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2015  Current and Future Challenges in Groundwater. I: Modeling and Management of Resources

2015  Monitoring Agricultural Drought Using the Standardized Effective Precipitation Index

2015  Texas Reservoir Being Built to Fight Historic Drought Conditions

2015  Water Surplus Variability Index as an Indicator of Drought

2014  Comparison between Parametric and Nonparametric Approaches for the Calculation of Two Drought Indices: SPI and SSI

2014  Complex Adaptive Systems Framework to Assess Supply-Side and Demand-Side Management for Urban Water Resources

2014  Copula-Based Pooled Frequency Analysis of Droughts in the Canadian Prairies

2014  The Costing of Measures for Natural Hazard Mitigation in Europe

2014  Development of Irrigation Water Management Model for Reducing Drought Severity Using Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture Footprints

2014  Effect of the Length of the Streamflow Record on Truncation Level for Assessment of Streamflow Drought Characteristics

2014  Evolutionary Algorithm Optimization of a Multireservoir System with Long Lag Times

2014  Hydrological Drought Analysis in Namhan River Basin, Korea

2014  Improvement of FAO-56 Model to Estimate Transpiration Fluxes of Drought Tolerant Crops under Soil Water Deficit: Application for Olive Groves

2014  On the Web (

2014  Operating Rules for an Off-Stream Blending Reservoir to Control Nitrate in a Municipal Water System

2014  Optimization of Conventional Rule Curves Coupled with Hedging Rules for Reservoir Operation

2014  Paleoclimate Scenarios to Inform Decision Making in Water Resource Management: Example from Southern California’s Inland Empire

2014  Quantification of Water Savings due to Drought Restrictions in Water Demand Forecasting Models

2014  Racing Against Drought

2014  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation after Drought Events in the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China

2014  State Drought Programs and Plans: Survey of the Western United States

2014  Technology Adoption for Long-Term Drought Resilience

2013  2012 Midwest Drought in the United States

2013  Assessing Severe Drought and Wet Events over India in a Future Climate Using a Nested Bias-Correction Approach

2013  Battling Texas’ Worst One-Year Drought: Drought Planning and Response in the Lone Star State

2013  Case Study of Drought Frequency and Risk Analysis in the Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming

2013  Characterizing Drought Using the Reliability-Resilience-Vulnerability Concept

2013  Climatic Characterization and Response of Water Resources to Climate Change in Limestone Areas: Considerations on the Importance of Geological Setting

2013  Climatological Drought Analyses and Projection Using SPI and PDSI: Case Study of the Arkansas Red River Basin

2013  Confidence Interval Assessment to Estimate Dry and Wet Spells under Climate Change in Shahrekord Station, Iran

2013  Development of Community Water Deficit Index: Drought-Forecasting Tool for Small- to Mid-Size Communities of the Southeastern United States

2013  Development of Integrated Drought Evaluation and Monitoring System: Case Study of Aharchay River Basin

2013  Drought Analysis under Climate Change Using Copula

2013  Drought Analysis Using Copulas

2013  Efficient Management of Dry Spells with Supplemental Irrigation for Maximum Productivity of Groundnut in Arid Alfisols of South India

2013  Entropy-Based Method for Bivariate Drought Analysis

2013  Examining Climate Indices in the Midwest Region to Examine Droughts

2013  Extension of Parametric Rule with the Hedging Rule for Managing Multireservoir System during Droughts

2013  Probabilistic Assessment of Drought Characteristics Using Hidden Markov Model

2013  Regionalization of Drought Characteristics Using an Entropy Approach

2013  Special Issue on Data-Driven Approaches to Droughts

2013  Successful Validation of a Predicted Drought Year in California

2013  Water Deficit Duration and Severity Analysis Based on Runoff Derived from Noah Land Surface Model

2012  The 2011 Texas Drought in Hindsight

2012  550-Year Reconstruction of Streamflow Variability in Spring Valley, Nevada

2012  Accurate Computation of a Streamflow Drought Index

2012  Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Cities, 2050

2012  Analysis of Drought Characteristics Using Copula Theory

2012  Application of L-Moments for Regional Frequency Analysis of Monthly Drought Indexes

2012  Artificial Neural Network-Based Drought Forecasting Using a Nonlinear Aggregated Drought Index

2012  Droughts and Irrigation: Study in a River-Based Irrigation Scheme in New Zealand

2012  How to Accelerate Design and Construction for Large Water Supply Projects

2012  Impact of the Three Gorges Dam Overruled by an Extreme Climate Hazard

2012  Locating Water Main Leaks in Texas to Conserve Resources during Times of Drought

2012  Natural Resource Sustainability versus Livelihood Resilience: Model of Groundwater Exploitation Strategies in Developing Regions

