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2015  Vertical Cylinder Density and Toppling Effects on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2014  Experimental Study on the Influence of Dune Dimensions on Flow Separation

2014  Morphological Evolution of Dune-Like Bed Forms Generated by Bridge Scour

2014  Strengthening Coastal Sand Dunes Using Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation

2014  Using Both Free Surface Effect and Sediment Transport Mode Parameters in Defining the Morphology of River Dunes and Their Evolution to Upper Stage Plane Beds

2013  Effects of Woody Plants on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2012  Beach Erosion and Recovery

2012  Density Functions for Entrainment and Deposition Rates of Nonuniform Sediment

2011  Effect of Bed Forms and Vegetated Banks on Velocity Distributions and Turbulent Flow Structure

2011  Feasibility of a Dune Infiltration System to Protect North Carolina Beaches from Fecal Bacteria Contaminated Storm Water

2011  Indian River County—Sector 3 Beach and Dune Restoration Project

2011  Sand Dunes in Steady Flow at Low Froude Numbers: Dune Height Evolution and Flow Resistance

2011  Seawalls, Seacliffs, Beachrock: What Beach Effects? Part 2

2011  Validation of Bed-Load Transport Measurements with Time-Sequenced Bathymetric Data

2011  Wave Overtopping and Overwash of Dunes

2010  Performance of Plastic Pipes Installed in Dune Sand

2009  Berm and Dune Erosion during a Storm

2008  Performance of Experimental Low-Volume Beach Nourishment with Clay-Cored Dunes, Jefferson County, Texas

2008  Reducing Stormwater Bacteria Loads to North Carolina Ocean Recreational Areas Using a Dune Infiltration System

2008  Turbulence Structures in Flow over Two-Dimensional Dunes

2007  Aeolian Processes, Coastal Dunes, and the Coastal Engineering Manual, Part III, Chapter 4 — ”Wind-Blown Sediment Transport”

2007  Coastal Dunefield Evolution in Conditions of Limited Sediment Availability: Natural and Anthropogenic Controls on the Corralejo Dunes

2007  Density Functions for Entrainment and Deposition Rates of Uniform Sediment

2007  Dune Erosion Prediction Methods Incorporating Effects of Wave Periods

2007  Dune Morphology as an Indicator of Paleotsunamis

2007  Impact of a Major Storm on Sediment Exchanges between the Dunes, Beach, and Nearshore

2007  Interaction of Dune Face and Swash Zone

2007  Limits of Beach and Dune Erosion in Response to Wave Runup Elucidated from SUPERTANK

2007  Linking Coastal Evolution and Super Storm Dune Erosion Forecasts

2007  Modeling Dune Response Using Measured and Equilibrium Bathymetric Profiles

2007  Numerical Study of Tsunami Run-Up over Erodible Sand Dunes

2007  Seepage Effects on Dune Dimensions

2006  Analytical Modeling of Dune Response Due to Wave Impact and Overwash

2006  The Effect of the Wave Period on Dune Erosion

2006  Effects of Wave Groupiness on Dune Erosion

2006  Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow over a Fixed Two-Dimensional Dune

2006  Lateral Variations in Suspended Sediment Concentration over Dunes

2006  Transition from Ripples to Dunes

2005  Growth Model for Sand Wavelets

2005  Holistic or Zoned Approach to Coastal Hazard Setbacks on Open Duned Coasts?

2005  Monitoring Regional Shoreline Change

2005  Post-Isabel Dune Reconstruction, Norfolk, Virginia

2005  Predicting Coastal Sand Dune Growth Rates at the Wildwood’s Convention and Civic Center, Wildwood, NJ

2005  Sacrificial Dune Role in Coastal Barrier Protection

2005  San Control Measures and Sand Drift Fences

2005  Sediment-Wave Development in Subcritical Water Flow

2005  Velocity and Suspended-Sediment Measurements over Mobile Sand Dunes in a Laboratory Flume

2005  Velocity Profile characteristics in Open Channel Flow over Two-Dimensional Dunes with Small Relative Submergence

2004  Developmental Characteristics of Aeolian Sand Geomorphology and Their Environmental Changes in the Adjoining Region of Puruogangri Ice Sheet, North Tibet Plateau

