Dust and Thermal Cycling on Telescope Mirror Performance

1994  Engineering Implications of Levitating Lunar Dust

1994  The Levitation of Lunar Dust Via Electrostatic Forces

1993  Accidents on Interstate Highways Caused by Blowing Dust

1993  Site Measurement of Shotcreting Dust

1992  Bulk Commodity Terminals—Planning for the Future Competitive and Environmental Challenges

1992  Defects in Aluminum Windows and Impact on Dust and Air Infiltration

1992  Dust Control Research for SEI

1992  Dust Controller Keeps it Down

1992  Impact Craters on Cosmic Dust: Do Damage to the Spacecraft

1992  Mars Containers: Dust on Teflon Sealing Surfaces

1992  Mitigation of Adverse Environmental Effects on Lunar-Based Astronomical Instruments

1992  Mitigation of Dust Contamination During EVA Operations on the Moon and Mars

1992  Mobilization and Removal of Contaminants Associated with Urban Dust and Dirt