2012  Rainwater Harvesting: Integrating Water Conservation and Stormwater Management through Innovative Technologies

2012  Real-Time Model for Optimal Water Allocation in Irrigation Systems during Droughts

2011  Assessment and Comparison of SPI and RDI Meteorological Drought Indices in Selected Synoptic Stations of Iran

2011  Comparative Evaluation of Drought Indexes: Case Study on the Yarra River Catchment in Australia

2011  Dry Season Water Management in the Lower Yellow River in China

2011  Hidden Markov Model Based Probabilistic Assessment of Droughts

2011  Impact of Climate Change on SPI and SAD Curve

2011  The Investigation of Drought Values Fluctuation under the Effect of Climate Change—Case Study: Gharesou Basin

2011  A New Technique to Improve the Emission Uniformity for Trickle Irrigation Systems

2011  Optimal Drought Management Using Sampling Stochastic Dynamic Programming with a Hedging Rule

2011  Residential Water Use Reduction during Drought: Relative Effects of Various Water Agency Interventions, Collier County, Florida, 2008

2011  Review of Drought Worse than Drought of Record Monitoring Methods for the Lower Colorado River in Texas

2011  Scaling Characteristics of Precipitation Data over Texas

2011  Use of Stochastic Modeling during the 2008 and 2009 Drought on the Lower Colorado River in Texas

2010  Applying Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm to Analyze the Conflict among Different Water Use Sectors during Drought Period

2010  Assessment of Dam Operations for a Severe Drought in Korea

2010  Developing an Integrated Drought Monitoring System Based on Socioeconomic Drought in a Transboundary River Basin: A Case Study

2010  Drought Analysis Using Trivariate Copulas Conditional on Climatic States

2010  A Drought Frequency Analysis for Palmer Drought Severity Index Using Boundary Kernel Function

2010  Frequency Distribution of Extreme Hydrologic Drought of Southeastern Semiarid Region, Iran

2010  Hydrological Drought in the Upper Nakdong River Basin

2010  Operational Monitoring of Daily Crop Water Requirements at the Regional Scale with Time Series of Satellite Data

2010  Regional Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Meteorological Droughts

2010  Sensor-Based Automation of Irrigation on Bermudagrass during Dry Weather Conditions

2010  Spatial Assessment of Droughts Vulnerability Using MODIS Image in South Korea

2010  Statistical Modeling of the Monthly Palmer Drought Severity Index

2010  Upper Green River Basin (United States) Streamflow Reconstructions

2010  Utility of Climate Forecasts in Promoting Inter-Basin Transfer in the North Carolina Triangle Area

2010  Water Supply Policy Considering Climate Change in the Han River Basin, South Korea

2009  Assessing Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: Impact-Based Method and Application to Drought in Washington State

2009  Assessment of the Replicate Compression Heuristic to Improve Efficiency of Urban Water Supply Headworks Optimization

2009  Communicating Drought Severity and Re-Evaluating Firm Yield — Cumberland County, Tennessee As a Case Study

2009  Critical Drought Analysis: Case Study of Göksu River (Turkey) and North Atlantic Oscillation Influences

2009  Daily Pan Evaporation Modeling in a Hot and Dry Climate

2009  Development of a Hybrid Index for Drought Prediction: Case Study

2009  The Effect of Natural Hydrological Disturbances (Defined from HSPF Simulated Hydrographs) on Trout Populations in Ungaged Streams of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

2009  Environmental Impacts on Surface Water and Groundwater for Expanding Urban Water Supply Capacity Using Stone Quarries

2009  Forecasting Palmer Index Using Neural Networks and Climatic Indexes

2009  Improved Drought Management of Falls Lake Reservoir: Role of Multimodel Streamflow Forecasts in Setting up Restrictions

2009  Irrigation System Modernization: Case Study of the Middle Rio Grande Valley

2009  Link between Impervious Cover and Base Flow in the White Clay Creek Wild and Scenic Watershed in Delaware

2009  New Methodology for the Risk Analysis and Economic Impact Assessment of Agricultural Droughts

2009  Operative Approach to Agricultural Drought Risk Management

2009  Optimization of Reservoir Hedging Rules Using Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm

2009  Rainfall Analysis for the Northern Wadis of United Arab Emirates: A Case Study