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Found 63 Records with the keyword term of "Ducts"

2015  Simulation of Air Cavity Advancing into a Straight Duct

2013  Flow Due to Multiple Jets Downstream of a Barrage: Experiments, 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Depth-Averaged Modeling

2012  Application of Main Flow Data in the Determination of Boundary Shear Stress in Smooth Closed Ducts

2010  Large-Bar Connection for Precast Bridge Bents in Seismic Regions

2010  Probabilistic Models for the Tensile Strength of Corroding Strands in Posttensioned Segmental Concrete Bridges

2009  Critical Review of Aerosol Particle Transport Models for Building HVAC Ducts

2009  Measurement Techniques for Estimating Local and Total Duct Leakages in Residential Buildings

2009  Mold in Ductwork: A Forensic Analysis

2009  Probabilistic Capacity Models for Corroding Posttensioning Strands Calibrated Using Laboratory Results

2008  Development and Validation of a New Field Measurement Technique for Estimating the Local and Total Air Duct Leakage in Residential Buildings

2008  Effects of Duct Types and Emulsifiable Oils on Bond and Friction Losses in Posttensioned Concrete

2008  Investigation of Flow Upstream of Orifices

2007  Examining Duct Leakage on Prestressed Concrete Bridges via a Multiple Neutron Sources Method

2007  Imaging Concrete Structures Using Air-Coupled Impact-Echo

2007  Impact-Echo Scanning for Grout Void Detection in Post-Tensioned Bridge Ducts — Findings from a Research Project and a Case History

2007  Multifamily Housing Characteristics and Tenant Satisfaction

2003  Commissioning a Dual-Duct Constant Volume System to Operate like a VAV System

2003  Economizer Application in Dual-Duct Air-Handling Units

2003  Integrating Ducts into the Conditioned Space: Successes and Challenges

2001  Effect of Grouting Pressure in Posttensioned Bulbtee Girders

2000  Corrosion Testing of Grout for Posttensioning Ducts and Stay Cables

2000  Cross-Sectional Modes in Impact-Echo Testing of Concrete Structures

1999  T-Girder Web Openings Can Reduce Floor Height

1998  Boundary Shear in Rectangular Ducts and Channels

1998  Experimental Comparison of Dividing Open-Channel with Duct Flow in a T-Junction

1997  Gradually Varied Granular Flows in a Vertical Chute

1997  Relationship Between Turbulent Structure Near the Free-Surface and Surface-Wave-Fluctuations

1997  A Sloping Duct for the Study of Sediment Transport

1996  An Electrorheological Damper with Annular Duct

1996  Pulsatile Blood Flows in Stenotic Artery

1995  Drawing, Fabrication, and Construction Techniques and Considerations

1995  Ductwork Arrangement and Behavior

1995  Ductwork Global Structural Analysis

1995  Front Matter

1995  Index

1995  Insulation and Lagging

1995  Introduction

1995  Laminar Fluid Transients in Conduits of Arbitrary Cross Section

1995  Lateral Shear in Wide Compound Duct

1995  Loading Combinations and Associated Design Stresses

1995  Maintenance Examination of Existing Duct Systems

1995  Plate Design and Stiffener Location Considerations

1995  References

1995  Service Conditions and Design Loads

1995  The Structural Design of Air and Gas Ducts for Power Stations and Industrial Boiler Applications

1995  The Structural Design of Air and Gas Ducts for Power Stations and Industrial Boiler Applications by the ASCE Air and Gas Duct Structural Design Committee

1995  Structural Design of Flow Distribution Devices

1995  Structural Element Design

1995  Structural Material: Selection, Applications, and Properties

1994  Anomalous Measurements in a Compound Duct

1994  Distribution of Shear Force on Boundary of Smooth Rectangular Duct

1991  Air Cavities as Gravity Currents on Slope

1991  Gas Phase Turbulence Modification with Fine Particles in 2-D Duct Flow

1989  Modeling Sediment Transport in Rectangular Ducts with a Two-Equation Model of Turbulence

1989  Power Without Acid

1988  Air Demand of High Head Sluice Gates: Model-Prototype Comparison

1988  Turbulence Measurements in Smooth and Rough-Walled Trapezoidal Ducts

1987  Effects of Seismic Interaction Between Components in a Nuclear Power Plant

1987  Treating Potential Impact of Components in NPP

1985  Active Freezing Techniques

1984  Design Verification of HVAC Duct Turning Vanes in Nuclear Power Plants

1984  Evaluation of the Ultimate Pressure Capacity of Rectangular HVAC Ducts for Nuclear Power Plants

1963  Turbulent Flow in Rectangular Ducts