2004  A Dynamic Revetment and Reinforced Dune as "Natural" Forms of Shore Protection in an Oregon State Park

2004  Measuring Velocity and Shear Stress over Dunes with Acoustic Doppler Profiler

2004  The Prediction of Dunes and Their Related Roughness in Estuarine Morphological Models

2003  Closed-Conduit Bed-Form Initiation and Development

2003  Spatial Variations in Suspended Sediment Transport Over Dunes

2003  Vulnerability Indicators for Coastal Dunes

2002  Case Study: Bed Resistance of Rhine River during 1998 Flood

2002  Enhancing Coastal Function by Sensible Setback for Open Duned Coasts

2002  Flow and Transport over Dunes

2001  Construction Forum: The 1915 Imperial Sand Dunes - Plank Road

2001  Dune Profile Evolution due to Overwash

2001  Probabilistic Assessment of Beach and Dune Changes

2000  Alluvial Resistance and Sediment Transport for Flows over Dunes

2000  Experimental Study of Turbulent Macro-structures behind Dunes

2000  Humboldt Beach and Dune Monitoring

2000  Turbulence and Coherent Flow Structures Associated with Bedform Amalgamation: An Experimental Study of the Ripple-Dune Transition

1999  Aeolian Sand Transport and Vegetation in Front of a Foredune

1999  Beach, Dune and Offshore Profile Response to a Severe Storm Event

1999  Breach Erosion in Sand-Dikes

1999  Compaction of Beaches and Dunes

1999  Critical Approach of Dune Eolian Deposits Quantification

1999  Dune Migration and Aeolian Transport along Ceara (Northeastern Brazil): Downscaling and Upscaling Aeolian Induced Processes

1999  The Economic Analysis of “Soft” Versus “Hard” Solutions for Shore Protection: An Example

1999  Environmentally Friendly Coastal Protection—The ECOPRO Project

1999  Extreme Storms and Thresholds on Foredune Stripping at Inch Spit, South-West Ireland

1999  Ice-Cover Influence on Near-Field Mixing in Dune-Bed Channel: Numerical Simulation

1999  Integrated Dune/Beach Nourishment on Cacela Peninsula, Portugal

1999  Long-Term Morphological Development of the Accumer Ee Tidal Inlet and Its Impact on Island Beaches and Engineering Responses

1999  Mapping Impacts of Hurricanes Fran and Bertha on North Carolina Dunes

1999  Numerical Modeling of Overwashed Dune Profiles

1999  Regional Geologic Characteristics along the South Shore of Long Island, New York

1998  A Conceptual Model for Barrier Coasts Behavior at Decadal Scale: Application to the Trabucador Bar

1998  Evaluation of Long Term Dune Recession Data

1998  Littoral Cell Management Planning Along the Oregon Coast

1998  Measuring Shoreline Erosion Rates: Strategy, Techniques and Accuracy

1998  Strategies for Conducting Periodic Reviews of Coastal Plan Implementation

1998  Tube Dunes Protect New Jersey Beach

1997  Bar Migration and Duneface Oscillation on Decadal Scales

1997  Classification of Ripples and Dunes in the Lower Flow Regime

1997  Coastal Zone Dynamics During Artificial Nourishment

1997  Comparisons of Erosion Models for Storms at Ocean City, MD

1997  Conditional Sampling Analysis on Coherent Vortices in Unsteady Open-Channel Flows over Dune Bed

1997  Dune Damage Curves and Their Use to Estimate Dune Maintenance Costs

1997  Extreme Water Levels, Wave Runup and Coastal Erosion

1997  Mechanism and Calculation of Sand Dune Erosion by Storms

1997  Wave Overwash of Subaerial Dunes

1997  Weakly Nonlinear Stability Analysis for Dune Formation

1996  Dune Drain Field

1996  A Large-Scale Experiment on Breaching in Sand-Dikes

1996  Numerical Model of Turbulent Flow over Sand Dune

1996  Simulation of Dune and Nourished Berm Erosion During Storm Surges